Dil Se Dil Tak 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Teni says to Aman that I was fine till I didnt know meaning of love but since he has made me understand meaning of love, I feel like I have fallen in love.. she stares at Parth but says I mean Aman I love you. Aman says if thats the case then this Aman Patel is going to put hard work in and find out your third secret. Shorvori smiles at Teni to go to her room. Aman says I will fulfill your third secret. Shorvori asks Parth if Teni is making stories? Parth is in thoughts and says what do you want Teni? he sees Shorvori instead of Teni infront of him and says sorry, we keep talking about Teni’s wedding so I took Teni’s name. Shorvori says to Aman that I will bring envelope to you. Parth thinks what storm this Teni is going to bring now?

Sejal says to herself that I could

have given ring to Rishab but why did he has to call Jagruti there. Rishab calls her and says can you help me to say my heart’s thing to someone? Sejal says nobody can say no to you, you know my friend’s boyfriend proposed her on calling radio show infront of everyone, his girlfriend called him and accepted his proposal, Rishab thanks her and says I will call on radio, he ends call. Sejal says now my love story will start on FM. Baacomes there and asks why she is smiling so much? Sejal says something special is going to happen. Baa asks what? Sejal says its wedding in house. Baa says call Rishab in Sangeet, Sejal nods.

Teni comes to her room and recalls how Parth ignored her. She says if he cant come to me then I can go to him, he has started this and he has to finish it. She runs to his room.
Parth thinks dont know whats going on in Teni’s mind. Teni comes to Parth’s room, he gets tensed seeing her. Teni says did you.. Shorvori comes out of closet and says Teni you here? Teni gets silent seeing her. Parth have sigh of relief. Teni blinks and says I was finding you Shorvori, can you make me pretty for Aman? today is sangeet, soon my life will be away from yours, Shorvori hugs her and says sure why not, lets go. Parth smiles as they leave. He gets tensed and thinks how to tell her that this childishness can bring storm in house, I have to make her understand.

Mohini is setting decorations. Rishab comes there, Mohini says you must be here for sangeet but there is time for it to start, he says I came to help, she says thats great, lets go. Rishab puts hand in his pocket, his letter and wallet falls from his pocket, he doesnt see it and leave. Jagruti comes there and sees wallet, she opens it and sees Rishab’d photo, she says he forgot it here, she sees letter and says it must be his too. She opens it and reads letter. Letter is to Love guru, she reads “dear love guru, I love someone very much but I am scared to share my feelings, I tried to tell them but couldnt so you can help me only, please help me”, she smiles reading it. Rishab comes there. Jagruti says I was just coming to give it to you, he takes it and smiles, she blushes and turns to leave but he stops her, she says yes? he smiles and says nothing, she shyly leaves.

Scene 2
Sangeet starts. Shorvori brings Teni downstairs, Teni’s lehnga get stuck in decorations. Shorvori calls Parth to help Teni. She gives him Teni’s dupatta and leaves. Parth says you get stuck anywhere Teni, Teni taunts that you are right, I get stuck everywhere, Parth frees her dupatta. Suddenly rose petals falls on them. Aman comes there says and says these servants are crazy, they made roses fell on you and Teni instead of me and Teni. Shorvori comes there and thanks Parth for freeing Teni’s dupatta, she says I didnt know where it was stuck so I couldnt help her, Teni taunts Parth that even Parth didnt know where it was stuck but he just jerked it away. Parth feels awkward. Sangeet starts.
Baa calls Jalpa and asks if she got to know about Bharat? Jalpa says no, I dont know why he is so miffed with me, Baa says dont worry, she ends call.
Woman starts applying mehndi to Teni, she says to Teni that your hands are sweaty and color wont be nice this way, Teni says it doesnt matter, she sadly looks at Parth. Shorvori asks Mehndi applier to write Parth’s name on her hand, she secretly shows her mehndi to Parth, he hints that its great. Teni doesnt see that her mehndi applier has written Parth’s name on her hand with mehndi.

Rishab comes in sangeet dressed nicely. Sejal goes to him and shows him mehndi, he says nice design, she asks him to him see carefully, he doesnt see his name on it and says design is good. He goes to Indu and greets her. He says to Jagruti that your mehndi is really nice, she thanks him. Rishab says to Ramnik that Jagruti helped with assignment, she is intelligent. Ramnik says I am proud my kids. Parth is Ram, he can never do mistake. Shorvori says to Teni that your mehndi is showing color for your husband, you are looking nice. Teni glares at Parth. Parth thinks that you have color of Aman’s mehndi now, Teni thinks that I have fallen in your color Parth, wish I could put your name’s mehndi too.

