Dil Se Dil Tak 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Parth decides about Teni’s life

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Teni calls Parth to her room. He was worried and about to call the doctor but Teni asks him to notice the movement of his baby. She complains to Parth that his baby has teased him badly today, he is just after his father. Parth wonders how Teni can remain so happy even in so much tension. Teni says when she used to live in chawl even then people behaved this way, but she never pays any heed. She asks Parth to ask his baby why he is so irritating today, she insists on him to make Parth sit beside and speak to his baby. Parth feels Shorvari in place of Teni and speaks to baby if he is hungry. Teni says she is craving for ice cream. Parth turns to get it. Teni stops Parth to tell him about her intentions, but could only demand him a smile.
Ramnik was tensed about Mohini’s demands, Indu calms him down saying he must only do what his heart tells him to. Mohini is only deterring them, she won’t take any step. Mohini comes inside after having heard this. She says she will now speak directly to Dada ji and heads towards his room. Ramnik and Indu hurry behind him. Mohini comes to Dada ji but only shows her agreement about Parth and Teni’s wedding. Afterwards she lend them time till next day.
Teni enjoys the ice cream. Parth sat with her and recalls it was Shorvari’s favorite as well. Teni tells him to be happy when remembering about Shorvari. She tells Parth she is aware he loves Shorvari, earlier she wanted to marry him but not anymore. She will spend her life as a caretaker of his family and will charge him for the care. She would also like to see him smile. Parth was happy. Teni demands him another ice cream this time for her. On the way, Parth decides that Teni won’t sacrifice for him anymore. She will get married.
Indu and Ramnik come to Jagruti and speak to her for breaking her proposal with Rishab.
In the hall, Dadi asks Indu if Parth is home, she has decided to speak to him about his and Teni’s wedding. Parth returns home and announces his decision to family, Teni will be called a mother to his child. Mohini asks if he is ready to marry Teni. Parth was speechless.

PRECAP: Teni comes to the room happily. Shorvari comes to her, Teni assures she will always be with Parth. Later, Teni reads a diet plan chart which Parth pasted on the wall.

Update Credit to: Sona

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