Dil Se Dil Tak 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Parth and Shorvori are ready to tell truth to everyone. They come outside’s dada’s room, Parth asks dada if they can come inside? they want to talk something, nobody answers it. Parth is about to go inside but Shorvori stops him and says Dada wont like it, Parth nods. Parth says outside door that dada we know you are miffed with us but we want to say something important, he holds Shorvori’s hand, Parth says yesterday Shorvori had accident and i took her to hospital and we got to know that.. we lost our baby.. they are in tears but still no one comes out of room. Parth says our baby is no more, Shorvori cries on his shoulder, Parth says dada if you want, you can send us to America. They hear door closing(due to wind) but thinks that Dada closed it, Shorvori says we

have hurt dada a lot, he wont forgive us, Parth says we would have hurt him if we had hidden truth then he would have been more hurt and i dont want him more hurt.
Mohini says dont know why Foram didnt come from her parent’s home till now. There is function today and we should pretend that we are working but Foram is fool. Soyug and Foram comes there. Mohini says work in today’s function to become hero infront of dada and Ambika, dont work in background as then Parth and Shorvori will take all rewards.
Teni calls someone and says i am going to Bhanushali’s office to give audition, put phone down, my phone is burning under sun, she ends call. She sees kid sticking coin on wall and says what he is doing? kid says i was making vow to God, if you stick coin on wall and pray then it gets fulfilled, if you want to do it then do or else leave. Teni says kid is showing me arrogance? She looks at more people sticking coin on wall and praying. She finds 10rupee coin but says its too much, she tries to find 1rupee coin but doesnt have it, she says i promised Parth, my visa that i will pray for him so i am sticking 10rupee coin for him, she sticks it and says Parth has everything, money, cars everything but he wants kids, so give him kids and if he wants my help in it then i wont deny him.. she realizes what she is saying and says no how can i help him in having kids? God can help him to get kids so give him kids, she leaves.
There is function in bhanushali house for Jalpa’s baby boy. Foram says to Shorvori that my mom sent laddos for you as you are pregnant and its healthy for unborn baby, Shorvori says i want to talk to you. She and Parth takes Foram aside. Shorvori is about to tell her truth but Bhaeat comes there. Bharat says arrangement is so nice, its of lacs of rupees but i find one thing missing, all guests are here but where is my father and mother in law? where is dada and Ambika? Jalpa says they had some work, they will be coming soon. Indu comes to Parth and Shorvori and asks if they told truth to Ambika and dada? and they didnt come here because they are angry? Mohini sees them talking and thinks that they have something fishy going on, let me see. Mohini passesby them and tries to hear them. Mohini calls out Indu and takes her from Parth. Mohini says to Indu that i shouldnt say it but did Parth and Shorvori did something again that angered dada? Indu says no, Mohini says i am talking like your elder sister so tell me what is it, Indu is tensed and says actually Parth and Shorvori went to talk to dada, Mohini asks about what? Indu is about to tell her but Dada and Ambika comes there. Dada says i am sorry for making you all wait, we didnt plan on leaving before function but.. it was important that we had to leave, he glares Parth and Shorvori. Ambika says why all are tensed? pooja will happen on time. She asks priest to start preparation. Dada names Bharat’s son as Jeval. Bharat says name is good but without gift? Dada gives him huge gold biscuit and gold necklace. Bharat says now i can hear and see name. Indu and Mohini congrats dada. Bharat asks Dada why he got late? Dada says i have to tell one more news, all are tensed. Dada says life is weird, we think something and something else happen, fate has played me, Parth gets nervous hearing it. Ambika asks Parth and Shorvori to come forward, they get tensed. Parth and Shorvori comes to Dada and Ambika. Indu thinks that atleast they were part of this house infront of society but this wall is going to break today.

Scene 2
Teni comes to Parth’s office and says to receptionist that your boss must have called you that hot girl will come, i have come. America is beautiful city, peon says its country. Teni says i have no problem going to America, i have a lot of relatives there. Peon says there is dhokla in America. Teni says dont joke, you people are lucky that for this small company Teni is ready to go to America. Receptionist says Parth didnt hire you as lead model but as junior artist which has to stand behind, and that shoot will happen in india only, Teni says me and junior artist?
In function, Dada takes papers from Ambika’s hand. Mohini says they seem like court’s papers, did dada disinherit Parth and Shorvori from property? Dada gives gift to Shorvori, she looks on confused. Color drains from Parth’s face. Ambika laughs and says open gift box Parth and make your wife wear it. Parth opens box which dada gave and takes out gold bangles, he makes Shorvori wear it. Ambika says now touch dada’s feet. they do, Dada says always remain happy, Ambika blesses them too, all are happy that they are accepted again. Bharat says you people are mingling like reunited after years. Mohini thinks that everything is twisted these days. Dada and Ambika goes to priest. Parth says to Shorvori that Dada forgave us even after knowing truth, everything is fine now. Ambika comes to Parth and Shorvori and says dada forgave you both then why you both are crying? smile. Ambika says to guests that lets have selfie. Whole family gathers and take selfie. Dada asks Ambika if she is happy now? she says a lot. Parth comes to Dada and folds his hand, he bows to him and says thank you so much. Dada says say it to your unborn baby when he will come, baby will be happy if you both remain happy, i am forgiving you both for baby only. Parth and Shorvori looks on shocked. Dada says to guests that after Jalpa’s baby, there will be one more happy news, after becoming maternal grandparent, i am going to become maternal great grandparent, all clap but Parth, Shorvori and Indu are in shock. Dada goes to priest. Indu says to Parth that you didnt tell truth to dada? Parth says it means when we told truth to dada, dada was not inside room and didnt hear anything, Shorvori says dada forgave us because of our baby only, he is happy for happiness which is never going to happen, we should tell truth dada rightnow. Parth takes deep breath, he and Shorvori comes to dada and Ambika. Parth says to Dada that i want to say something, dada says say it. Parth says you have hope from us but that hope.. Indu says that hope will surely be fulfilled, Parth looks at her confused. Indu says it will happen after 9months, Dada says i will count days till 9months are completed. Parth is tensed.
Indu, Parth and Shorvori are in parking lot. Indu says to Parth that we have to hide this truth from dada, Parth says even if we lie today, one day they will find out that Shorvori is not pregnant, Indu says no one will know, Shorvori has to become pregnant again, if Shorvori becomes pregnant in one month then we will tell family that Shorvori’s pregnant took 9.5months but in actual we will go for delivery in 8.5months, you both have to try again, God has broke this hope but he will bless to make Shorvori pregnant again.

