Dil Se Dil Tak 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone was selecting themes for Teni’s wedding. Teni tells Gary to leave as she doesn’t want him decide for theme of her wedding. Teni selects the theme of Bajirao Mastani. Garry asks if Teni is also going to be someone’s second bride. Garry appreciates the idea. Teni says she wants to wear similar dress like Mastani and would dance with Teni. She tells Shorvari she has decided a special role for Parth as well.
Rishab and Jagruti wonders how can the books they needed be sold in a day. They watch Sejal reading the same book Rishab was looking for. Jagruti wonders how Sejal can read a book as she never does. Rishab requests to share the book with him. Sejal demands to take her to coffee, Rishab agrees and leaves with Sejal.
Later, Teni watches Shorvari cooking in the kitchen. She

thinks soon Shorvari won’t be alone to prepare foods for Parth anymore. She day dreams about Shorvari feeling thankful that Parth has two wives when she helped Shorvari in the kitchen. In the hall, Teni finds Aman who says the designer is coming to select the dress for her wedding. Teni tells him to go right now as she is busy. Teni comes to Shorvari in the kitchen and prepares Parth’s favorite vegetable. Shorvari comes after changing the dress was about to leave. Teni gives her dish for Parth then asks to join Shorvari.
Mohini comes downstairs and fells down in the hall. Indu comes to her help, and calls everyone to gather. Jalpa notices it was due to low BP. Indu hurries to get sugar salt drink for Mohini. Mohini denies taking it but Indu insists they are both here and would fight later on. Indu rubs Mohini’s palms reminding she used to do this in childhood. Mohini says in childhood they were pure by souls and leave. Indu was upset. Everyone assures that Mohini would surely get brains soon.
In the office, Parth was busy with his work. Teni takes a seat while Shorvari was also waiting beside. Teni was lost in Parth’s thoughts for a while, then says Parth shouldn’t let food wait. Shorvari pours the food to feed Parth himself. Parth shows them the presentation of some new toys their company is launching. Teni suggests him to enlarge the belly of elephant and stuff some chocolate. Teni notices Shorvari wasn’t giving Parth the vegetable she prepared for Parth and makes a bite out of it. Both Parth and Shorvari were shocked.

PRECAP: Shorvari was disturbed about Teni’s behavior towards Parth. In the room, Teni repeated the dialogue of Mastani. Shorvari thinks there is something going on in Teni’s mind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Teni what you are doing now is wrong. Why you cheating aman.Writer plz change the route. We can’t imagine the marriage of parth and teni.I want to tell the truth that when the character of aman introduced to this serial, i love the serial.I feel that aman and teni was perfect Jodi than parth and shorvari. Please aman teni ki shadi karvado. Parth, thum apni shorvari ki alava kisi or ko math shadi karo.

  2. Teni y don’t u f**k urself somewhere else..shorvary and parth blindly trusting u n wat u giving dem in return is betrayal…go find a man of ur own…thank God shorvary cud sense it that ur intentions aren’t right…all u need is now is one tight slap on ur f**king face from shorvary

  3. Are u kidding me! ??All was going on well! Now why mastani drama! Also teni getting housebreaking thoughts.. God!! Parth and shorvoru are lovely and happy.. Simply all these drama?

  4. I don’t no wat srsly happened to teni. She is not d one we used to c at d beginning of d show. N in yesterday’s epi how could teni say that if aman cums in between parth can set him ryt… Lyk wat. she herself stoped him from going to US for her selfish motives giving him sum hope that teni will luv him n now she is again being selfish… Wow….. I really feel bad for Aman… Spoiled d whole story… D trp were high wen Aman came in show n everyone liked Teman. But now d trp is too low compared to dat… (Sick)

  5. Angelk1

    I like the show, but i dont like this new twist. I prefer it better when tení wasnt taking direct action towards her feeling. I still ship par ni, but i wanted it as a natural type of fe el. Not forcé like amans or this mas ti situation. They could have let her keep her feelings private an see the truth quietly instead of this.

    I dont want her to fe el embarrassed or get kicked out durring the wedding because of her idea. Parni is perfect, but not like this. TErrible eps today

    1. I agree with you.
      I never wanted her to act on her feelings. let things go naturally.
      I don’t understand what they are doing with Teni’s character.
      She was not like this in the beginning, and I seriously don’t like that Mastani thing going on in her mind.

  6. after the entry of aman, teni aman scenes was awesome. but he has not that much energy now always say stupidity. if he will be right then teni really falls with him.

  7. Oh God her mastani Shit is really annoying

  8. I so miss teni aman scenes yaa…miss der not-jhok…miss u both..AmNi chemistry is best thing to watch on DSDT

  9. Everytime aman comes to teni she is ignoring him as always saying that she dont want romance before wedding. Poor Aman trusting her blindly. He gave his moms ring to Teni That much he trusts her What is this teni doing ?writers turing this a worst show of 2017

    1. News is in the air that the show going off air in 2months though it started of well but now things are not good btwn the actors on set..actors are not punctual and they throw hell lot of tantrums..they really giving tough time to makers

      Makers if this the case we really don’t wan u to suffer…have a replacement if any difficulty…we will still watch the show if shown surrogacy with decency and proper pairing too

  10. Yes its going off air soon. Seems like theres issues even with the writers. True if they show surrogacy in a positive way then everyone will watch. I really loved this serial at the begining but now its totally crap. Everything ruined when teni started falling for Parth.

    And still its not 20 days for Aman teni wedding ??

    1. I remember it’s still not 20days ???

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