Dil Se Dil Tak 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Indu cries and says how did this happen Parth? you know Dada stopped you both because of this child, he never changed his decision in life and asked you to not go to America but what now? he wont let you stay in house, she tries to compose herself, Parth says listen to me, Indu says if you cared about me then you would think about my pain, not even when you married that girl, i didnt even touch my son for more than 2years, i have been in pain and i will remain in pain, whose hand will i hold in old age? Parth hugs her. Shorvori comes there and says what about me Maa? Indu sadly looks at her, Parth is pained to see her condition, Shorvori says atleast you have hope Indu, your son might comeback to you but what about my baby? my hope left me, 2years were pain for you but atleast you

hugged him to today, my child left me Maa.. she cries and says my baby died maa, she falls on floor, Indu runs to her and hugs her. Nurse says to Parth that you can take patient home, do formalities, Indu says what about home? she looks at them in fear and says how will we tell family?
Bharat says to Dada that where is Shorvori? i have got happiness of life, i have got son in life and she didnt come to congratulate, Mohini says dont be sad over it Bharat, but if Foram had done it then i would have made her say sorry but nobody can say anything to Shorvori, Bharat asks why? Mohini says Shorvori and Parth had love marriage.. with elders blessing and they are expecting baby so she is on high, Ambika says Mohini no can beat you with taunts, you could have called Parth to ask where he is but let it be, i will call him.
Teni comes in hospital, she says what i will i do? she rubs her eyes and sees eyelash fall on her hand, she says i will do prayer with it, She says God make me meet my Visa(Parth :D), i will present you parsad, she blows eyelash away and opens eyes to see Parth standing there talking to Nurse, she says My Visa is here. Parth gets Ambika’s call, Ambika asks where are you? Bharat is waiting for Shorvori’s congratulations, Parth says Shorvori.. she is in hospital, Ambika asks what happened with her? Parth says i will come home and then tell, he ends call. Teni sees him standing there, she puts sheet on his face and locks him in washroom, Parth shouts what it is this madness? Teni locks washroom beside Parth’s washroom too where some man is there, she says brother i have to talk business so you sit inside and sing songs. Teni says to Parth that listen to me, Parth says i will call police, Teni says you are nice human, dont call police, please help me, today your aunty got baby, soon you will have nice, sweet, cute small baby, if you help me then i will pray for you. Parth stops calling police hearing about baby and asks what you want? Teni says i want you to take me as model, i am more competent than Katrina Kaif and you can see my talent that i have locked you in washroom, Parth says fine i will give you contract, open door, Teni says first call your organiser and book my contract, Parth asks what is your name? he says its risky to tell name, just tell her that i will come in red dress, Parth says one minute, you are same girl from function right? tell me name or else i will call police, she says my name is Teni, Parth calls his assistant Aditi and says take girl named Teni for ad shoot, Teni thanks him, she unlocks both washroom, Parth comes out and sees her gone. Man from other washroom comes and says your business partner is great.
Ambika says to Dada that you are miffed with Parth but he is your shadow, for our happiness, he hid his pain from us, he takes care of us so much, he didnt tell us that Shorvori is in hospital because we were celebrating, bless them now and forgive them, Dada glares her and leaves. Ambika is hurt.
Parth comes in wardroom and doesnt find Shorvori there, he gets tensed, he sees window open and thinks if Shorvori did something with herself? no she cant do it but she is very weak state, what if she actually.. he goes near window but Shorvori comes out of washroom wearing her dress, Parth runs to her and hugs her tightly, he gets emotional, she asks what happened? Parth makes her sit on hospital bed and says i.. I am sorry, whatever happened, happened because of me, Shorvori says maybe it was not in our fate, its fate’s fault not yours, Parth hugs her tightly, both are in tears. Parth covers her with shawl, he bends down and makes her wear shows, Shorvori lovingly looks at him. Parth holds her hand and starts taking her from there, Dil se Dil tak song plays.
Indu comes home, Ramnik asks why did Shorvori go to hospital? why your eyes are puffy? Parth and Shorvori comes there, Ramnik sees bandaid on Shorvori’s head and asks what happened? how did you get hurt Shorvori? Dada is there too, Parth says Shorvori’s foot.. Mohini comes there and says something has happened to Ambika, all runs to her. They come in Ambika’s room and sees her throwing everything out of room. Mohini asks what happened? Ambika says these things are not above my respect, Mohini says you like these things and jewelry, Ambika says burn them all, Mohini says no need, i will keep them, Ambika says do what i say. Parth asks what are you doing Baa and whom are you miffed with? Ambika sees them and says i am miffed with you and Shorvori, She grabs them. Indu thinks if Ambika got to know about Shorvori? Ambika brings Parth and Shorvori to house door pushes them out, she says get out of house. Mohini thinks they are her favorite, why she is throwing them out? Ambika says to Parth that its your goodluck that we gave you birth and we did favor to give you our name and you have gut to take your life’s decisions? you married girl you liked? and this girl has guts to get mixed in our house like it was nothing, she learned our rituals, our traditions, everything, how dare she? you both kept looking at our faces with envy, cant you both live without us? you did mistake and we have to bear, today she got ill, something will happen with her tomorrow too, people will spit at us that we couldnt care for our daughter in law, get lost from here. Ramnik says Shorvori is pregnant, Ambika says so what? God has given baby, he will raise him, its good that he wont be here, he would as his parents that why raise him in house where no one loves him, no one cares for him and then he will hate us, i wont be able to bear it, enough, you both get lost, she pushes them out, Dada says enough.. you are miffed with me Ambika, i divided this house but that day my heart was broken in two too, i couldnt even show my sadness, son is blood of father but grandson is part of his house, whenever i look at Parth, i see my shadow in him, have anyone thought, the one who was my heartbeat, if that person broke my trust, how much i got broken then? all are hurt hearing it, dada dejectedly leaves from there. Ambika leaves too. Parth and Shorvori looks on. Mohini thinks that Ambika did all this to make place in dada’s heart for them, she is clever. Ramnik comes to Parth and brings them in house, Indu smiles happily and thinks that Ambika stood infront of dada for first time so she could give them place in house, to get Shorvori respect which mother of this house should have, but when she will know about Shorvori’s miscarriage then dont know what will happen.
Teni is dancing in her society, she says to her friend Parul that listen to me, i have got ticket to America thanks to Bhanushali, Parul says you have strong connection with him, Teni says you are right. soon i will be going to America, he will stay happy here and i will stay happy there.
Dada is playing carom alone, Ambika comes there and stops him, she glares him and says you never played it alone, Dada says you even played game alone today that too against me infront of everyone. Ambika puts hand on his shoulder and failure doesnt suite Pousyutum Bhanushali.
Shorvori has her head on Parth’s shoulder and says today dada and Dadi fought because of us thinking that i am pregnant and i need my family’s care, dada broke his silence for first time in 2years and this happened because of our baby who is not in this world anymore, we are playing with trust of everyone.
Ambika says to Dada that Shorvori is pregnant with first baby, you know how critical this time is, she needs us, you have to win, just understand what winning is, accepting your own blood is not losing, Dada says i never learned to lose, tomorrow in Jalpa’s baby’s arrival party, i will accept Parth and Shorvori.
Parth says to Shorvori that we cant cheat them just to win their trust, tomorrow we will tell them truth.
Dada says to Ambika that we either will have great grand daughter or great grandson but he or she would never hate us, Ambika smilrs proudly at him.

