Dil Se Dil Tak 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shorvari leaves Parth

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Shorvari turns to leave Parth. He stood helpless when a nurse comes to get his signatures over some papers. Shorvari was walking out of the hospital, Parth hurries behind her. Shorvari cries for being hurting him in return of all his love. She hopes his life ahead will be filled with happiness only. Parth wonders why he feels a distance from Shorvari, he senses as if he has lost her. A nurse comes to call Parth as Teni has denied any treatment.
Parth wonders how Shorvari can turn so selfish. He gets a call from Indu who inquires about Teni and Shorvari’s anger. Parth wonders if Shorvari didn’t return home. Dadi asks about Teni? Parth says Teni got pains so is being treated, they were all worried but Parth forbids them to come to hospital. Dadi tells him to call if he needs anything. Indu

was concerned and asks why Baa stopped them? Dadi says there must be some reason Parth had forbidden them to come. Parth wonders what is Shorvari up to, how couldn’t he know this face of hers. He was worried where Shorvari must have gone if not home. Dadi tries to convince Indu they can’t ruin the situation for Parth. Sejal calms them down and goes to prepare some snacks for them all. Mohini wonders what happened to her. Sejal takes Mohini along her. In the kitchen, Mohini asks Sejal what happened to her. Sejal tells Mohini she isn’t stupid like her, and asks when will Mohini speak to Ramnik? Mohini assures she will soon talk to him. Sejal curtly says there is always some tension in the house, she is fed up of all this. Mohini calms her down and assures to talk about it soon. Sejal goes to speak to Rishab on phone, she asks Rishab’s help in finding a house in London. Mohini was getting cold sweats thinking about Bhanushali property share.
In the temple, Indu prays for Shorvari and Parth’s relation. Mohini was happy to see Indu suffer for her children.
Parth comes to the room. Teni denied taking any treatment. Parth assures everything would be fine. Teni thinks she always dreamed of being with him, but not after so much sufferings in Parth and Shorvari’s relation. She asks Parth where Shorvari is. Parth was speechless, then says Shorvari left because he slapped her. Teni was tensed and asks him to call Shorvari. Parth tells her to relax and get her treatment.
In the corridor, Parth was thinking about what Shorvari had done in the hospital. He tried Shorvari’s cell number. The doctor comes to inform him that Teni and her child are both out of danger. Parth goes to meet her. Teni asks about Shorvari. Parth was lost, he stammers while saying she didn’t pick up the call and even didn’t reach home. Teni asks him to try again and inform she and baby are fine.
Shorvari let her phone ring as she was sitting in a room. There, Parth cries that he hurt Shorvari. She is angry as he slapped her. Teni feels helpless not being able to share anything with him. She tells Parth Shorvari was wrong. Parth says it is all his mistake, he should have understood. Shorvari can’t do this, there is surely something which provoked Shorvari take such step. He must find out what Shorvari is hiding from him, and wonders why he didn’t investigate earlier about it. He decides to find out why Shorvari was tensed; she was bearing some burden that suffocated her. He asks Teni why she wore the dress that belonged to Shorvari, it wa in their room. Teni says the dress Shorvari brought for her was torn, she went to their room and found the dress there. She thought Shorvari must have gone downstairs and wore that dress. She apologizes for doing so. Parth says it’s all his mistake, not Teni’s. Teni was sure Shorvari would agree and return to him, they love each other dearly.
Parth records a video message for Shorvari, reminding their promise to be with each other forever. They knew there would be times in life where they will think they can’t live together anymore, but they won’t leave each other in such times. How can she leave him now, he needs her and will fell lonely without her. He might die if she leaves him. He regrets for whatever happened today, he accepts his mistake. He was sure there is something else and will find the root cause of her behaviors. Shorvari sat on a couch in a room, doomed.

PRECAP: A lawyer brings divorce papers from Shorvari. Parth was shocked to see them. Parth comes to meet Shorvari but she tells him to leave before she calls police, there is nothing left between their relations.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The show is becoming so predictable now.
    Shorvari will force Teni to marry Parth and then she will go away for a while.
    Then some miracle treatment will cure this last stage brain tumor and Shorvari will be in perfect health once more.
    She will want back her husband and child but by this time Teni will be so in love with Parth that she will not want to give him up .
    Or either after the marriage there will be a leap
    The child will be a couple years old and Shorvari will return cured from some country.
    She will want her husband and child
    But Teni will already be happily settled with the Bhanushalis

    1. If this will be the story i will not watch it.. I want parth and shorvari back.. And their dilchasp rishta eith teni.. Teni could b in their life as she is now and can be like a second mother to their child but as parth’s wife.. No ways

  2. Sarvari is dumb.

    1. Learn to spell her name correctly first, then you can comment. Its Shorvori!

      1. Sm is teni’s fan so she is pronouncing shorvori as sarvari as teni ??

  3. The director is really stretching the story for no reason n the serial is getting boring these days it’s time to break the ice,parth n his family shud come to know about shorvari health issue’s n in fact the serial makers shud show that parth n his family are standing with shorvari during this time rather then showing this nuisance of divorce, why can’t they show good bonding between husband n wife rather then showing all disputes n it gets dragged upto divorce

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