Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shorvari executes plan to leave Parth

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Shorvari says the family has decided to trap her. She shouts at Parth to cut the call, if Teni has pain she will go to doctor with her; as the child belongs to her as well. She drags Teni outside. Parth stops the family back, sure Teni would take care of her.
Teni leaves the car and sits in parking. Shorvari comes behind her. Teni says family is their strength, then why is Shorvari turning her family to hate her. Shorvari says she has been unlucky, she understands this was all wrong but she was helpless. This was the best way she has. She asks Teni to fill her vacated place with love. She cries holding her mangal sooter that she promised to be with Parth forever, it’s important that this promise is broken first. Teni agrees to be with her; but this crack between her and her family will never

fill up. Shorvari was sure when the child is born Parth will marry Teni.
At home, Indu was upset that it’s hard to make Shorvari understand. It seems she has lost, if she can’t see something else in front of her jealousy. She asks Parth to call Shorvari and know where she took Teni. Dadi convince Parth that a person makes wrong decisions in anger. Parth calls Shorvari and asks where she took Teni? Shorvari replies, City hospital. Shorvari hugs Teni. Parth reaches hospital and finds doctor telling Shorvari that patient needs heavy dose of medicine for pain relief. Heavy medicine might affect the child, but if medicine isn’t given properly excessive pain may result in patient getting into coma. Shorvari tells the doctor not to give any medicine and save the child. The doctor hands her a form to sign. Shorvari signals the doctor to leave. Parth comes to Shorvari and says this girl is going to get them a life, doesn’t she care about her? He tries to snatch the form; then slaps Shorvari hard on face. Parth says his family is right, Shorvari has lost her mind. Teni goes to tell Parth about all the truth, then remembers her promise. Shorvari stood there, stunned. The doctor comes to ask about their consent. Parth tells the doctor to save the girl, he is the father of child she bears. He takes the responsibility of child. Shorvari signals him to go. The doctor sends him to go and sign another form at reception. Shorvari thanks the doctor for being with her in the lie. The doctor says they are friends, and it’s not easy what Shorvari is doing for everyone’s good will.
At home, Indu was worried as Parth didn’t attend the call. Dadi tells her to wait for a while; right now Shorvari doesn’t trust them and Parth will take care of everything.
Shorvari comes to Teni and wipes her tears. She now speaks to the baby that Shorvari loves him a lot, and Teni Maa will take care of his father a lot. His grandparents will also teach him the best lessons of life; Teni will only teach him mischievousness. Both cry hugging each other. Shorvari cries that she is about to leave the love she holds dear to life. Teni doesn’t let Shorvari go and cry. Parth was coming through the corridor. Teni asks Shorvari to promise she won’t leave her and Parth; they won’t be able to live without her. The doctor stops Parth from entering the room, as he can’t get into ICU. Shorvari insists on Teni to win the moment, she asks for Teni’s promise to never leave Parth. Teni cries that she can’t let Teni leave her. Shorvari bids good bye to Teni, she must leave to never return. She kisses Teni’s forehead and leave. Teni cry in the bed in ICU.
Parth watches Shorvari in the corridor. Shorvari says finally the truth was revealed. He has proven Teni came between them. Parth tries to convince there is only love between them, he cares for Teni only because she bears their child. Teni has done a lot for them, then how can they think of their child only. Shorvari complains Parth held a hand over her just because of Teni. Parth makes her sit and apologize for slapping her. He says he couldn’t think because of Teni’s condition and her stubbornness. He holds her hand and says he understands what’s Shorvari is going through, but she needs to think calmly how wrong she is. Shorvari stands up at once and says she realizes what Parth is doing, he isn’t the man she loved. He slapped her for the sake of a third grade dancer, she has no space in her heart for this changed Parth. She insists he has started to love Teni and may he live happy with Teni and his child now.

