Dil Se Dil Tak 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Jalpa leaves Bharat

Dil Se Dil Tak 31st January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Teni and Parth were welcomed into the duplex cottage. Teni takes Ipshita to be put to sleep, while Parth goes to check the master bedroom.
Spursh shows Dada ji a proof that Bharat is his real dad. He brings a photograph. Bharat recognizes the lady in it as Priya. Jalpa says she never wanted everyone to know about it, but its time she shares the truth with everyone. Priya never aborted his child and decided to give birth and bring him up alone. Unfortunately she fall ill, but was sure he will never stand by her. She called her, and she decided to take care of Spursh. Bharat recalls Jalpa getting some calls from a friend.
Baa comes to Jalpa and cries that God will never forgive her for being suspicious of her innocent daughter’s character. Jalpa holds her joined hands. She regrets of

not trusting Jalpa and winning hers as a good mother. The whole family apologizes and stands by Jalpa now. Jalpa now turns to Bharat and says she never wanted to disgrace Bharat in front of her whole family. Spursh is a sensible boy and didn’t say a word to anyone. She says she wanted Spursh and Bharat’s relation to be special, but he even attempted to get him adopted by a friend as well. She then decided to own Spursh as her own son. And he was suspicious of her for the first time, it was also when he found the IVF report of Parth and Shorvari. She says she had to gather a lot of courage to break this relation, as she is the one who always have to explain herself. She signs the papers, takes her children and asks Bharat how she should forgive him when he couldn’t; she leaves Bhanushali house.
It was night, Parth enters the cottage room. There were flower petals and a bottle of wine. Teni cheers watching the room decoration. She explains she was late as Ipshita had pee on her dress. They share the beer. Parth discuss that there are chances of snowfall. Teni was excited about it. Parth notices she felt cold and goes to cover her with a blanket. Teni asks if he isn’t sleepy; as she won’t sleep to see the snowfall. She notices that Parth is still in a tension, and says she understands what he has gone through. But they turned no stones unturned to find her here, and even if he still thinks Shorvari is alive Teni will always stand by him. They hold hands with each other. Parth expresses his gratefulness to Teni for all her support. He thought Shorvari was his fate, but he realizes what Teni must have gone through in his craziness. He has felt the fear in her eyes; and promises to be with her in every turn of her life; as he will always stand by her. The lights of cottage go off. Teni goes to shut the window because of bad weather. Parth watches her struggle with the window pane and comes to help her. Teni turns around and hugs him tightly as soon as there was a lightening thunder.

PRECAP: Parth and Teni share some intimate moments in the snowfall.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Angelk1

    Awe…. I’m happy that their getting their honeymoon, but I wish it would wait until parth figures his feelings and not regret later on.

  2. It seems parth is a man who only want s*x

  3. Teni looks like a proper sl*t in that saree…any man’a senses cud go beserk seeing such a sl*t…that too when she is ready to give him pleasure..knowing that he is on a dry spell…the most cheapest jodi ever on indian tv…tat mindf**ked a*sh*le parath..and his cheap pr*stitute mistress teni…cheapness overloaded…even more cheap to see people coming up with excuses to justify this behaviour telling man is incomplete without woman…he needs a morher for his child…lol…he needs a s*x doll to satiate his lustful desires..baby was never his concern…more than the baby he needs her….i have never seen a more cheaper woman like teni…a gold digger…a home vreaker…street urchin…husband stealer…sham in the name of surrogates…sl*t in the namw of second wife…a complete shame to womanhood..she cudnt move on like this with aman who gave her everything..but she only wanted to sleep with shorvari’s husband..and her illness and death was taken full advantage of….such a b*t*h

  4. Love you sidharth

    I cant thanks sidharth shukla enough for quitting this show and not doing all this cheap crap stuff with this b*t*h teni….he surely shud be apprecited for taking the right decision at the right time….this mediocre actress who has nothing but good looks deserves this guy only who is even more mediocre than her…she has successfully made the show revolve only around her when in reality she was a tadka to the lead couple’s love story…another female lead was sent out to make this woman the only lead..thankfully sid rejected her as his only lead..kudos sid for standing up for what is ethically right

  5. iloveyou teni

  6. Karine Zakaryan Armeniya

    Love You Sidharth: Я с вами вполне согласна, я тоже очень рада, что наш Сид ушёл из этого проекта.Он достойны мужчина не такой слабак как этот.

  7. Karine Zakaryan Armeniya

    But I have one suggestion if the director and his team will of course take this course of action into account. This Part must remain with Teni since there is nothing left of the old Parth, this Part does not deserve Shorvari. But for Shorvari there must be a real man who can give her the most real happiness that ana deserves. And this man should be our Sid well you can nrmongo podgremirovat it and change adezhdu Well, let’s say it’s more European, it should be very rich for much richer than the Parta family. This is needed so that Shorvari would become a glamorous woman and elegant. She after a long treatment will give birth to the boy’s twins and the girl and the Bud t live in this huge dvortse.V dvotse be many servants as it awakens the kindest hozyaykoy.I servants will really love.

    1. I really like this twist you said….sid entering as the new man in shorvari’s life…but honestly i dont want him to lower his standards by being a part of such a shitty show…who knows if he enters..then they will make teni interfere in her life again and woo the character played by sidharth….afterall that actress always wanted to be his lead pair at any cost…isnt that not why kunal was sent out..he got frustrated over sid and was sent out when AmNi track was in plans…if sid enters as the new man in shorvari’s life i assure u that they will insert teni there also and try to build their non existing chemistry…and twist the story

  8. The worst show I ever saw

  9. Hate Teni and Parth together

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