Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth put his life at stake for Teni

Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Iqbal brings food for terrorists as he if a fan of theirs. The gang incharge slaps Iqbal as he understands Iqbal has mixed poison in food. Iqbal eats it in front of them and says he prepared the food by himself. The terrorists were allowed to eat the food. Iqbal thinks they would soon go unconscious, but he has to keep himself awake. The gang incharge wasn’t eating much, he throws the plate away as the government isn’t affected by any of their protest. He decides to kill Teni, but Parth comes in between. He says killing girls is easy, he must kill him if he dares. The terrorist calls Parth as a true lover of Teni. Iqbal wonders if he knew Teni from before. Iqbal tries to stop the terrorist and says they give public service, and shouldn’t kill public. The terrorist says this is a game of sacrifice,

the government won’t take an action until there is bloodshed. Iqbal thinks the medicines are all fake, none of them went unconscious. Iqbal tells Teni he mixed medicine in their food, every one of them will soon go unconscious. Teni wonders why Parth put his life at stake to save her life. They walk outside.
The terrorists bring Parth outside, he knelt on the floor while the terrorists filmed a video by placing a sword over Parth’s neck. Parth shut his eyes thinking about his past with Teni. The terrorist was about to strike. Parth thinks he can’t accept death being so close to Teni. Teni throws her show on the face of terrorist, the sword slips. Parth takes a chance to wrestle with the men, Iqbal also jumps in to his aid. He had begun to get dizzy and clutched the neck of the gang lead. The terrorists were getting unconscious, the head tells Iqbal he didn’t touch the food. He throws a grenade towards the gate where police tried to break in the house. Iqbal tries to keep himself awake and looks around for Teni in the smoke. Teni asks Iqbal about Parth. They spot Parth lying on the floor, his arm badly injured and clothes torn. Teni asks Iqbal to take him to hospital.
In the hospital, Iqbal and Teni discuss about Parth. Teni says she was angry over the girl in the mall and thought Parth was also a stalker, but he isn’t a bad person. Iqbal asks if she is somehow connected to Parth from the past, Teni denies saying she met him in the mall for the first time. Parth wakes up wondering why Teni didn’t tell Parth about Baroda where she stayed with them for a few days. Iqbal notices Parth was conscious, he thanks Parth for all his help. He says he was concerned for Teni because he loves her, but when Parth put his life at stake for Teni; only lovers do so. Parth looks towards Teni who was suspicious. Parth says there is one more thing than love and a man can put his life at stake for it – money. Iqbal promised him any amount of money to save Teni’s life. Iqbal caught Parth’s lie. Parth asks if Iqbal hadn’t also done the same, its humanity. Iqbal says he can do anything for Parth; Parth says he would ask him at the right time.

PRECAP: Teni supports Parth while he tries to stand up in the hospital. They were close to each other. Teni thinks Parth must tell her the truth why he saved her. Parth wonders why she didn’t tell Iqbal about their past

Update Credit to: Sona

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