Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Parth comes in lounge and sees Dada and Baa sitting there. Aman comes there too, they both greet each other. Parth says i am going to office and Shorvori cant come there but you are here and Teni can come to you, be safe. Aman shows him his picture which Teni kissed, he says your sister in law came in my room and did this, please help me, my honor is in danger infront of dada, Parth says i cant help you in this case. Parth greets Dada and starts to leave, Aman says i havent seen office for many years, i will come with you, Parth says you should rest here, Parth thinks that i kept telling him to not mess with me now he understands, Aman says i will be bored at home so lets go to office, they turn to leave but Shorvori and Teni comes there. Shorvori says to Indu that i asked Parth to take

off today and do pooja with us but he is not listening to me, Indu says Parth if you dont go to office one day then it wont be big deal, stay at home, Aman thinks he was putting me in danger, now he is too, Parth says i have meeting that is important, Aman says its modern day so you can do conference call and hold meeting on video call, we should spend time with family today, Parth thinks why he is putting me in this situation? Teni brings tea to Aman and sweetly asks him if he wants to drink tea? she pouts her lips at him, Aman gets scared that she might kiss him, he says i dont drink tea, he runs away, Parth snickers, Shorvori clears her throat and pouts at him, he runs away.
Parth and Aman comes to mandir in house, all family members are there for pooja, Parth thinks now only God can save us. Teni sits beside Aman, Shorvori sits beside Parth, Parth covers his cheeks, Shorvori snickers. Chumma Chumma plays. Shorvori says to Parth that girls are shy, men dont look good shy, give it to me, he says will you wear shyness? Teni says to Aman that you act like flirty guy why you are silent today? Aman says i beg to leave me alone. Teni brings out his photo from his pocket and says did you not show it to Dada? he gets scared. Shorvori gives flying kiss to Parth, he gulps, Indu asks Shorvori to bring parsad from kitchen, Shorvori asks Parth to come too, Parth says you go alone, Baa says if she is asking you to go then go with her, he nods and goes.
Shorvori brings Parth in kitchen and pulls him closer, he says anyone can see, Shorvori says i want everyone to see, you are not scared of anyone then what happened today? Parth says there should be balance in life, if one person is going insane then other should balance, Shorvori leans in to him and is about to kiss him but Indu comes there and clears her throat, Shorvori moves away, she goes away parsad, Parth is embarrassed, Indu laughs.
Pooja ends, Dada asks Pundit to bless Aman and Teni that they dont get separated again, i was thinking to make them get married before new year, Pundit blesses Teni and Aman, Aman runs away from there, Parth laughs, Shorvori pouts at him, he runs away too.

Aman comes in kitchen and sees Mohini there, he thinks that thank God that lizard Teni is not here, i am scared of her now. Mohini asks if he wants anything? Aman says i am hungry, Mohini says i will bring something for you to eat, he nods. Indu is making salad there. Mohini gives food plate to Aman, he says you are sweet, thank you. He turns to leave but Teni comes there and evilly looks at him, Aman puts food tray on counter and goes to fridge, he puts face inside fridge, Mohini asks if he is trying to enter in fridge? Aman says i am searching cucumber, Teni asks Mohini if i can help? Mohini asks her to cut veggies, Aman tries to go with cucumber but Teni asks if he doesnt want her to cut it? Aman says i eat it like this only, Teni says you care for your health, you should eat carrot too, it has vitamins too, Aman says cucumber is enough, Teni says i will cut carrot for you, she pouts at him, Aman gets scared, Teni asks Aman if he know how to kiss.. i mean cut carrot? he gulps and says no, Teni says then start learning here, you come here daily in kitchen and learn to cut, cook and kiss.. Indu says Teni is right, if you learn to cook then you will be able to help your future wife too, Aman says later, Teni says start learning from today, she gives him cauliflower and asks him to cut it, he starts cutting it, Indu asks him to be careful, Teni winks at him and starts coming closer, he leans in and pouts as if she is going to kiss, he close his eyes and is afraid but Teni moves away. Mohini and Indu leaves. Aman grabs Teni’s hand and asks why she didnt fulfill her challenge? i am here and you can kiss me now, Teni says i will leave my mark on your cheek but infront of everyone, not alone like this, you just worry about your defeat, not about my victory, she leaves, Aman looks on.

Scene 2
Aman comes in lounge, he looks around and have sigh of relief, he says i showed her horror movie and she has made my life horror movie. Aman comes in lounge, Indu and Baa are there. Teni stops Aman and says thank God you came out of your room, i was waiting to kiss you, he says here? how? Teni says i challenged you to kiss you infront of everyone, all know we are trying to make our relation again so everyone will be happy, Aman says i am begging you to leave me, Teni says why are you shy now? Teni pins him to wall, Teni says I am going to kiss you right now infront of everyone, Aman close his eyes being scared, Teni leans in to kiss him but slaps him in the end, he is stunned and asks what? Teni says i told that i will leave mark on your cheek and see I have done that, i told you to not mess with Teni and now you have learnt your lesson so dont do that again, she huffs and leaves. Aman brings out his mobile and sees slap mark on his face in camera.

Parth is trying to leave house but Shorvori grabs him in lounge, Shorvori says you are running away like i am someone else’s wife and trying to kiss you, he sees Baa and Indu sitting there and says please let me go, anyone can see, Shorvori says they would think that how romantic your wife is, Parth says yes you are most romantic but let me go, Shorvori says then come closer, Shorvori pushes him to pillar and leans in to kiss him, she kisses him on cheek but Baa and Indu comes there, they gasp seeing them, Shorvori runs away from there. Aman comes there, Indu sees red mark on his face and says lipstick mark on your face? he looks down. Baa grabs Parth’s ear and says what is this? you know she is pregnant so you should have patience, Parth says see Aman’s cheek too, Baa says he is young and bachelor but you should be careful, she twists his ear and leaves. Shorvori and Teni sees all this and giggles.

Aman is in his room, he sees his red cheek and says thank God she only slapped me with two finger not with whole hand. Teni comes there and says now you must know who Teni really is. Aman asks what you want? Teni says i dont want anything, i did what i said, now you go to Dada and say you have no interest in me and leave from here, he smiles at her, Teni says i am serious, i have big responsibility that i have to fulfill for this family and I dont any problem to come in that way because of our fight.

PRECAP- Teni makes Aman drink wine after wine. Parth is watching them on mobile, Shorvori sees it and asks how is he watching Aman and Teni live? Parth says I have hidden spy camera in Teni’s bag so I can see what they are doing. Aman gets drunk and totally wasted, Teni brings him out of bar and tries to take him home but some drunk goons come there. Shorvori sees this on Parth’s mobile and says whats wrong with you Parth? that place is not safe for Teni, she is pregnant with our baby. They see Teni beating drunk goons with iron stick and hurling curses at them, goons runaway from Teni,
Teni yells that if you are seen again then i will break your legs, Aman looks on in shocked state.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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