Dil Se Dil Tak 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update

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Parth was determined to find the real reason behind her behavior. Shorvari gets a video message while she sat in a couch. She hears the message and cries. She cries that her life is leaving her, she needs to get away from him at any cost. There in the hospital, Parth cries thinking about Shorvari’s behavior lately, and his good times with Shorvari.
Sejal and Mohini find Baa and Indu praying in Bhanushali house.
Rishab’s mother confirms if he is sure Sejal is going to own half property of Bhanushali family. Rishab says he is sure, Sejal told him herself and she wanted him to search a house for her in London. He asks his mother to cheer up, it’s a good news. His mother says she regrests engaging him to the right girl. Rishab says relations and trust are there in the world to be broken.

It was only an engagement and could be broken. His mother cheers.
There at home, Indu was happy to hear from Parth that child and Teni are both fine. Dadi asks what about Shorvari. Indu says Parth said everything is fine. Indu was thankful. Mohini agrees to Sejal that she was right, there is always a drama. Sejal tells Mohini to speak to Ramnik in the morning. Mohini was worried to hear this.
The next morning, Parth and Teni return home. Parth says doctor advised complete respect against herself. Dadi assures they will take care of her. Indu asks about Shorvari. Dada ji takes Parth aside and asks what the matter is. Parth was lost in some thought. A lawyer comes there to meet Parth. He hands her a file, Parth was shocked to reach divorce deed from Shorvari. Everyone at the family was also taken aback to know about it.
Parth asks the lawyer about Shorvari’s whereabouts. The lawyer says he must speak to him now, as Shorvari is his client. Parth grabs his collar and deters him that Shorvari is his wife. Dada ji comes to calm Parth down. Parth tears the divorce papers into pieces. The lawyer asks if Parth realizes what he has done. Parth inquires about Shorvari’s address. Indu asks the lawyer to try and understand, divorce isn’t a petty matter. Its better they solve the matter, and they all want to meet her. The lawyer tells him about her stay in a hotel.
When the lawyer has left, Parth was shattered and fell on the floor. He was doomed about what was his mistake in all this. He agrees she is angry at him but he has done everything to make her up. He wish she remember how much he loves her. Doesn’t she know how much they love each other? Dadi ji says Shorvari can’t send these papers. Parth asks if she agrees Shorvari can’t do this. He asks Dadi about some advice to make her up? He will go and speak to Shorvari. Dada ji stops Parth and asks him to calm down, maybe she doesn’t listen to him right now. Parth was sure there is something Shorvari is hiding from him and leaves. Teni thinks about informing Shorvari about everything.
In the room, Teni tells Shorvari that Parth has realized there is some other reason behind her behavior. He will now get to the core of matter. Dadi was upset that relations got so weak these days. Their children are losing their relation, and they are so helpless. Mohini says Parth and Shorvari have always done novel things at home; what’s the big deal in a divorce deed. Dadi says relations joint through love shouldn’t be broken. She must understand the emptiness that remains after relations are lost. Mohini asks who can understand it more than her. Indu asks why Mohini always speak so bitter, then. She prays for everything to get better. Mohini thinks she has no respect in this house and there Sejal is insisting on her to ask her share. She wonders how she must speak to Ramnik about it.
Parth comes to meet Shorvari who was getting mani-pedicure in the hotel room. He sends the girls away with a demand to speak to Shorvari in isolation.

PRECAP: Shorvari calls the police and tells them to take Parth. Teni informs the family that Shorvari complained in police against Parth and he was arrested.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Uff i use to hate this character shorvori from begining, how the makers make this character, she has no personality, always thought negative, and her all decisions turn to be wrong, see in case of Rishav & Jagruti, she make jagruti realise her feelings for Rishav. Every tume for her new complications arise, and she only become the victim, then parth & teni have to save the situation.
    And now Teni, she is also becoming like shorvori, i hope that she will find a way to make shorvori & parth together, how difficult may be the situation is. She also turning as dumb as shorvori.
    Till now parth has some logical character with brain, till the end i think makers will kill it also and make the story total flop.

    1. STOp blaming shorvari for every shit…i agree shor is being stupid off late but she is equally suffering..she isnt enjoying wat she is doing…and she made jagruti realise her love..she dint make jagruti fall in love with rishabh…so dont blame shorvari for this shit also..and u soeak like teni never created any mess out of herself..all the problems in bhanusali house started with teni’s entry..she only creates problems..she only finds solutions for them most of the time…teni isnt becoming like shorvari..teni is being herself..she is taking full advantage of the situation by keeping mum because of some so called promise..how is a person’a life more important then some stupid promise? Will teni agree to marry anyone just because its shorvari’s last wish? No right? Its because its parth she is acting like she is forcefully accepting…
      Shorvari is the one who is going to save jagruti from rishab..u are gonna see tat also..

