Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Mohini to revenge the trio for her insult

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Teni insults Mohini and forbids her overhear others outside their room doors. Teni recalls that she had seen Mohini outside their room when Parth came to speak to her.
Baa and Dada ji were relieved that their children didn’t leave each other’s side in much difficult situations. Dada ji was happy that they have proven in fifteen days’ time that they trust each other. He warns that half of their testimony is still left.
At home, Bharat warns the trainer not to be over smart. Jalpa comes with the biscuit and papri. After a while, Bharat thinks the medicine has started to act and takes a leave. In the car, Bharat feels sleepy and dizzy. Soon he fells unconscious.
At Bhanushali house, Shorvari shares her excitement and happiness with Teni. They hug each other. Parth comes into the

room and smiles watching them together. He asks to join in, Teni calls him jealous. Shorvari tells Parth to plan another trip to Switzerland. Whatever Mohini did was wrong. She was sure no one can break their interesting relation. Teni takes Shorvari’s promise to continue trusting each other. Parth holds hands with both wives calling himself the luckiest man in the world. He was sure no one can part them away. Teni gets melodramatic showing her rage for missing her trip to Switzerland. She asks for a small party at least and asks to take them out. Parth likes the idea. He tells them to change instantly, they can decide on the way where they must go. He goes to wake Ipshita up. Shorvari forbids him to disturb her in her sleep. Teni decides to have Chinese.
In her room Mohini watches old photographs and takes a photo of Parth, Teni and Shorvari. Everyone’s insult echo in her mind. She was enraged for all the insult she bear. Everyone testified the couples, but only she was disgraced. No one stopped the three for insulting her, but got a chance against her. She decides that she wasn’t mistaken, but the three were. The whole Bhanushali family will bear the consequences, as she will ignite a fire among the whole family. She hears Shorvari planning to have Chinese soup as they leave together.
In the hall, Baa asks where they are going. Teni says the three of them are going out together. Parth reminds her about Dada ji’s condition. He, Teni and Ipshita are going out and Shorvari will have to accompany them. Baa says their celebration is well deserved. Mohini speaks behind that their relation won’t end up longer now. She will remove the traces of this relation before Dada ji’s given time ends.
Bharat wakes up in the car. He realizes he had sipped from Jalpa’s mug and was unconscious. He wonders what must have happened between her and the trainer in between and goes to ring the bell. Jalpa opens the door for Bharat who feels dizzy. He tells Jalpa he missed his flight. She notices he wasn’t well. Bharat asks her about her yoga teacher. Jalpa says he has returned after four hours, and it was a one and half hour session of yoga today. Bharat faints hugging Jalpa at this.
Teni was excited as she happily enjoy the spicy food. The waiter serves them a cake. Teni and Shorvari deny having ordered it, but Parth signals the waiter and says it’s the celebration cake.
Mohini comes to the room and tears the photo of the three. She says she will separate them in real life as well.

PRECAP: Spursh’s real mother comes to Bhanushali house and claims the same place among Jalpa and Bharat as Teni among Shorvari and Parth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mohini I simply love you . The serial is making you look as a negative character however you are thinking and speaking exactly what the viewers are thinking about this interesting relationship between Parth shorwari n teni. And Shorwari is so irritating how can a woman be so careless about her husband. And you even staying in that house when Parth is so comfortable with teni . This serial is giving mind tension.

    1. Miss the real PaRi

      [email protected] Agree with you on this. We are all like Poyni only in this. Dilschasp rishta huh, what a bullshit that is. Really wanna see that breaking into pieces soon. How can they promote bigamy and two Sauthan’s living happily with a guy this way? Doesnt this send a very wrong message, that women might be happy if they have to share husbands..?
      When are they ending this crap

      1. Alister La Frenais

        Miss the real PaRi. Legally the second wife of a Hindu would be a mistress, although religiously and socially she may be considered a wife. The law in India allows mistresses to be presumed wives unless proven otherwise. Polygamy among Hindus is sometimes accepted in some rural areas often with approval by earlier wives. The 2005-06 National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3) found that 2 percent of women reported that their husband had other wives besides herself. Husbands of women with no children are more likely to have multiple wives.
        With regard to ending this awful serial I am 100% with you.

    2. I agree with you Seem and et al. Mohini’s the only one who’s normal here. Rest of em are like crackheads with delusions! Mohini is unfairly portrayed as a villain but she’s the only sane person here!

  2. I totally side with mohini on this one! Woman has a mind that has common sense. Indu is the real villain here. First she stole her sister’s ( Mohini ) alliance for herself and then acted all innocent. Then she abused her own daughter in law and supported street shit cuz she can reproduce. Now also she’s supporting the shit teni cuz she can give her a male heir. Mohini is made the antagonist but I find her normal among these crackheads who all worship the heck out of teni mata’s a**!

    1. Miss the real PaRi

      [email protected] Loving your comments everyday
      They worship the heck out of Teni Mata’s ass ? ?, that was savage

      1. Thank you ?

    2. Dil Se Dil Tak is the love story of Parth and Shorvori, who decide to get married, despite stiff opposition from their families. However, destiny has other plans for them as they cross paths with Teni. Can their relationship stand the test of love and time?
      Is this the love story of Parat and Shorwari? No this story, the street riffra Teni, who broke into the family and destroyed everything she could and showed herself to be an innocent sheep. If she behaved like a normal woman all this did not happen.

      Friends, no matter how we were offensively, anyway, they will do with the characters everything that comes to them in the head. When I reviewed this series, I understood from what point they went wrong how it was conceived. And , of course this was Jasmine’s fault, I just watched all the interviews that the journalists took from the actors and in one of them Jasmine answered the journalist’s question when he asked if Jasmine felt guilty because Sid and Rashmi had quarreled, she said,but what’s wrong with that, he’s not her husband or lover, and because of this case Rashmi and Sid quarreled. Rashmi was in a severe depression, she had to rest, and she left for a while shooting. When Sid realized what was happening, he also left this project. This project was created completely for Jasmine, this is her PR.. And therefore in this show there is no point, at the beginning the couple with their problem, then the surrogate motherhood, and now bigamy.If it were not for this case, and they would have been filmed as planned, then Teni would have been on the third plane, but Jasmin did not agree with this fact and therefore changed the whole plot.Probably she has a strong patron who keeps everything in her hands.If they began to shoot as intended, then when Parad realized that Shorwari was hiding something from him, he would start looking for the reason for the behavior. Then, the scenario would be really interesting, but now there is no point in looking at this stupidity.

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