Dil Se Dil Tak 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Shorvori says to Teni that there is no tip for love, you get happy seeing your partner happy. Teni says enough, I cant understand this love. Parth says you like someone so much that you are wrapped around them, it happens in love. Teni says nobody is like that. Shorvori says there is one persona like that, he put his life in danger to save me, Shorvori tells her how Parth saved her, her dupatta caught fire and Parth took it away from her. Teni says I got the idea.

Teni comes to Aman’s room, Aman is sleeping. Teni puts fire around her blanket, she screams fire. Aman wakes up, everyone comes there. Teni says I will blow it off, Teni blows fire from her bare hands, she says my hands burned but I saved Aman, Aman says you were so worried for me? Teni says my love was in danger

so i didnt think about my hands, Indu says you love him that much? Teni says but he doesnt see it. Parth sees that fire was fake and it was color on Teni’s hand not burned patches. he coughs and leaves. Aman brings ice and put on Teni’s hand. Aman says when did you start pooja and all? Teni says to pacify you, aman says you really love me, you deserve the gift I bought for you, Aman goes to get it, Teni smirks.Aman brings heavy diamond necklace, Teni’s eyes bulge out of their sockets, Aman makes her wear it, Aman says I am sorry, you won my heart,you love me so much, I love you, he hugs Teni, Teni thinks sorry Aman, my love is not true but the fake love which can give me diamond necklaces, that is good for me., Teni smiles and hugs him.

Teni is going to her room and strikes with Sejal. Teni says cant you see? Sejal sees her diamond necklace, Teni says are you jealous that Aman gave me this diamond necklace? Teni smirks at her and leaves. Sejal looks on.

Teni comes in garden and says I am so happy today, Parth comes and asks what are you doing? Teni opens her arms and asks Parth to do it, they do titanic pose, Teni smiles and take deep breaths, Parth smiles too.Parth says you gave proof of your love, you put fire on his blanket then you put turmeric on your hand so they wont get burned, Teni says how do you get to know everything? Parth says your face shows everything. Teni shows him diamond necklace and says its bigger than you gave to Shorvori. Parth says yes but our love is more true, Teni says you started again? I dont care about love and all, she turns to leave but Parth holds her hand and smiles at her, Teni is mesmerized by him, Parth says when you fall in true love then you will be ready to die for him too, I hope that person is Aman. Teni says you will keep waiting for that in this life. Teni sees eyelash on Parth’s face, she says make a wish and blow it, he does, Teni asks what he wished for? Parth says then it wont fulfill, she nods and leaves. Parth says I prayed that you fall in true love.

At night, Teni is sleeping wearing her diamond necklace. Sejal comes there and tries to take it off, she sits beside Teni’s sleeping form, she unties necklace and takes it off, she turns to leave but Teni’s hand falls on hers, Sejal gets tensed and sees Teni still sleeping, she puts her hand gently on bed and leaves with necklace. Teni wakes up hearing her door closing, she asks who is there? She sees her necklace missing from her neck, she says where did my necklace go?
Teni comes in lounge and sees Sejal there. She says you have become robber too? if you wanted my necklace, you could have asked me. Sejal sayswhy would I rob it? you must have put it somewhere, Teni says give my necklace else I will call everyone here, Sejal says I will fulfill your desire. Sejal shouts for everyone to come in lounge, everyone gathers there. Mohini asks what happened? Sejal says some girl is putting blame on me in my house only, Mohini says who did it? Sejal says this Teni is blaming me for stealing diamond necklace, all are shocked. Teni says she is right, she have stolen my diamond necklace which Aman gifted me, Shorvori says why would she do it? she has everything. Teni says I saw her leaving my room, search her. Bharat says Sejal have done mistakes but she cant steal, she has values of this house, we trust you Sejal. Sejal says you trust me but my family is silent, they dont trust me, Maa search me. Teni says you want your mother to search you? I will search you as its my necklace. Teni takes Sejal to room and searches her. Teni and Sejal comes out after sometime. Teni says I didnt find anything but I am sure she has hidden it somewhere. Dada says enough Teni, Sejal has two brothers who can bring her anything she wants then why would she steal your necklace? you have not blamed Sejal but our values, Sejal did wrong with you and you are taking revenge like this? Teni says I am saying truth, she stole my necklace. Mohini says my daughter let you search her,what else do you want? see Parth, your sister in law is putting such big blame on your sister and you are silent? Teni says I am not lying, I am saying truth, I swear on baby.. she stops, all are shocked. Teni says I mean I swear on Shorvori’s baby, Sejal have stolen my necklace, I am not lying. Dada says you should be ashamed Teni, you are swearing on heir of this house a simple necklace? there is limit to everything and you have your limit today. Sejal smirks. Aman says I am sorry Dada on Teni’s behalf, forgive her. Aman takes Teni’s hand and says we will search necklace together. Teni looks at Parth and Shorvori and says you both dont trust me too? they look away, Teni gets dejected, she wipes her tears, jerks her hand away from Aman and runs from there. All look on. Dada says sorry to Sejal for Teni’s act, Sejal says dont say sorry for someone’s mistake, it doesnt suit you, she leaves.

