Dil Se Dil Tak 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Priya demands to be Bharat’s second wife

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Priya asks Bharat to marry her and take her as his second wife. Jalpa questions what this rubbish is. She did a lot of planning, firstly she lied about being dead and handed Spursh’s responsibility to them and now have come to them by herself. Priya says they can live together and asks why Jalpa reacts in such a shocked way. When in her family, Parth can live with two wives why they can’t. Jalpa says Parth only married Teni because he thought Shorvari was dead, but she won’t accept her as Bharat’s second wife; nor will the law accept. She insists that Spursh is Bharat and her son, they hold the same relation and can live together. Priya thinks that Jalpa would bear everything for the respect of her family and was sure Bhanushali’s would accept it.
At Bhanushali house, everyone was excited

for Ipshita’s first Holi. Teni suggests about gathering the wood herself for lighting up the Holika. Shorvari says Parth would accompany Teni. Parth was reluctant, but Shorvari insists on making it a memorable Holi for them all. Indu, Dada ji and Baa were excited to see them happy and hopeful for their relief when they will hear about no further testimonies.
Jalpa promises Shorvari to be in the party. Bharat was confused how they will leave. Priya suggests she will stay at home and take care of kids, this way she will also get introduced to her new responsibilities. Bharat was angry at Priya and says his relation with her was the worst thing in his life, he was at a verge of losing the very important relations of his life. Priya clarifies to Bharat that she won’t leave this home at any cost. Jalpa calms Bharat down and promises to stand in front of him in every situation. She just hopes no one knows about it at her home.
At the Holi pooja, Jalpa and Bharat were worried while they do the pooja. Baa was angry at Ramnik for not coming for the pooja. Dada ji defends him saying he had an international meeting with US clients. After the pooja, Dada ji was about to make an announcement when Priya comes there. Baa asks who is she. Priya asks Bharat and Jalpa if they didn’t introduce her. She says it’s easy for her to explain to them about her relation; she has examples in the house. Mohini asks her to be clear. Priya says she is Teni. She is the third wheel of Jalpa and Bharat’s relation just like Teni is to Parth and Shorvari. Everyone was shocked.
Dada ji was furious and it and questions what is this rubbish. If she understands the rights of a wife? Priya says she understands well about it, she isn’t married to Bharat but Spursh is her child. Priya says that they don’t need to be shocked. Holi is a festival when we even hug our enemies. She only wants their blessings, they should accept her relation as they have accepted Teni. Everyone was silent.

PRECAP: Priya says to Dada ji that he must have an objection over Parth and Teni’s relation as well, and if he has accepted them then she also holds an equal right to be Bharat’s second wife.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hip, Hip, hurrah! well done Priya, bravo, bravissimo.Now the mistress of Ramnik and grandfather must come.I think Teni is an illegitimate daughter of Indu.Parat is not her own son because she lost her child during childbirth.Someone left the boy in the hospital. Indu decided to take the baby because the family needed an heir.that’s why Indu takes care of Teni.That’s why she wants Teni to stay with Parat.
    And this is the all drama of this show.

  2. Oh now Jalpa speaks about law? Where was the law when Shorvori returned? According to law the marriage of shit teni and pervert parth is not valid! Priya is speaking the right thing, if pervy parth can take two wives why couldn’t Bharat take her as his second wife? The bhanushalis are all hypocrite idiots. The law for the heir is different and the law for daughter is different. This dadaji speaks about rights of a wife but turns a blind eye to Shorvori’s right as a wife. The bhanushalis are all idiotic dumb hypocrites who think sun rises from teni’s @ss!

  3. Yes it’s a family of hypocrites,but idiots they became thanks toTeni. With her stories about the heavi life, she at first hypnotized Parta and then the whole family. Now this family is on the same level as Teni herself. For them there is no conscience, morality, respect for the daughter-in-law,who sacrificed her happiness and gave her husband to another woman.And all this in order that the family had an heir.Shorwari itself was left with empty hearts and forced to pretend that she’s all right.Did any of the family members appreciate the sacrifice of Shorwari? no of course. These people must be punished severely by society.That’s when the society stops accepting them, and Parat starts losing clients in his business, then we’ll see how he will say that the public opinion does not interest him.And now the daughter of this family should experience the same pain as Shorwari, then the seed can understand what Shorvari feels when he sees his husband on the other.I really want Shorwari to leave this family.Otherwise, she too will begin to lose her mind and turn into a zombie.She must take her daughter and leave this madhouse.

    1. I agree with you! Let Ipshita become somebody’s mistress like her so called Teni mumma in the future then let’s see how the pervy parth declares that doesn’t care about society and the life of a woman his daughter destroyed! Yeah if he doesn’t care about society he should stop dealing with money that he gets from public and live on some remote unhabitated island with his exhibitionist surrogate wife and meek prideless wife Shorvori. Honestly the only thing remaining to be shown from dsdt makers is mistresses for Dadaji and his son! Which I’m sure they’ll be willing to show if they wanna stretch the serial! Oh then let’s us see if the hypocrite Indu and Baa accept their own version of Teni as their Sautans!

  4. Alister La Frenais

    Bhanushali house of ill repute.

  5. Ha ha ha. Now I confirmed, the serial director want to spoil our culture and society.If they never consult viewers, then y did u all watch.pls stop watching it.

    1. We don’t watch it Kayal, just read updates. Honestly I’ve no idea as to why this serial is running still! Who are the Mahan people watching this crap?! If they would stop watching maybe this serial would go off air! People should understand makers don’t give a shit about viewers opinions cuz they want their pockets and banks to be filled with money! I hope people who are still watching this shit understand it!

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