PRECAP- Teni calls Parth and says my news is confirmed, your wife has miscarriage and i have report of it. Parth asks what you want? Teni says i want 2lacs rupees and if you try to act smart then i have that atom bomb report. All are in function, Dada takes papers from Ambika, he looks at Parth and Shorvori. Mohini says to Indu that is it that dada is disinheriting them from family’s property? Indu looks on terrified.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nivu99

    hai…… Naz, twinj, angel1k, presha, nitee, deepika, diya, shanitics, chitu, qwer, rupee ,shraddha, riya (sry 2 miss any names)
    comming to the episode, it was emotional. The hospital scene between Indu, parth nd shorvari was soooo emotional.
    Teni’s part of locking parth in washroom was funny. she calls him Visa..lol.

    1. Shanitics

      Happy that u included my name in it?

      1. Nivu99

        hai shantrics…..
        welcome to our DSDT family….
        enjoy nd keep commenting.

    2. hey nivu i m also a member i don’t get time to comment that’s y…,

      1. Nivu99

        choooo sorry dear…. we all really missed u r comments…. I thought u r caught up with some work….

    3. Chithu

      Thank u Nivu to include my name.

  2. Nivu99

    mohini is indeed a tantrum queen. ambika’s trick to patch up shorpar with dada was nice. I’m thinking will they say the truth or hide it?? waiting 4 precap

    1. Nivu, I wasn’t seeing comments from you and so I sent out an SOS…. Lol…. I’ll watch episode later and then reply. Looks emotional as I’ve read. Chat later with you on the topic…..

      1. Nivu99

        hai Naz…. I too missed your comments dear. The episodes r worth watching especially sid nd teni. chat wit u later..