Shorvori comes to her room and is tensed. She recalls Teni swearing on her baby and leaves.

Aman is with Teni, he says you must have lost it,dont take stress. Teni says you dont trust me too? leave me alone, I am angry, we will talk later, he leaves. Shorvori comes there with Parth, Shorvori says you swear on my baby like it was nothing? what if anything happens to it?

PRECAP- Teni says I didnt swear on baby for wrong thing then why would anything happen to it? you both dont trust me? Parth says Teni is not lying, Shorvori is shocked to see him blindly take her side.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ohhh snap…..why teni is doing such stupid thingss.ufff this girl is such a brainless woman sometimes. Teni and Parth ufff…….they show too much of teni and Parth and less of shorvori and Parth I have a doubt sometimes that Is shorvori even his wife because must of the time teni is sticking to him, so irritating and annoying as hell…..

  2. in precap parth believes teni .i think in upcoming episodes teni will start feeling for path.

  3. I hate dat sejal. She is always trying to ruin teni infront of d family. Last time she put her respect at stake and humiliated her. Dis time she is making teni feel like a fool, even though she actually stole it. But all teni thinks abt is money so she was bound to get into a problem like dis anyway. Shorvari only cares abt d baby not teni so its good dat at least part nd aman support her.

    1. Handiya sarpathai

  4. Pinkpearl

    This isnt 3 hrs movie. the show deals with d theme of Surrogacy. Rather than handling it maturely,They are making a surrogate fall for married man

  5. I too think teni will fall in love with parth in upcoming episodes, this track changing will not be nice cuz parth character is genuine…

  6. Pinkpearl

    I want a third angle love story for shorvari also..whr shorvari will develop tender feelings.and give some hundred hugs to her in the name of friendship.let parth sit and search for teni’s lost smile.

    1. Agreed dear..seriously I don’t understand one thing r they encouraging the concept of surrogacy or making people scare of it…if Teni falls for parth then I am done with this show …moreover if it turns out to be lovestory of parth and Teni then..they will obviously make shorvari as villain..which will be wrong.

      1. Pinkpearl

        I’d love a guy for Shorvari now. A guy who comes as a friend first and then falls for Shorvari… we can say it’s true friendship then..let parth go to hell with teni..i will be happy with rashmi’s scene.. I want parth to feel the same pain as shor…

  7. No I want Aman and Teni to be together, like why doesn’t Teni understand that Aman loves her soo much. Like why are they doing this, I feel as if they are insulting our opinions. Like are we not the people that they are suppose to entertain

    1. Pinkpearl

      evn i want to see aman teni together..i really dont like the way teni treats aman and gets touchy and cozy with parth..disgusting to watch…

      1. I know Aman does so much for her and she doesn’t even care, I can’t see Teni do such a thing. Why is she falling in love with Parth, at first their friendship was ok but now I feel as if he is coming in between Aman and Teni,

  8. Angelk1

    Why would anyone be scared of surrogacy, i mean if your love is true than you wouldnt be so worried. Honestly this drama will be more realistic, and diferent if tení ends up being the second wife, but the family rejects and banned her, parth has to make a choice between family an love onces more. Who would he chose, would he abandon his family he did before for love, or leave once more.

    Both scene with both girls is great. Love parth chemestry with both. Hope to see more. This aman wont last once he realize tení loves parth only. Their relationship doesnt exist, his just their to make tení realize about love, than she will break up the wedding.

    1. Teni and Parth are a big Noooooooooooo……..if the makers show this it will give a false message to the people- surrogate falling in love with baby’s father??? Does this shit happen in real life???? It is practically​ impossible. For once Aman and teni are possible and ok but teni and parth fhat the Wuck! Noo

    2. Are you even serious? Why should Teni end up as Parth’s second wife when Shorvari is alive? Would it be acceptable if Shorvari marries someone else??? Then how can Parth do, just coz he is man? This is a sick mentality coming from a fellow woman…
      Chemistry can go to hell for all I care.

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