Dil Se Dil Tak 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shorvari dislikes as Teni stuffs her bite into Parth’s mouth. Parth tells them to leave as he has a lot of work to do.
Sejal and Rishab arrives at a coffee shop. They were celebrating their second anniversary and playing couple games. The man asks Rishab about the name of author of the book and his era. Rishab tells him at once. He then asks Sejal about names of Seven Wonders of the World. Sejal says she would have known the new launch of lipstick shades. Everyone laugh at Sejal.
At home, Shorvari was lost in thoughts about Teni and burns the food. Aman comes there in the kitchen and removes the burning pan off the stove. He asks about Teni, Shorvari says she went to give Parth’s lunch with her as Aman was busy. Aman says he was home and the designer had to come; he wonders what Teni

does and why. Shorvari thinks why Teni lied to her.
In the room, Teni was dancing as Mastani. Aman holds her into his arms and asks if she was doing a secret dance practice. Teni thinks she is saved. Aman asks Teni if she has to attend the Sangeet in this dress, or Mastani’s dress. He complains she didn’t select the bridal dress. Teni curses her memory that doesn’t let her do anything well, Aman assure he would take care of everything and heads on. Teni thinks Aman would waste his money over the dress, she must tell him about the whole truth. Teni makes Aman sit down and pours him a glass of water, Aman asks what’s going on in her mind. If she is thinking to betray him? Teni was confused and says she was thinking she isn’t worth the rich and handsome Aman. Aman says he doesn’t care about anything, he loved Teni only. Teni tells Aman to leave as she has to practice dance now, she decides to tell him in a filmy style.
At home, Jagruti was showing her embroidery to Dadi. Rishab and Sejal come home. Dadi notices the bad mood of Sejal and asks the reason. She cheers Sejal up saying Sejal must have won if the questions were about style and fashion.
In the room, Parth cheers and hugs Shorvari saying the client liked the presentation he had been working over since morning. Teni hears this and comes in congratulating Parth. She envisions herself as Parth’s wife and he had brought sarees for two of his wives, then speaks in her day dream that she loves Pink color in sarees. Parth and Shorvari look towards her confused. Teni makes up to Shorvari that she likes her choice and would go to shopping with her. Parth goes to change. Teni asks Shorvari for her medicine, Shorvari notices she was again lost in thoughts.

PRECAP: Parth and Shorvari were having some private time in the room. Shorvari tries to discuss about Teni but Parth wasn’t in a mood. Suddenly Teni comes to hug them. Shorvari shouts what are these manners.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Angelk1

    I Dont like what their doing to teni character now. Once shovori tells her what it is, i hope she understads she cant be the other women. I prefer teni n parth get married after a divorce or something, but doing it this way with teni just assuming is getting me upset.

    1. blo*dy sick woman…are u watching the show from the start…don’t u know parth loves shorvary and have gone against his family for her…teni is just a surrogate to der child for dey are paying her..y parth will divorce shorvary wen he loves her and no-one else.blo*dy cheap firangs

    2. Yes me too

    3. I don’t like your comment. This is an Indian serial and in India if once we are committed then committed for life time not like you blo*dy forgreiners, getting infatuated, one night stands,betrayel and all. So keep your bullshit comment with you. Teni is just a cheap street girl who is a third woman and a surrogate instead of taking care of the baby she is busy in seeing dreams of parth who belongs to shorvori. OK???? Talking of divorce haa??? Why will shorvori give a divorce to shorvori?? Why will shorvori understand?? Teni should understand that she is not meant for parth and forget him.
      Stupid foreigners.

    4. Angelk1

      Your calling me a foreigner for stating an opinion. Thats great, I see how foreigners are treated for their opinion in a matter. First let’s get this clear, cause apparently you dont understand. If parth decides to be with ten I and asks for a divorce which is unlikely in this show, than I prefer parni marriage happening that way.

      Also this is a show for cris sake, you guys are too much in your feelings. When a psycho loves an even go as far as manipulating an kill you guys support because they are cute together, when a girl is abuse by her in law and wants a divorce with her husband You guys will refuse as well.

      You say you committed for a life time so should an abuse women not divorced , should she stay in a relationship because she should be committed for a life time, when a kinner marries a man, or gay you would support divorce than huh?

      My examples are of topic, but since you want to bring up divorce and lifetime and mix reality with fiction. I might as well too. I’m pretty sure in India they have people who divorce, cheat, have one night stand and rape. Please dont just accuse foreigner of those things when every country have people like that.

      Were all not perfect, so I’m glad some Indian shows actually shows that instead of trying to make it perfect.

