Dil Se Dil Tak 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Remaining Update: Mahasangam Swabhimaan and Dil Se Dil Tak (10 – 10.30 pm update)

The three couples, Parth-Shorvari, Aman-Teni and Meghna-Kunal were enjoying the party. Shorvari nominates Parth for singing a song, Parth takes Shorvari to dance with him.

The man had arrived in waiter’s disguise and mixed poisonous tablets in Meghna’s glass.

Meghna was the next to go and sing. Kunaal had taken his glass but Meghna calls him towards the stage while she performs. There, Teni takes a tissue paper and the glass fell off her dress. She comes out to wash the dress and hears the man speak on phone about killing Kunal and Meghna surely today.

Sandhya was worried about putting Kunal’s life at stake, she couldn’t even warn Kunal to take care of himself.
Teni comes

inside and tells Kunal and Meghna about what she heard. They all instead laugh at Teni. Teni watches the waiter there who hides himself. Parth observes Teni closely. Teni thinks about keeping an eye over the waiter by herself. Aman gets a call and asks Parth to come outside, the mechanic is waiting. Teni leaves Shorvari with Meghna and goes outside with Aman.

Meghna walks outside the resort, the man hits her in a blind man’s disguise. He asks Meghna to drop him till the end. Teni looks around for Meghna as she couldn’t be found anywhere around. As Meghna and the man walked towards the swimming side, he bolts the door and charges towards Meghna. Meghna backs up and fell into the swimming pool. The man pulls a naked wire towards the pool and places it in the water near the pool. He says whoever comes to save her would also die. The man reached behind Kunal and charged him with a knife but Sandhya stops him. The man says Sandhya can’t save Meghna, she would have died till Sandhya reaches her. There was current spread all across the water near the swimming pool.

Everyone looked around for Meghna. Sandhya meets Kunal. Parth and Teni were together. Parth spots Meghna in the swimming pool. They struggle to open the door but it had been bolted already. Parth and other reach beside the pool. Teni watches the electic wire and goes towards the switch, Parth follows her. Teni gets an electric shock as she tries to get the switch turned off. Kunal had jumped into the pool and carries Meghna outside. He asks Meghna how she fell down the pool, Meghna says it was the man he had beaten in the way. Kunal asks why he would attempt to kill her.

Meghna says whatever Teni said was right, they hug each other. Aman covers Meghna with the coat. Sandhya ji tells them to come home with her now, leave the trip to Chittore. Shorvari also tells Meghna to do what her Mausi says. Meghna meets Shorvari and Teni and leave with Kunal.

Teni suggests about going to Chittore.

PRECAP: Shardha ji locks Karan in the room and requests the family some isolation. Nand Kishore goes to the room asking who dares to stop him. He enters the room and watches Shardha applying medicine over bruises on Karan’s body.

Update Credit to: Sona

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