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Teni thinks about Parth and Shorvari and was lost in thoughts about Bajirao. She thinks that Pandit in the Aashram was right, this is her fate and is happening to her this way only. God made her sit in the Pooja with Parth. She only wants to live happily with Parth and Shorvari and share Parth like the sisters share eatables. She makes a triangle with lipstick. She thinks Shorvari herself agreed to love the one Parth fell in love with. She cheers that now she will openly love Parth. Teni wonders how this all will take place. Aman comes to Teni’s room and says their wedding planner is coming tomorrow and they must select the theme for their wedding functions. Aman leaves. Teni thinks Aman will soon get to know she will not marry him, but the love of her life.
Shorvari comes to Parth. He judge

she wanted to speak about Bajirao Mastani. Shorvari says she can never bear to be Kaashi Bai, and anyone else in his life. Parth assures no one can take her place in his life.
Bharat Kumar comes to the room tensed, Jalpa asks what happened. Bharat says Jignesh got to know his wife plays poker and is indebted of ten hundred thousand. Jalpa thinks she has also hidden from Bharat that Teni isn’t Shorvari’s sister but a surrogate of their child.
Jagruti was coming inside speaking to her friend on phone. She hits Rishab on the way, he asks about a book and asks to join her to book store as he is new in the city. Jagruti apologizes as she has something to do. Shorvari stops Jagruti on the way and asks why she denied going with Rishab as she is always excited to go to book stores. Jagruti shares she was nervous and conscious about her looks. Shorvari tells Jagruti that beauty comes with thinking to be beautiful and sends her with Rishab.
Teni comes downstairs where Aman was preparing for wedding. Bharat comes to the hall and narrates them a story; when a girl denies marriage right before their wedding. The boy was enraged and murders the girl. Teni asks how this is possible, love is never thoughtful and happens with anyone. Bharat tells them not to worry about it now and leaves. Teni asks Aman what he would do if he gets in such a condition. Aman stands up and seriously says he might also do something that Bharat said. He then laughs and asks why Teni is in shock. He asks what Teni was about to tell him. Teni changes the topic saying his body is fit already and doesn’t need any workout for wedding.
Outside, Rishab tells Sejal about the book. Sejal says if he makes friends like her he himself would understand the life. Sejal says the book store is already quite inside the city, she can accompany him there. Rishab gets a call from Jagruti who says she is coming to accompany him as she also had to buy some books. Rishab apologizes Sejal and leaves with Jagruti.
In the room, Teni was worried about what to do now. She watches her shadow in the mirror and says she must first get to know if Parth and Shorvari are ready to opt her. Then if even Aman comes in between, Parth would handle him. She comes to Parth and Shorvari’s door and thinks about herself helping Parth get ready with Shorvari; afterwards Shorvari hugged Teni. They hear Parth’s phone ring, Teni holds the phone for Parth. Shorvari thanks Teni. Teni thinks Shorvari feels much difficulty in taking care of Parth alone, if she is with him they will handle this easily. Parth asks them to wish him best. Shorvari tells Parth he is an important part of their lives. Teni thinks this means Shorvari has no problem with what she is thinking about.

PRECAP: Teni tells the wedding planner about Bajirao Mastani theme, the planner inquires if she also wants to be a second wife to anyone?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. teni finished

    Teni seems to be insane, and then it will be very embarrassing and injured. She will be the same as she said, leaving and will not take away anything, or even a penny

  2. I hate this Mastani thing going on, and I hate more the fact that they are making Teni look stupid.
    Teni is a practical girl and what they are showing of her is just pure embarrassment.
    I hope she gets to know one way or another that Parth and Shorvori only love each other.

    Even though I love Parth and Teni, but not like this. Don’t ruin any character.

    1. Angelk1

      Even i agree, unless the feeling was mutual i dont want it to be like this especially with her thinking like that.

  3. Teni shud go f**k herself somewhere else…f**king b*t*h insane she..filthy shitty woman

  4. Episode – 113
    10:00 PM – 10:30 PM, 05 Jul Set Alert
    More show timings
    When the wedding planner arrives, Teni chooses Bajirao Mastani as the theme of the wedding and Shorvori finds this odd. Later, when Teni steps forward to feed a morsel to Parth, Shorvori is shocked.
    Episode – 114
    10:00 PM – 10:30 PM, 06 Jul Set Alert
    More show timings
    Shorvori cannot get the other day’s incident out of her mind. Teni plans to tell Aman about her feeling but fails. Later, Teni fantasises about Parth and Sejal asks her for advice on love.
    Episode – 115
    10:00 PM – 10:30 PM, 07 Jul Set Alert
    More show timings
    Jalpa tells Parth and Shorvori that Teni will be going to the US soon as she is in the fourth month of her pregnancy. Jagruti and Rishab go out on a date and Sejal does her best to sabotage it.

  5. Renu Thanks for the update. This Bajirao Mastanis getting insane.. So hopefully there is a Love Trio ?? waaah writers hatsoff for ruining the good story

    So Teni will reject Aman? i feel sorry for him. When parth and shorvori get to know about Tenis intentions Surely parth should reject her atleast then she will understand Aman who truly loves her.

    She forgot the promise she made to parth. that she will leave once she gives the baby ?

  6. this was one of my fav shows, but now not even interested to watch with current track…dont spoil teni’s character. it was very good previously with innocence, smart, easy going, and practical as well…

  7. Hi , guys ! Iam one of the silent reader of DSDT. It is a serial. so we dont have to be angry with Teni’s character at all . Sometimes i laugh while reading written updates comment .

    1. Hey if you were a silent reader then why Comment? teni is the worst character of the year.
      blo*dy cheap streetgirl she is , lusty woman, thinking of becoming wife to parth and do all sorts of things with him ,in the beginning she was behaving properly but now shitty as hell
      And we know it’s a show but hey! don’t we a opinion? f**k you dsdt

  8. Ohhh God!!!…knock some sense in teni’s non-existent​ brain!,day by day her character is going in a pit of shit.And on top of that colours is busy posting stupid promos. Now please Change his SHITTY TRACK even the news websites are also calling it a worst of the year, yaa and it’s not false.
    I thought this show be a Good show which could spread the positives of a surrogate and break the sterotypes but no, a love traingle is a must????????Teni has grown to be the worst character among all in dsdt. She is simply enjoying with 2 men! Stupid storyline. Why on Earth Jasmin chose this blo*dy show! She definitely would be knowing that everyone is bashing the character played by her.

  9. Reena jain Reena

    i even dont like d character of teni i really like the love of shorvari nd parth feel made for each other as well

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