Dil Se Dil Tak 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Shorvari wish Teni leaves Bhanushali house

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Parth sat on a bench thinking about Teni’s decision for selection of the wife to stay. Teni comes asking why he called her so urgently. Parth was furious and questions why Teni wrote Shorvari’s name on her chit. He clutched her face asking who she to decide was. Teni says she took the right decision, Shorvari holds the first right over all this. They are made for each other.
There, Bhanushali family was ready to celebrate the anniversary party.
Parth was silent and decides to tell Shorvari about it as well. Teni thinks if Parth finds Shorvari already knew about it there will be misunderstandings between them. She swears Parth upon her life not to tell Shorvari anything. She takes Parth’s promise to return him her old friend, and give all the rights to Shorvari.
Shorvari was

upset as she couldn’t speak to Parth since morning. Parth and Teni return home together and go to get ready. After cake cutting, Parth promises Shorvari to always be with her. Shorvari promises she would always be true to Parth and hopes the same from him. Teni asks them to dance with each other. Parth signals Teni who hurries upstairs, Shorvari notices Parth not focusing on dance with her and instead speaking to Teni. He takes a special piece of cake to Parth which Shorvari was upset about. Teni sends Parth to tell Shorvari that she helped him bring her gift. Parth sends Shorvari to see the special gift of the event. Shorvari watches Parth and Teni speak to each other.
In the room, Shorvari finds her bridal dress. She was upset that even he took Teni’s help in selecting her anniversary gift. She cries as Parth comes in and says she can’t bear any more of it. He must select if he wants to live with her or Teni. Parth was shocked. Shorvari says Teni left all her rights, still she exists between them in Parth’s heart. Parth explains Shorvari thinks this because his and Teni’s relation ended only now. Shorvari insists that Teni loves Parth, and can never be his friend again. Teni came at the door and hears this all. Parth questions Shorvari where would she go, she gave them Ipshita. Shorvari says they can buy her a house in a good society. Parth was convinced Teni must live with them. Shorvari request him to understand her as well, Teni loves him and can never be his friend again. Parth reminds Shorvari that Teni has always stood by them, this problem will soon be resolved. Teni comes in clapping now. She cries asking if her relation turned into a burden for them. Teni could sacrifice her life to Shorvari, had she asked for once she had left the house herself. Teni left dancing in bar but continued dancing over her wishes. She took a step forward only because of Shorvari’s wish, not for her love. She is still strong enough to live on her own and turns to leave. The family was concerned hearing Teni’s wish to leave the house. Parth stops Teni but she resists his grip and slips off the stairs. Everyone screams as she rolls down the stairs. Parth runs downstairs behind her but Teni was hit on her head and goes unconscious.

PRECAP: The doctor says Teni’s condition is critical for next 24 hours. Shorvari cries in temple for apology, she says she would never forgive herself if something happens to Teni

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Most disgusting show

    This b*t*h isnt gonna die anyways..i dont even know wat sacrifice this woman dis that makers are trying so hard to convince people about her so called big sacrifice..she was the one who wanted to always be with the couple who were togethee even before she entered their life..so of anyone has to leave its she..why is she still acting like she sacrificed hee whole life for them..
    Makers are making this sl*t look like she is some sati savitri..please..third woman can never be that..this woman has been a opportunistic b*t*h the whole time..if someone sacrificed it was shorvari and not teni…makers shud stop trying to force teni as some mahaan here when she is not…
    This show really shud end..it mocked the most sacred relationship called marriage to glorify thos street sl*t..and it also insulted the position of a wife and meaning of true love by shoving teni and her atrocities non stop….

    1. Shorvari should leave that perverted parth and move on in life..he doesnt love her anymore..parth is the one who let teni entered his heart to replace shorvari..tomrw he wil replace teni with someone else…nobody wants such husband..its better to walk off

      1. Most disgusting show

        So true!! Shorvari really doesn’t deserve this man who cudnt even mourn her for three months and got hitched to this sl*t whom he found some months ago..if he can move on from shorvari who he claimed to have loved so much once upon a time…teni isnt a big deal for him..he will move on from her too…
        The thing is..i dont want parth teni to unite either…it simply sends out a message telling that the third woman will be victorious in snatching everything from the wife if the wife is meek or is infertile..
        Shorvari should take her kid and walk out if that house and start living independently…who knows..she may get a man who will accept her for what she is inspite of her weaknesses!! Teni and parth can rot in hell….
        But i doubt makers giving any such tracks..they may get a new guy for teni(aftet destroying a happy household and a man’s loyalty..they might not think twice to bring another man for her) this show is all about that witch only..they promoted the story as parth-Shorvari’s love story and made it as teni’s story completely

    2. I don’t like teni, a whore who acts so innocent stepping in someone’s marriage. I too hate parth who is unfaithful letting other woman in his heart.

  2. All viewers are supporting shorvari….but the makers are thinking to make that teni as main lead…so everything is going around teni….iff teni had lost her memory den it’s good thing Na…why are u repeating same history by making parth to get close wd teni…iff I was a writer at this time I would hv wrote my story like dis 1) firstly she is free from parth nw so it’s easy fr her to fall in love wd another man
    2)I would hv made teni to fall in love wd another man..3)get her memory back and choose the man who was wd u when u lost ur memory…4)parth shorvari kush….

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