  3. Presha

    Hey hllo everyone hw r u…
    Today epi was a blast just loved it

  4. Gosh…. How can people hold grudges for so long?? Indu now realises the severity of her curse….my God , Parth is her son so by extension, Shovori is his other half, and cursing her is as good as cursing him!!! I hope that having lost this child doesn’t render Shovori incapable of having other kids. I don’t remember hearing such a scenario before, I don’t know if you all have heard of it. Shovori was in so much pain in losing her child, I felt it for her. She had some good questions for Indu. This family needs to know that when they insult Shovori, they are insulting the son of the family as well. I feel Parth ‘s pain!!!! I think it’s of utmost importance for this couple to tell the family that the baby was lost, they shouldn’t prolong the news because if anyone else were to deliver that news then their relationship will become more stressed and Shovori is already treated with disrespect and like an outcast so this will just worsen the situation. So….. This news should be priority now. In the precap…..i think Dada wants to pass property documents as gift to Parth as they are expecting the baby and he’s very happy to be great grandpa.

    1. Nitee

      I agree with you naz… And yeah I too hope shorvori would be capable for having other kids yet hv a doubt if so what is the need for surrogacy drama..

  5. Angelk1

    Hi nivu99 , naz an presha. I came from work late so i couldnt comment. But yeah, today eps was good. Teni managed to get what she wants by trapping parth, but i think he will forget his promise. Shovori really wants the family together. And now indu will be her support.

    With dada, i hope he doesnt have a heart attack when he finds out. But who thinks parth wanting to tell the truth will stretch a little more. It wont be next eps.

    1. hi angelk will u be my frnd/?

      1. Angelk1

        Sure, but how do we add each other on here?

  6. Nitee

    Hi naz, nivu, twinj, angel, presha, deepika, lovely, adeepa, shanitics, chithu…(sry guys if I miss anyone) hv a good day..
    Coming to the epi..Ambika’s move is good but I think it is too late.. Hope Parori themselves reveal the truth of baby to their family..
    Teni’s part as usual funny, btw emotional scenes her track brings some laughter..

    1. Yes Nitee, Teni’s drama rama brings about the much needed relief. I’m waiting to see how long Parth will keep this info from the family. Good morning my dear friends… Nivu, Angel, Nitee, Twinj, Chanpreet, Preesha and not forgetting all my other friends who are probably at work
      depending on which part of the globe you live in, it’s 6.30am Tuesday on my side. Have a lovely day today…… ?

      1. Angelk1

        Its 1:22 pm here

    2. Shanitics

      Thankss fr including my name ?

      1. Nitee


    3. nitee hlo dear…nice that u included my name…

      1. Nitee


    4. Angelk1

      Hey nitee, even I agree it’s to late . She had all the chances but didn’t do it.

    5. Chithu

      Hi Nitee Parth n Shorvari’s scene was emotional.
      The way Teni cornered parth was funny.

      1. Nitee


  7. Shanitics

    Ambika’s pan was suprb!! Happy tat dada is gng to accpt the bth!! Hpe he won’t change the decision aftr the announcement of miscarriage ?

  8. Hey guys,
    Had a very hectic schedule today…Happy rose day guys…Todays epi was emotional…N teni really rocked…She locked parth in washroom…LOL…the funniest part…

    1. Angelk1

      Rose day? What is that?

      1. Nitee

        sry for commenting too late dr…

        Actually before celebrating valentine’s day on february 14th, whole week has been celebrated as the valentine’s week starts from february 7 and goes on till february 14…
        First day(february 7th) of the valentine’s week is celebrated as Rose day, in this day we can give different colors of roses to our loved ones to express our feelings for them.. When you want to express your love for someone, the easiest way is to gift them a rose which would convey your feeling even without words.

        Also feb8 has been celebrated as propose day, feb9 as chocolate day , feb 10 as Teddy day, feb11as Promise day, feb12 as kiss day , feb 13 as hug day and finally 14 ad Lovers/valentine’s day..

  9. Hey everyone srry i can’t comment on previous episode i was bzy and i love u all guys and i m also a member of dsdk and about this episode it was nice this mohini i can’t tolerate and tenni loves her and the way she locked parth was so funny….yrr loved it and atiba api love u to much..muhh…

  10. Shorv is simpley superb by her emorional expressions as usall she is rocking

  11. Nitee

    Actually before celebrating valentine’s day on february 14th, whole week has been celebrated as the valentine’s week starts from february 7 and goes on till february 14…
    First day(february 7th) of the valentine’s week is celebrated as Rose day, in this day we can give different colors of roses to our loved ones to express our feelings for them.. When you want to express your love for someone, the easiest way is to gift them a rose which would convey your feeling even without words.

    Also feb8 has been celebrated as propose day, feb9 as chocolate day , feb 10 as Teddy day, feb11as Promise day, feb12 as kiss day , feb 13 as hug day and finally 14 ad Lovers/valentine’s day..

    1. Nitee

      oh there is a mistake, above details is just for angel..

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