Dil Se Dil Tak 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Shorvari returns home

Dil Se Dil Tak 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Parth and Teni return home. The family ask how they returned earlier from honeymoon. Shorvari enters the house from behind. Everyone was shocked to see her. Shorvari joins her hands in apology and hugs Dadi with tear filled eyes. Everyone blesses her but in a state of shock. Dadi asks Shorvari where she had been all along. Parth says they must all have a lot of questions regarding Shorvari. Dadi tells Shorvari to first take some rest for a while, it’s enough for them that Shorvari is back safe. Teni takes Shorvari to the room. Parth tells the family about Shorvari’s brain tumor, and her planned accident. They found Shorvari after much struggle.
In the room, Shorvari looks around to find Parth and Teni’s wedding photo frames. She turns to leave the room but Teni stops her and says feelings never change with photos. Shorvari says Teni has a right over this room and Parth; she gave this right willingly to Teni. Teni insists that this is all pointless now. Shorvari will always have the right over Parth, as he is only hers. Shorvari kiss the back of Teni’s hand. She says when she lived in the room with Parth she disliked when Teni used to interfere. How can she take her place then and decides to live in the room Teni once lived.
Parth goes upstairs. Mohini says everyone must also be thinking what she is. Parth has brought two wives into the house, she wonders who will stay and whom won’t?
Shorvari walked across the corridor lost in some thoughts when Parth comes from the other side. He asks where she is going. She replies in Teni’s room. She says their dreams are in their hands, but fate isn’t; she walks away into Teni’s room.
In the room, Teni was upset as she thinks about her wedding with Parth. Shorvari was saddened in her room. Parth stood in the corridor, thinking about the good times he spent with Shorvari. Teni wonders why her heart is happy and sad at the same time, though she must be happy that Shorvari has back. Parth now thinks about Teni.

PRECAP: Teni hears Mohini and Indu speak. Mohini says Shorvari is the first wife of Parth, and second wife has no place when the first one is alive. Teni’s mangal sooter breaks in the room. Later, Parth comes downstairs looking for Teni who was nowhere in the room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pervert parth is…..like seriously after having s*x he is into teni waoooo this is u r teaching to Indian society like surrogate r so important they can take ur wife place wat the crap

    1. Karine Zakaryan Armeniya

      It’s shit and at the same time it’s crazy. Gospodi have mercy, these people need to be urgently sent for treatment to a psychiatrist. How can you create a current of idiocy. Now I’m already starting to get angry with our Rashi, she should not come back.

  2. Angelk1

    Awe bot girls are so nice. I’m glad no one is negative on this show. I think the girls need to come up with a solution so no one will get hurt. Parth feels he needs to evaluate, but if both girls come with mutual understanding and solution than it will be easier for parth. Teni left that’s not good, I hope nothing bad happens.

    All three can’t live without each other. Teni and shovori are good people. Shovori wants teni to have her rights as parth wife and teni wants the same for shovori, even though she just consume with parth not long ago.

    But I wonder if shovori still has brain tumor after that accident. Is it cured and how?

  3. Firstl after the treatment of brain tumour people become blad but shorvari has so long hair ha..ha.. but if now parth don’t understand teni sacrifice misunderstand her than he is most foolish character she deserves foolish person like shorvari not true soul teni ..but I like teni parth couple because of their cute no ke jhok new parth shorvari couple very boring hope they don’t separate teni parth

    1. Very true ekta . I feel also same. Teni has always sacrifice every thing for parth and shorvari but in return always get pain and distrust which is wrong why always she has to suffer just because she is poor or she was surrogate. parth never trust Teni even in case of shorvari accident he should trust Teni. I just read spoiler of Dil se dil tak.

    2. Yea…its the same like how teni’s baby bump wasnt seen till 7th month and hiw she started jumping around immediately after her delivery..tat too after a caesarean ?? i have seen people who are brain tumour survivors and they dont go bald necessarily…she isny having cancer and was undergoing chemo for ur kind info
      Actually…parth deserves a gold digger like teni and not shorvari…it was shorvari’s sacrifice that teni and parth found each other..and she had gracefully walked out after knowing the two are married…but parth the moment he saw teni semi naked lost his conscience and thanks to teni for this..wat she cudnt achieve with words..she achieved with her saree pallu..made him fall for her by exposing and he forgot his wife shorvari tat time…even now shorvari isnt interfering in their life..she exited her bedroom inspite of being the legal wife….has teni ever had such manners before? So yeap..one shameless deserves another shameless…shorvari is the pure soul and not teni…if she was she wud never have crossed her limots with parth when shorvari was alive and lusted on him imagining threesome….I sincerely hope shorvari gets her daughter and leaves parth to f**k his surrogate nonstop and produce 1000 babies

  4. Karine Zakaryan Armeniya

    My God, how glad I am of Sid to get out of this shit, I stopped looking at this dung after he left Sid, only read the updates, and now I will not read. When the series began I informed all my acquaintances and we began to look only for Rashi and Siddharth but now we will not watch. I live in Armenia and we know the talented actors like Rashmi and Sidhart well and looked at it, but now it’s the end. I want to assure that the circle of spectators was very big but now fell sharply.GUD BAI dil se dil tak………………………….

    1. It’s ok!We don’t expect that hollywood will make tv programs and movies thinking about our taste,do we?Similarly, this is mainly an indian show….and trp proves that this show still has decent number of audience.So if it doesn’t go with your taste,you can stop watching…

  5. Party n teni should be together

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