PRECAP: Parth continue stop Shorvari. Shorvari thinks she won’t be able to leave if she stops right now. In the ICU, Teni tells Parth that Shorvari did wrong. Parth says there is something Shorvari is hiding from him, he must get to its roots.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wah…..wah!!! Do Kodi ka ghatiya show… Pagal bana rahe hain public ko. Chutiya Kahin ke.
    sl*t teni. Ab toh bahut kush hogi,shorvori ko mar rahi Hai. Kamini kahin ki, Parth ko sab baatein​ bata ti thi….Jab shorvori ki bimaari ki baat ayi toh nahi bataya. Mana ki shorvori ne khud Mana Kiya tha lekin itni sharam nahi iss nali ke kede ko.
    Aur Parth.Kabhi usne teni ko toh thappad nahi maara,jab woh badtameeziyaan Kar rahi thi. Shorvori ko maar Diya. Chutiya Kahin ka.
    Bacche ke liye kitna natak ho raha Hai.
    Bacche na bacche ka sar!
    Teni ko mar hi Jaana chaiye.
    Kuttiyan Kahin ki.

  2. It was known, parth will never hate shorvori or misunderstood her, he will realise there is something wrong, & that slowly happens, why shorvori or makers make this nonesense drama? It is never possible, that truth like brain tumour or death will be hidden for life time.
    Teni always come in word of shorvori, and does wrong to herself.
    Lastly parth will save shorvori, then this shameless shorvori, what will she do? How she will stand in fornt of teni?
    She only handed her husband her “love” to anyone else, and then want that back shamelessly.
    I hope in place of teni, there is sejal, then shorvori will learn a good leason. As teni never does anything wrong, she always forgot teni is a human being.
    And love , marriage is not a game, that as you are going to die you can forcefully make your “love” to love anyone else? Or make him hate you? Misunderstood you? Is it a game going on? She till ns not know, what is love? Or how much parth loves her, eitherwise we viewers could understand parth will find the truth and save her, she couldnot?
    Makers are great ????

  3. Truely, what type of nonsense is this? Is shorvori find love, life as a game or what? One day, she is saying sleep with my husband, one day she is saying marry my husband, one day she is saying love my husband take my place? What the hell is going on? As your husband loves u so much, thats why u can do anything u want? Atleast respect your husband’s feelings. And teni as she never does anything wrong or took wrong advantage of these so shorvori take her, take her life as granted?

    Saying “sake of baby”, what shorvori does to parth and teni, is wrong, parth never “for sake of baby”, does anything wrong to shorvori, as she is doing, parth does each & every thing for shorvori, as she says or wants, even he respected all time his marriage and relation, shorvori for “sake of baby”, can give her husband to anyone else and then take it back..

    Today also, “she” is thinking, as teni is “surrogate” mother of their baby, “parth will love teni, after her death, after baby born will marry teni”!!!!..
    Parth never thinks like this, or even imagine.

    Shorvori found everything as a game na, love of parth , life of teni, i want parth falls for teni, they live together happily, then shorvori, comes to know that, she will not die, she will live , then i want to see, what she does? She is giving so big big lectures na? She thinks everything will go as per her choice na? I want something different happen this time, then i want to see what does she do?

    1. Don’t know what exactly your problem is. If you knew that u would die and leave your husband and family who adores you and who you love in return what would you do? It’s a DRAMA it’s suppose to be DRAMATIC. Shorvori trust teni and she doesn’t want her family to suffer so she’s making sure there is someone to take care of them. No wrong done there.
      What about holy teni who up to this point have not told shorvori that she’s in love with her husband for a very long long time. Shorvori is making her intentions clear and she honest but yet teni is keeping this big sercret. Teni might be in tears now but at one point she shorvori out so she and parth can be together

      1. Ya same as u, as u always want the character “teni” to die, and this serial be the story of ony “pari”, as it is your “favourite”, teni is not cheap as u,so she will not want anyone’s death.

        If u forcefully want to prove some character bad, or for that character, the whole serial, makers to be bad, as “you want some different story or leads”, IT IS YOUR PROBLEM.




  5. It has been the bestest show.
    Having such a beautiful , lovely and dilchusp story also it is having a lot of suspense in it
    All those who hate this show and specially who abuse it must remain in their limits.
    Actually they are nonsense
    It’s a serial and a serial means drama or a story only
    And too TENI is the best character of Dil se dil tak A sweet, awesome,bubbly, kind and a happy girl who has solution for each and every problem
    It was all I want to say That’s it

  6. Shovori didn’t new to do all this drama for the sake of parth and family happiness. With her doing this and she dies , parth will end up depress. Knowing he could have gave her all the happiness on her last few days. Telling the truth and letting parth go through the journey with her will make him find peace and move on at the end.

    This isnt the best method at all. Hopefully no one blames teni for this mess. But when will teni give birth, I want to see the baby.

  7. colleen hosein


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