Dil Se Dil Tak 4th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth and Teni drunk together

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Parth and Teni dance on the stage, and wins the trophy. Everyone has refreshment later on. Chutkan watches Parth and Teni speak to each other and thinks both are aware of their love for each other. He goes to mix some alcohol in their glass of water. Parth sense some taste in it, but Teni doesn’t accept. Chutkan gets a few more glasses. Everyone from the chawl had left while Teni and Parth were badly drunk now. Parth asks if she is happy, as he won her the trophy. Teni shouts that she wants to dance some more and comes to swirl around. Her foot twists, Parth attempts to save her and both fell over the floor. Teni over Parth. Teni now sits up and calls the DJ to play some music, they want to dance more. Chutkan says everyone has left, Teni also heads to leave with Parth. Later, Parth and Teni lay

over the car singing. Parth laughs aloud at the bad singing. Teni minds about it, Parth boasts about winning her the trophy. Teni asks if he will always remind her about it. Teni tells Parth honestly, she never thought about getting someone who would understand her. She got him, Shorvari, his family and learnt to live for others. She began to live in her dream palace. A misunderstanding blew the palace away. Parth asks why she is discussing the past now. Teni says she doesn’t want to lose her friend anymore. They promise to never lie to each other, nor hide anything from each other. She makes him swear they won’t lie to each other at any cost. Parth makes the promises. He tries to focus on his watch, then turns to leave. Parth calls him selfish that he is leaving her alone. He helps her down the bonnet. Teni insists on Parth to let her drive and runs with the keys. Parth gets into the car. Teni sits in front of it. Parth also comes in front of the car; they fell over each other again. An inspector comes to them. Parth and Teni call them as friends, enjoying together. The inspector wasn’t ready to accept. He has caught them in public place. Teni calls Public around; both laugh. The inspector tells them to accept being a couple, and won’t repeat any such act. Parth and Teni were determined not to lie today at any cost. A reporter passing by on his bike recognizes Parth Bhanushali, the famous businessman. He takes a photo of Parth and leaves.
In the jail, Teni continue to ask inspector for a blanket as its really cold. Parth sit on the floor to sleep with the jail bars. Teni goes to sit back to back with him.
Baa brings tea for dada ji. He compliments the taste of her tea. They notice Indu calling someone out of worry. She tells him Parth didn’t return since last night, and even his phone is powered off. Dada ji says he went to party with his friends, and was shocked to open the newspaper. There was a photo of Parth and Teni, caught drunk together. He laughs in appreciation, and shows the news to ladies.
There, in the lockup Teni wakes up. Parth was sleeping with his head over her shoulder. Both wake up worried how they reached here. Teni shouts as she needs to get out of here, else her visa interview would be missed. She wakes the constable. The constable says they must apologize and accept they are husband and wife. Parth wasn’t ready as she made him not to lie. If she wish so, she must lie herself and break her promise.

PRECAP: Parth tells Teni that may be she dislikes it, but he doesn’t wish her to go to America. He wish she always live with him and proposes her to marriage

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The woman who enters into bhanushali mansion isn’t the shorvori. Who enters there with parth plan to expose teni. But she Will eventually fall for parth and over crosses Parthenon’s plan.

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