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Scene 1
Parth asks Manager who told you to trap Teni? Hotel manager looks at Sejal and says she asked me to do it, all are shocked, Sejal says he is lying, maybe he is saying because he is scared of Parth? i dont even know this guy, Mohini says this must be Parth and Shorvori’s plan to trap my daughter, she cant do this, till when this house will keep making me pay because i am a widow and Sejal being orphan, if Sejal’s father was alive then Parth wouldnt have guts to say all this against my daughter, say dada what should we do now? she starts crying in high pitch, Sejal says we cant do anything, our fate is ill. Parth looks on, he asks manager to show his phone, manager gives it. Parth checks his call logs, he calls number from his phone and Sejal’s phone starts rining, Sejal

cuts call and panics, Parth calls her again. Parth comes to her and says if you dont know him then how is there missed call in his phone from your number? tell me, how you got his number if you dont know him? he shouts to answer him, Sejal flinches, all look on. Shorvori says to Sejal that i am feeling bad as why did i stop Parth’s hand that day? i should have let him slap you that day, Teni glares at Sejal. Soyug says to Sejal that how can you stoop this low? he raises hand to slap her but dada says no, we dont raise hand on women, she didnt leave any chance to forget our upbringing but you dont forget it. Dada says Sejal you should be thankful you are a daughter of this house and not son otherwise this would be your last day in this house. Baa says Mohini you keep crying about being widow, its good that my son is not in this world otherwise he would have died of embarrassment seeing your and Sejal’s antics. Jagruti says to Teni that i am sorry on Sejal’s behalf, forgive us, please. Teni sadly looks on. Parth asks hotel manager to leave, he leaves. Parth comes to Teni, he says misunderstanding has been removed, truth is out, you dont need to go anywhere now. Teni says thank you for telling all of them that i am not what they thought I am but truth is that they have small thinking and are selfish, they cant see anything infront of their big name, they cant see tears and truth of anyone else infront of their ego, dada is guilty hearing it. Baa says we did mistake and we are all responsible but forgive us, Indu says we did mistake, Ramnik says forgive us, Teni says how to forgive? you people kept calling me beggar and ill-mannered, i thought its fair because I am all those but I am not a call girl so i wont be able hear that, I lived with cheap people but i never stooped low, i lived in hunger but i never even thought about selling my character but what you people did? made me cheap girl with your tongues? i wont be able live here. She says to Sejal that how could you do this? you are a girl and just to take petty revenge, you did this with me? you know because of you people are going to call me call girl for whole life, you have destroyed my whole life, Sejal looks down in shame. Teni says i cant live in this house, i just cant. Shorvori says no please stop Teni. Teni glares at dada, he looks down. Teni leaves from there angrily, all look on, Mohini smirk, Parth is hurt.
Teni brings her luggage out of house. Parth and Shorvori comes there. Parth puts Teni’s luggage in car. Teni is about sit in car but Dada comes there and says stop.. all look at him, Dada says i accept that my mistake is not forgivable, i apologize by folding my hands to you Teni, he folds his hands, Teni is shocked and says no no, it doesnt look good that you apologize to younger ones, what happened had to happen, let me go now. Dada says i know your wound is deep but you dont trust me heal it? I didnt trust to you, i didnt allow Parth to go to police station just because to protect my family name, thinking that it might create problem in grand-daughters weddings, i didnt want to taint their image, but what i couldnt let happen with them, how can i let that happen with you? Dada says to Teni that i vow and promise you to find good groom for you, i will choose nice life partner for you, its my responsibility to send you to your inlaws house after getting you married, this is my promise. Parth and Shorvori are stunned to hear it, Teni’s eyes bulges of out her sockets hearing his vow, Om Mangalam plays as Teni’s jaw hangs open. Teni says wedding? shorvori sheepishly smiles at her. Teni says dada you said sorry so its enough, no need for wedding. Dada says our daughter has tainted your image and its my responsibility to clean your image and secure your future and i promise to get you married from this house, Teni thinks that why cant i keep my tongue held down? Shorvori says Teni has come in this house for few days only, Parth says she means to say Teni is too young to get married, dada says dont worry Shorvori you will get time to spend with Teni but i think its perfect age to get her married, i am sure that there will abundance of happiness after her wedding, Parth says but dada.. Dada says you are doubting my decisions? Parth says no no, Teni thinks that dada is jumping like he would get me married tomorrow only, i should runaway. Teni says to Dada that your family has done enough favors on me, i should leave now. Dada says if you leave today then i will stoop low in my eyes, i will be guilty for life that i couldnt repent my mistake. Parth asks Teni to stop, Shorvori says you cant go anywhere now, Parth says to dada that do what you want, find guy for Teni and if your choice and Teni’s choice matches then we will arrange wedding, this wedding is surely going to happen, Teni gulps hearing it, Dada says dont worry, i will take decision with Teni’s happiness in consideration, dada leaves, Teni hits her head, Shorvori slaps Parth’s arm and leaves, Teni huffs at Parth and leaves too, Parth looks on.

Shorvori Parth and Teni comes in room, Shorvori says to Parth that are you pregnant or Teni? why are you having mood swings? Parth says i couldnt disagree with dada and break his heart, i couldnt see him in guilt, Shorvori tries to calm down and says i felt bad for dada but why bring another problem, Teni says it was good when you both were pretending but you both dont look good when you fight in real, Shorvori says this is happening because of Parth, Teni says you didnt bring war to say no to my wedding, Teni says one minute you both are responsible for my would be wedding and destruction, your dada dropped solid bomb on me and now you both decide if fourth member enters our spicy triangular relationship then what will happen? Parth and Shorvori gets tensed hearing it, Parth says i told dada that you would choose your groom, you will keep saying no all grooms dada make you see and problem is solved. Teni says dada has brains too that when i will keep denying, he will find out some way to make me marry. Shorvori says we have to do something that dada drops Teni’s wedding idea without breaking his heart, Parth says think about some idea, three of them thinks.

PRECAP- Baa says dada has taken right decision, this is right repentance from Parth’s dada to get Teni married, Teni smiles fake. Shorvori comes to Teni and says congrats groom’s family is coming to see you, Teni says what? Parth says we tried to deny dada but he didnt listen, Teni says i have an idea, i would runaway from house before groom comes here, i will gone in time. Parth says no you wont do anything which will bring shame to dada. Teni says then get ready to say bye bye to Teni and this unborn little baby, Shorvori and Parth are stunned to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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