  2. Teni and shorvari are so annoying

    LOL..some people now expect shorvari to have some sixth sense of whether a person is good or bad now…jagruti fell in love with tat rishabh after getting to know him..shor oly helped her in fighting for her love..how is shorvari supposed to know tat he is an a*sh*le…
    And they talk like teni mata never did any mistake at all..whatever problems they faced in bhanusali house it was all coz of teni..her entry into the house claiming to be shor’s sister..then her feud with himani tat landed her in a mess..then her time pass with aman playing with his feelings..then her torturing parth during her wedding sequence..all that is conveniently forgotten..only shor makes mistakes..teni is some angel who never makes any..she is now quiet because her wish of becoming parth’s wife is coming true because of this fool shorvari..that fool herself is making the path easy for her and teni mata acts like she is majboor…if she really loved parth she wud have told him wats bothering shorvari and why her behaviour is like this..instead she sits their mum watching him suffer..atleast tat fool shor is under the impression tat she wont live long..wat abt this idiot? Does she thibk she has chances with parth after shor dies? Both these ladies are making parth’s life a hell..hope he burns both of them alive and lives in peace

  3. Pl……s stop supporting shorvori blindy, if u want carry on, don’t force others. Every body has independent choice.
    We are already annoyed with this serial,and over here with ur comments.

    We are so annoyed with the serial, that we are not in a mood to quarell who is great shorvori or teni? We are now fed up of both of them.

    How does shorvori is not responsible? Whenever we does a work, the feedback or responsibility of that work is our only, not others. She could have judge rishav or take imformation about him. She is enouf mature, and when she is deciding about someone’s life she should be more carefull & responsible.
    As it is a serial so dumb things like this is happening,neither family nor shorvori atleast check about it.

    And i not support teni, so stop quarelling. I write a comment logically.
    And if teni suffers something, for her wrong decision, she fight for it, solve the problem, not like shorvori, waiting for others to help, and maximum time her decisions turn to be wrong in the serial, and for other many other suffers.

    1. Teni and shorvari are irritating

      U knw its the problem with makees sor why u shouting at the character? Just like how u put forth ur view i put forth mine…and yea who said people are loving this show..no one is loving it…its a pain..but still we watch it and get annoyed and pour our frustration out..the makers are anyways getting their trps…
      By the way shorvari was doing things on her own this time when the great teni mata became the jasoos an wanted to find out wat she is hiding and starting telling big dialogues abt dil se dil tak nonsense…even then shor is wrong..i am not justifying either of the ladies..all are weong in their own ways…all are flawed but in this site i oly see shorvaei being blamed and parth and teni glorified like they dony make mistakes at all..so chill..its a show..they are gonna show shit tats unrealistic unbelievable abd totally mindf**king…me or u cribbing crying abusing wont make any changes to the story or the character or anything

  4. Why i will talk to you , if you do not talk to me, actually it is in your mind not others, thats why u think so , even you do not notice someone reply my comment so i said, don’t try to act smart, your this comment proven that actually you are opposing my comment without mentioning, thats why you are constantly giving reasons against my comments without noticing anything.

    And if you are opposing my comments, so pl….s read my comments properly, i said previously “makers make the character shorvori”,makers doing wrong, i like the show, it is turning boring now, so i feel bad, i do not want to stop watching this show, so i don’t want it to be boring.

    Actually you are also so blindly support an actor, that hearing anything against the character, you begin to oppose, even you have no time to read and understand a comment.

    Listen i like this show, and i am supporter of this show not any actor, so stop publiciting any actor or its character to me. If u can logically or non-partially only speak about this serial pl….s speak, otherwise stop publiciting any particular actor to me or ill publiciting any particular actor to me.

    I am not interested in quarelling which character is great. Few people like u, intentionally make any genuine comment of the serial as a comment against or for of certain character or actor, do not do that to me .
    And people never reply back to you or oppose you , so you people always continously keep on doing such publicity.

  5. And to me if i done anything wrong, it is my responsibility to solve that problem, even without my mistakes or intentions, any problem arise, or even ot is not my problem, i should try to solve it, not complicate it.
    In this serial, previously i feel shorvori do not do so, but teni & parth do, but now in this case teni is also not doing so, only parth is trying to solve the problem.

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