Dil Se Dil Tak 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Everyone dances in the function. Aman and Teni come downstairs. Aman compliments her to be looking beautiful. Teni takes a seat with Aman and asks if he has fulfilled all her dreams? He says he has. Teni thinks he can do anything but not fulfil her third dream, its her passion. Parth wish Teni agrees to marry Aman. Aman says he has something very important to accomplish. Aman asks for everyone’s attention, he requests Teni to move towards him and asks for her hand. Teni thinks for a while, then smiles and comes to him. He kneels in front of her to put a ring over her finger. Teni thinks she only wants to wear the ring named after Parth, no one has touched it. She forwards her hand, Aman notices it had been bandaged already. Parth suspects this is a deliberate act. Everyone was worried if she was

hurt. Shorvari looks towards Parth. Teni tells Aman she was hurt, it couldn’t heal yet. Parth thinks this will only hurt her. Aman says for him connection of hearts is important, he puts the ring in middle finger. Everyone clap. Dada ji asks Teni to put the ring into Aman’s finger as well, she performs the ritual. Parth drags a bag above them. Aman says Teni wanted him to fulfil three of her dreams, Teni tells him to begin with it. Aman says Teni wanted to fly in air. He brings a VR box and make her wear it, Teni drools and was about to slip as she watches herself flying in the sky. Everyone watch her enjoy herself. Teni cheers. Aman says she can fly even higher in America when they will do Paragliding together. He says she had another dream, she wanted to say whatever was in her heart in English. He brings her a microphone. Teni wasn’t ready to speak, Aman insists her to speak in the mike at least. Aman was worried he won’t be able to fulfil her second dream, Parth tells Teni Aman loves her truly, a true lover would never give her any pain. Teni asks if he cares much about true love, should she say what’s in her heart then. She takes the microphone and speaks in Hindi. They all could hear the translated version. Teni continues, cheerfully. She says these people have really big hearts and she feels blessed to be brought here. She couldn’t never have got someone like Aman otherwise. Aman hugs Teni. Teni was weepy that he is a magician and made her dreams come true. Aman tells Teni it’s an app that can translate any language in English. Teni insists he is her magician, and asks to bring him the third dream as well, looking towards Parth.

PRECAP: Aman and Teni danced together. Shorvari goes upstairs to look into Teni’s room and finds the red envelope. She congratulates Aman as she found the red envelope

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pity shorvari

    I am scared for shorvari…that poor girl doesnt even have an idea about wat disaster awaits her because of this whore…this teni’s obsession is getting sickening day by day..arey parth and teni ko shaadi karna hai toj kardo na..why the f**k are they beating around the bush..let shorvari simply walk out of this parth and teni’s so called love story with dignity..let her not become the ultimate loser in front of this hoe teni who is such a disgusting woman in all respects…if these makers think parth and teni are enuf to get trps..so be it..let them run the show on tat sick couple..we already saw wat beautiful trps teni mata and her parath jaap brings..or even parth teni scenes for tat matter..the most hideous ugly illicit cheap couple in this whole tv world is parth and teni…

  2. please play the title track of dil se dil tak in Sarvori’s acting .Makers , Don’t forget that Sarvori is the lead role . So Play her crying and smiling and everything more. bt these days u only showed teni and parth, why? R u playing office politics with Sarvori and making her cry?? Then it’s​ very bad bcz u had hurt many hearts. If u will not show Sarvori’s act then it will be a flop show of India.

  3. Sangram Rout

    Aman looks so handsome and gorgeous and s*xy. He looks like Varun dhawan.His acting is also super.

  4. Alister La Frenais

    This serial is running into trouble with tired story lines and the same old Teni/Parth theme. Please end this non-senseical garbage because the program is becoming tiresome to watch. There is no entertainment value left in this serial.

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