  2. Teni the crappy mastani

    So parth and shorvari shud get divorced for ur goddess teni to live and do all stuff she imagines doing with him..wah..if u want such illicit stuff..there are 100 p*rn sites available..go check those out..why u watching indian shows ans expecting such nasty stuff?ur parth teni jaap is annoying as F*ck..its not gonna happen…i hope teni dies during labour..tat b*t*h deserves oly tat now…bar dancer showed her worth after all..lusting over married man…and u are one more cheap woman with no morals wat so ever to support and praise this shitty relationship of theirs

  3. Are you stupid ? Divorce I don’t prefer nothing at all this show is bullshit now but divorce …. after everything party and shorvari went through u think he will divorce his wife that he love alot …. yal party and teni shippers are home wreckers.

  4. Oh no they are destroying the caracter of the teni should parth try to ask the art what happened to him but why it does not happen . teni be like fool should he go leave parth that why he will actually get the parth . please please do not destroy teni .if she contienues to do so she will only be despised again. I dont like sor insulting to teni ..

    1. Teni the crappy mastani

      Lol…then wat do u expect shorvari to do? Hug her back and make all the three have a threesome? Likes seriously? Which wife will like it when someone barges into their room when they are having their own private time…ur teni mata isnt any goddess here…she at the end of the day will remain the bar dancer with no culture values etc..the way she is using aman and fantasizing about a already married man is a proof in itself to show how her character is…and for ur kind info..this isnt the first time teni does something like this..these teni fans and parth teni shippers are one disgusting beings…expecting the much in love couple to break up coz their darling is hurt…as ur darling to go f*ck of somewhere..there are a million men out there for her to lust over..spare shorvari’s parth..they both love each other..if someone deserves all the abuses right now for the things she is doing its teni..and shor isnt a bit wrong in her anger towards ur darling..harkat hi aisi hai uski…blo*dy home breaking characterless woman…

      1. Sorvori is very selfish .he think paying tenni to do anything for baby’s sake .teni is not a slave who can be treated at will. Teni is surrogate mother for their child but what sorvori do to her she often insult and hurt . he was very foolish to think of his own life at the exspense of the art ..

      2. Nonsense about love at start of the parth. Teni does not believe anything about love but parth keeps showing how love is and what love is .. Teni think that only parth is the one who cares abbout her so it’s natural she fell in love .and the parth did not realize that he was the same as giving love to teni .. It also wrong parth too much attention teni ..

    2. mimie i dont agree with you..shorvari is not selfish..her behavior towards teni sometime is rude coz teni is very immature and keep getting to trouble all the time…shorvari have accepted teni as a surrogate is coz of parth..teni keep on experimenting stunts all the time which is not good for baby..when a girl is pregnant she had to be very careful and needs extra care..shorvari have already lost her baby have gone through that pain and dont want to loose it again..so she is right from her side…teni is not emotinally attached with the baby but shorvari is so its just her reaction to teni’s careless behavior

    3. Teni the crappy mastani

      Wats wrong in shorvari being selfish? Is teni so selfless? She has taken 10laksh + another 10 lakhs plus parth brought her an house and now she left than and is now living in bhanusali house without any pains…inspite of it all if teni keeps doing some or the other nautankis u think shorvari shud keep quiet? Its her baby she is carrying..she has not only lost the baby but the ability to conceive too..so she knows the value of the baby more than teni at the moment…
      Talking about being selfish now..like seriously..wat do u expect shorvari to do in such a situation? She is trying to spend some private moments with her hubby and if this girl barges in and hugs them wat do u expect her to do? Hug her back and welcome her in her act? She has all rights to be rude to teni when it comes yo teni trying yo get closer to parth? Who is teni to parth? Nothing..surrogate mother hogi ya at the max achchi dost bas..she is no one to claim any rights over parth over his things or over himself…teni may have all feelings for him..tats definitely not shorvari or parth’s headache..i dont even think they shud care for this woman’s one sided lusty feelings..but they eventually will..tats a different story..they are soulmates and are blissfully living their life..

      1. As a surrogate mother teni also whent through a lot of her problems several times almost to the exten of hurt .whatever money she took was not worth what he did. he came home bhanusali because father parth cansel his visa . pari have trikced Teni because they promised to take her to america but what is the proof . maybe parth and sor bound marriage and love each other but that does not mean for their happines utilizing Teni . Teni is just a poor girl who want to change his life he only dreams of america because it he willing to help parth but what he cant not like it ..