PRECAP- Parth says to Shorvori that whatever happened, happened because of me but dont ever go away from me. Later Shorvori comes in kitchen and hides big knife in her bag. Parth asks if she is going somewhere? she says i am going to my friend’s house, she leaves with knife. Shorvori sits in rickshaw, Teni is already sitting in there and thinks where Parth Bhanushali’s wife is going at night?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shourv expressions are ossam as usuall

  2. Angelk1

    Hi everyone, Omg i hope shovori isnt planning on killing herself. That would be awful. But parath didnt stick to his deal lol poor teni, but i guess thats how their life will be tangled. I dont think shovori can have kids anymore, why else would they involve teni

  3. Nivu99

    Hai frnds….
    Naz, twinj, angel1k, presha, Nitee, adeeba, shraddha, shanitics, diya, chitu, riya ( sry 2 miss names if any)
    comming to epi, it was a total hit and miss case. but for sure lot of complications are yet to come in life’s of shorpar. Today they made every promt attempt to reveal the truth but culd not.
    Dada is totally head on heels to become great grandpa. feeling soo sad 4 shorpar.
    Teni sticking coin nd praying 4 god…soo sweet of her. she is soo self confident nd happy. she called America a city….lol…
    what is shorvori upto with tht knife?? precap is intresting…

    1. Angelk1

      I think she w anted to kill herself

  4. hi nivu dear. yeah shorvori and knife…..what is the connection?waiting for next epi. jasmine superb.

  5. Presha

    Loved it awesome

  6. What Indu is telling Parth to do will create more hatred in Dada ‘s mind for this couple. They are going to try to conceive again and I know it’s going to fail. This is where Teni comes in but before that, the family will be looking for pregnancy symptoms from Shovori, she can’t fake it and if she does, then for how long. Eventually the news will come out but at what price!! Parth is such a gem of a husband and seeing him being hurt by Dada especially, breaks my heart, he looks so helpless. Indu is asking her son to lie.. Tsk Tsk… Indu….. You are creating more misery for your son. She seems to have it all figured out but destiny is a mean or good thing depending on what angle you look at it. Then again…. If Parth were to spill the beans, then the story wont have any suspense and drama, right? Good episode………… Hey everyone….. Hope you all had a great day, some of you probably in dreamland by now. So goodnight my friends across the oceans. ??

  7. Hey guys,naz,nivu,angelik, presha,shantics,neeti, deepika,Sry to miss any names…
    Today epi was a gud one. Dada accepted them. Feeling happy for parth n sharvouri…N teni rocked as usual.My mobile is burning put it down…wow teni u rock…

    Hey guys,
    Due to my xm,I would be irregular for few weeks…So sry for that but will continue watching DSDT.Happy valentine day in advance…n happy propose day guys.

    1. Nivu99

      It’s okay dear….. all the best 4rm all dsdt friends… perform well nd be back soon……

    2. Chithu

      Best of luck do well Twinj. Advance wishes to u too

    3. Nitee

      Best of luck dr.. Study well and do ur xams good.. Tc

    4. Angelk1

      Just now saw the post. Good luck on your exam 🙂

  8. Chithu

    Oh good hope Shorvori does kill herself. But where is going at night. It was very emotional episodes. How will dada take when he comes to know about the miscarriage. Indu said to shorvori to get pregnant again. After a miscarriage the patient must not get pregnable immediately. They need rest for the body to recover.

  9. Chithu

    Just now saw the ad where doctor says to shorvori that she cannot become mother. After hearing from a drama about lord Krishna’s birth shorvori says that they can opt for surrogacy.

  10. Chithu

    Teni was funny the way she was blabbering about being a model and have no objection about going to America but later on finds that parth has called her for a junior artist role.

  11. Nitee

    Hello everyone… Sry guys for commenting late, got stuck in some work..
    Coming to epi, feeling sad for shorpar/parori the day they waited for uniting with their family since two years finally happened but just can say fate they couldn’t enjoy it..
    From the new promo I think surrogacy track will start soon..
    And Teni is so sweet, she prayed for Parth, I hope her prayer would become true..

  12. Today episode was amazing and teni is such a cute and the way she was behaving was funny lol…guys did u all ssaw a new promo of dsdk??

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