Dil Se Dil Tak 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shorvari gets Parth arrested

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Parth comes to Shorvari. Shorvari tells him to hurry up, she isn’t interested in any of his past reminders. She has to go to her friend’s party. Parth asks why is she afraid, that he couldn’t know what the real reason behind her behavior is. He asks if her lawyer didn’t tell her he tore the divorce papers. He comes to hold Shorvari’s face and tells her to stop acting. They both recognize each other so well and know each and every action of each other. Shorvari says she must have missed her lawyer’s phone as she was busy. Parth asks if Shorvari thinks he wouldn’t know she is lying. He tells her to place her hand over her heart, it must be beating hard. He will find out what the real reason is and hugs Shorvari. Shorvari pushes him away shouting at him to get away. He lied to her always

and took advantage of her love. Parth holds her by arms and asks her to look into his eyes and say he lied to her, and that she isn’t hiding anything from him. Shorvari was speechless, then pushes him away and says she has nothing to say. He got the divorce papers, he must understand she doesn’t want to live in this relation anymore. If he thinks she will forgive him so easily? But she has made the decision already. She says if he force her anymore, she will forget she ever loved him. She tells him to leave lest she calls police. If he has to meet her, it must be through legal means. Parth asks if she has gone insane, she says yes she has gone crazy. She makes a call to security and complains about a man harassing her. Soon the police comes to her room and were about to arrest Parth. Shorvari says she is a stranger to him now and the law doesn’t allow him any right now. Parth says she loved him so dearly, her anger couldn’t be any less than this thunderstorm in his life. Parth keeps on shouting that until her heart beats she won’t be able to part him from herself. Shorvari cries.
At Bhanushali house, Mohini brings Sejal her pocket money. Sejal demands 20 lacs for her pocket money. Mohini was shocked to hear this and asks what she would do with such huge amount. Sejal says she will buy the latest car available in the market and go to long drive with Rishab. She watches Jagruti standing at the door of their room. Both were alert. Jagruti asks Sejal to go as she is ready for shopping. Sejal says she isn’t ready and will be there soon. Mohini stops Jagruti and says she is about to get married, if her in laws would complain she never knocks at the door? She must be careful from next time. Jagruti nods and leaves. Mohini was relieved she didn’t hear anything. Sejal says the family would know about it in a few days, Mohini must also be mentally prepared for anything.
Jagruti wonders why was Mohini and Sejal shocked to see her. They were talking about 20 lac and 300 crores, there is something they are hiding.
In the room, Teni wonders what is Shorvari up to. She thinks about calling Shorvari then doesn’t, as Parth might be there. There in the room, Shorvari cries wishing to see hatred in Parth’s eyes. She consoles herself and says it’s time for her next step. She calls Teni who was concerned. Shorvari says she Parth arrested in police. Teni was tensed and says this is wrong. Shorvari tells Teni to inform the family about it, she should do it in a way that the family begin to hate her.
Dadi comes to Indu and asks about Parth’s call. They were all worried. Dada ji also comes to ask about Parth. Teni comes downstairs and says its useless to wait for Parth, he won’t even call. Shorvari filed a report against Parth and he is in police custody. Everyone was shocked. Indu was in a disbelief and says Shorvari can never do this. Teni says even she can’t believe but they are helpless. Parth went to make her up, but Shorvari has been so unthoughtful about him. She can’t believe how Shorvari could do so. This family kept Shorvari as a daughter, but she couldn’t be his. Mohini asks how did Teni know about all this. Teni was worried about what to reply now.

PRECAP; Dada ji tells Parth they have lost their relation. Parth says no matter how much it hurts but he would never lose his hope of getting Shorvari. Shorvari heard this on phone as Parth vows to fast until Shorvari returns.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Teni become a puppet now, i am seriously now hatting Teni, previously her character was so bubbly, enthutiastic, full of positivity, now what she is doing? I never expect this from Teni.
    Shorvori from begining always like this does wrong thing at wrong time,and parth always make up her mistakes, it is ok, but teni why makers changing her character, it was fun to watch teni, the day from when teni fall in love with parth, the story began to turn boring day by day.
    The makers should continue, that aman & teni wala scenes, it was so fun.
    As this serial main plot is dilchust rishta between trio, so they slowly move aman from the serial.
    And bring this love triangle, i hate it.
    Why there can not be any dilchust rishta between 4, there need to be dilchust rishta between only 3, is it neccesary?
    Is it was neccesary to make teni fall for parth? She could easily fall for aman.
    Makers are mad, and crazy, always bring love triangle and kill the story & plot, i don’t know in market there is so much demand of such love triangles, that every maker show that to us.

    I will begin to watch biggboss now, i feel now that it is less insane than this serial, i totally hurt, from one serial i had expectation, that serial also turn to be that rotten one.

  2. Alister La Frenais

    This whole storyline is becoming boring and it would be more exciting to watch paint dry. The script writers should improve their thought pattern or end this serial.

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