    4. Teni the crappy mastani

      He told teni wat love is..he dint ask her to fall in love wth him..neither did he expect…as much as parth is at fault for spendingbtoo much time with teni..teni is also at equal fault to have run away from aman and be with parth..go see how many times she has run away from aman or deny going out with him when he called her out to spend time..bt the moment parth asks she happily goes behind…

    5. Teni the crappy mastani

      Tricked her?????teni is a small baby who cant see hear and talk u see..they never tricked her and all that…they told her wat all this is about..ur goddess accepted this deal with her ears and eyes open only..even now she has her visa and has the oppurtunity to go and live her amrica dreams..with a life partner…but what is she doing? Playing around and fooling him and lusting over another married man….teni suffering a lot in her life was not because of shorvari or parth for u to say tat they tricked her..infact they are doing everything possible to make her feel at home..but madam is having different plans altogether..instead of being thankful for then for giving her a new meaning of life..this idiot is dreaming of breaking that very house only which gave her a new identity…waise..no women who is poverty ridden looks so polished like teni mata….

  5. Now teni really cross her limit.How dare she hug parth when he have a private time wit his wife?!!! This is too much and not fair at all.She really turns out to b a characterless girl.Parth and shorvori’s weakness is teni has their baby.So they can’t kick her out but she shudn’t take this advantage.Teni will have no option,she will marry wit aman only.She forced herself to get her love lyk aman.Both r orphan,both donno how to cook food.But aman is better than teni,he didn’t hug her when she didn’t accept his proposal. But teni is really something

  6. Teni brings her pillow also.Seems she want to sleep with parth,haha very funny.They make her looks like a parody only,worst writer…..

  7. Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak and & TV’s Kuldeepak to go off air? http://ift.tt/2ssOu37

  8. Oh God ! Please stop this atrocity going on.
    What the actual hell is wrong with Teni? This is not the Teni that they had showed us.
    She is acting so dumb and stupid. Actually thinking that Parth and Shorvori would be happy to have her in their life.
    Seriously, this is just some messed up shit they are showing.
    Having feelings and acting on them, is so much different and what Teni is doing is wrong on all levels.
    I hope she understands that when she comes to her senses and know that Parth and Shorvori aren’t like that.

  9. Love Parth Shorvari

    Teni getting pillow to the room? I hope its not to share their bed now….i have had enuf of her barging into their rooms at odd hours not giving them any private time….matlab hadh hai..she is a surrogate..the couple is trying their best to make her feel at home..giving every luxury possible to her..and even trust her more than most of their own family members..but what is she giving them? Dhoka..
    I started hating her the day she entered bhanusali house..and i hate her more for now trying to break the very own couple’s relationship who gave her a new life which she cud never have gotten even in her wildest dreams…
    Parth and teni as a couple luk sick..their scenes can make any normal sensible person flinch with disgust…i hope they kill teni soon..during labour or something..let her sacrifice her life for her so called love and f*ck off..i dont care for her character any more….

  10. How crap can this get? Teni dreaming as a second wife is so stupid actually fooling the viewers.

    Teni will have to marry Aman or just stay as she is. Bettet she don’t cheat aman and also parth. Shorvori should now start her fight without being kin with Teni.

    If writers can meet viewers expectations Yes they can increase trp else Go off air Nobody cares

  11. im so waiting parth to know teni’s evil intension of becoming mastani. wen aman took teni to hospital for abortion that time parth got so angry on him..here aman was unaware of the truth and shorvari also slapped him for what he did,,he did it unintentionally …now when teni is wanting to become mastani and also dreaming of lusty love for parth inspite she have witnessed parth and shorvarys love bond. i really wan to know parth who have been supporting teni all the time, what will he do? how will he react? it will be interesting to watch. its disappointing for teni fans..but parth fans are really njoying this love triangle..until parth is getting all the importance in the show and his image is not getting effected..they’re happy with it

  12. im so waiting parth to know teni’s evil intension of becoming mastani. wen aman took teni to hospital for abortion that time parth got so angry on him..here aman was unaware of the truth and shorvari also slapped him for what he did,,he did it unintentionally …now when teni is wanting to become mastani and also dreaming of lusty love for parth inspite she have witnessed parth and shorvarys love bond. i really wan to know parth who have been supporting teni all the time, what will he do? how will he react? it will be interesting to watch. its disappointing for teni fans..but parth fans are really njoying this love triangle..until parth is getting all the importance in the show and his image is not getting effected..they’re happy with it

  13. Woww!!!!…Now if shorvori will love parth then teni will also celebrate suhaagraat with him…stupid teni…Showing her cheapness now… That’s why you should never bring a sadak chap girl to your house.

  14. All are playing their character wisely. i dont think shovori character as selfish. But CVS spoiled teni’s character. She s not even think about whether Parth will accept her as a second women. ha ha ha. Day dreaming. Hope that dream never comes true. Teni should get insulted for this act(i.e. entering parth shovori room)

  15. …Parth is caring for teni as she his and shorvori’s child in her womb..but no this teni seems to sit on PaRi’s head.stupid dumbo girl. She really needs a tight slap now!!

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