Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update; Teni’s goad-bharai

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The guests arrive for goad Bharai celebrations. Mohini hears a lady appreciate Bhanushali’s, else who would respect a surrogate this way. Mohini whispers that in their house, an outsider are taken care of better than the family member. She calls Teni a dancer. Indu takes her aside and warns her to be careful, Teni is going to marry Parth soon.
Teni and Parth come downstairs together. Teni was about to slip from the stairs, Parth supports her at once. He now brings her to the hall. The rituals begin. Parth leaves the hall, while everyone was worried about him.
In his room, Parth watches some minor clothes and recalls Shorvari hand-knitting them. He had offered to go outside with her, but she wasn’t ready. She told Parth once her baby is here, they will team up and tease Parth. Parth

says since Shorvari is no more, he will give complete attention to the baby.
A Punjabi lady comes to Bhanushali house and asks if its Malhotra house? Mohini asks if she couldn’t read the name plate of Bhanushali House outside. The lady apologizes for have forgotten her glasses in the train and asks about a written address. Ramnik says its 2 km away. The lady was worried about hiring a taxi again, Dada ji assures their driver would drop her. The lady takes a glass of juice from the servant, then asks about the celebrations. Indu says they are celebrating Goad Bharai. The lady wish to bless the mother, she notices Teni’s hairline empty with sindoor. She asks if Teni forgot, or is waiting for her husband for her hairline to be filled. Mohini says Teni isn’t married. The child is Parth’s, Shorvari left Parth forever and Teni is a surrogate. Parth and Shorvari had hired her womb on rent. The lady was shocked to hear this all and blames Teni. Indu interrupts the lady saying Teni is a part of their family. Parth comes downstairs then.
Teni stands up and says she didn’t dislike anything she has just said. She says she wants nothing from Parth or his family, she is here to help her friend. She and her society would never understand. she rent her womb, but everything is worthless in front of love and support she got from Parth and Shorvari. She got a friend who stood by her at each step in life, trusted her and worried for her. And today when he is in pain, she will not leave his side.

PRECAP: The lady questions Parth who would now marry this girl. How would he now improve his friend’s life, as he won’t marry her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Preethika

    Such a typical story story after knowing dat she is a surrogate mother identity also suddenly an outsider interrupts in family matters and insults teni. Diz serial always supports teni dreams, love, passion etc. What about shorvori now after teni and parth wedding shorvori makes a cumback and all insults her. Teni vil be insecured with shorvori and starts indirectly blackmailing parth.


  2. Why didn’t tonight show shorvari’s video to parth.shorvari told her to show it after her death and everyone r believing she is dead

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