Dil Se Dil Tak 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni suffers from selective memory loss

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They all carry Teni to hospital. The doctor comes to inform them that Teni is unconscious, they will only know about her condition when she is conscious. Chutkan runs to hospital concerned. Everyone questions why was Teni so furious that she decided to leave the house. Shorvari tells everyone about her demands. She accepts her mistake and runs to temple where she apologizes the Gods. Parth comes there and hugs her as she confesses her mistake. Parth says they must face this problem together as well. Mohini was afraid to get dark circles because of Teni. Shorvari comes there crying. Baa forbids her consider it as her mistake, it was only an accident. A nurse comes there and allows only two people with patient, others may leave. Shorvari insists to stay. Dada ji says Ipshita might need Shorvari so she

should come home. Parth assures Shorvari to take care of Teni. Shorvari leaves with the family for home. Parth and Chutkan stay at the hospital.
Chutkan was upset and comes to temple praying for Teni’s life.
Bhanushali’s’ return home. Indu was upset that there is always some problem whenever it seems everything is going fine. Mohini says Indu has made her mind up to leave, how long they would be able to keep her here. Indu says she will stop Teni anyway. Mohini advices Indu that if Indu stays, there would be problems in Parth and Shorvari’s marriage. They will have to face all the problems again. Dada ji was angry at Mohini who hurries towards kitchen for arranging for food. Baa says whatever Mohini said is bitter but true.
In the hospital room, Teni wakes up in the middle of night and was shocked to find herself in bed. The attending nurse was asleep on a chair nearby, Teni cautiously steps outside the room and goes to Chutkan. She stuffs his face and questions why he brought her into an expensive hospital. They might get them heavy bill that they can’t afford. She doesn’t allow Chutkan to speak and says they must run out of the hospital. She stops by Parth with a smile on face and takes the wallet from his pants boastful of her luck as a thief. The nurse in the room wakes up and hurries outside to look for Teni. In the corridor, Teni tells Chutkan if she had met the person on road she could have looted him completely but will spare him for now; he might have brought it for someone. The nurse had come out and tries to stop Teni. Parth wakes up and was happy to see Teni awake. Teni tries to run from the hospital while the hospital ward boys hold her. Teni argues that she won’t pay anything to them at all, she resists their grips and shouts at the injection calling doctors bad names. Parth calls Teni’s name, she looks towards him suspiciously.

PRECAP: The doctor tells Parth and Shorvari about Teni suffering from selective memory loss. They shouldn’t pressurize her at any cost, else her stress could lead to coma. Shorvari and Parth watch Teni from outside the room. Shorvari says she is exactly the girl they had met two years ago.

Update Credit to: Sona

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