PRECAP- Parth, Shorvori, Teni and Aman dances and enjoys sangeet.
Aman asks Teni why did you come to your room? all are downstairs? Teni says my bluse’s zip is stuck. Aman helps her and pulls her zip down, he leans in on her back, Teni suddenly pushes him away and says have you gone mad? Parth and Shorvori are stunned to see her shouting on them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shit se shit tak

    I apologise for the cuss words I’m gonna use in advance. What the f*ck is going on? Make gutter water fall on them na. Why waste rose petals? Seriously this is Shit. Seriously is the mehendi woman blind or something? Why bring shitty twist like this? Please God just end this serial. People are becoming knuckleheads supporting affairs and polygamy. What’s wrong with this show? First haldi, then mehendi and next will be marriage. This serial is getting weirder. Promoting shitty Teni Mata’s antics and promoting it as love? even I can copy and paste film stories and drag em like old bubblegum and rubber bands. I can predict your shitty storyline a mile away.

  2. Shit se shit tak

    Game of thrones was better. At least ser Jaime was devoted to Cersei even though he was surrounded by pretty women who loved him. Parth and Teni characterizations are an all time low.

  3. shit se shit tak is a vulgular and stupid person. The show has shown that Teni has fallen in love with Parth. and u should remember that Parth doesn’t love Teni . He only love Sarvori. So u gonna please shut up. So it’s teni’s case that she may understand the real truth or will become a villian of the show. what’s​ bad they have shown to u? And I want please makers u should play a song “mujhse saddi karogi” in Teni’s marriage function so that everyone dance in it . In this Sarvori can notice Teni’s that mad intention in dance.

    1. Shit se shit tak

      Ahahaha look who’s talking. When you decide my character as a vulgar person just because I commented ( my own free will and words) isn’t it natural that I can judge a character based on what I’m shown in serials? If I am vulgar to you then Teni is vulgar and stupid to me. You justify her actions as love I justify it as trust breaking and lusting. Don’t shut me up just because I have an opinion that differs from yours. I didn’t berate you in any comments did I? No sir no. You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. You comment your thoughts I’ll do mine. If you are a fan of Teni so be it. This doesn’t give you the right to berate and insult me personally.

    2. Shit se shit tak

      Please mind your own goddamn business. If you have an opinion on story be it positive or negative air it. Don’t go on insulting people who have different opinions on the story. Not every fingers are of the same length. Likewise not all of the opinions will be same. You better understand this rule.

  4. Teni is a blo*dy lusty homebreaker

    Looks like parth and teni’s wedding is on cards after all
    Teni whore’s love needs to be proved to be the most truthful of all..and m
    Sure they will make shorvari herself force this wedding on parth..
    Tats the oly thing they have been planning to show since the inception…polygamy with wife’s consent…adultery ko naya naam dilchasp rishta they gave..
    I honestly hope they kill shorvari and run this shit with parth and teni..if tats wat they want to show..why to keep some viewers who watch it for pari hanging for their story..we can happily quit..we wont have to see a whore and a gigolo’s dilchasp rishta tat way…and teni..i really hope u die a brutal death and meet ur worst end for all that ur doing..blo*dy sl*t…this f**kall show is oly about tat sl*t teni anyways..why shud we waste our time on such a show that has no respect for marriage or love or any relationship for that matter…such a b*t*hy surrogate mother she is..she has really set a very good example for them all

  5. It seems that u r a barking dog. I think u r stupid or fool ,bt you r non sense and ek ghatiya admi ho.jo bi ho Raha Hai sab kuch tumhe whore lag Raha Hain.love and marriage ko disrespect kaun kiya?pagal kahin ka. Actually ten has bad intention in her mind but it is love.ok. Parth has made understood her meaning love in a such way that he had done those all with her unawarely but he is unware that teni has thought that parth has spent all time these way .But parth doesn’t love Teni and love only Sarvori.The show has shown how the bad intention in Teni’s mind has risen and increasing more and more in happening situations in every scene just like rose petals fell on them. Situation is occurring in way to increase his bad intention. ok but if Sarvori or anyone except Parth will know or notice that intention of Teni they will try to make understand her difference between right and wrong. because Parth can’t find solution to this. He is scared. It’s a story . Teni is a surrogate mother. She has turned negative. but in the show she’s​ not whore and she is not acting whore like now. She just had thought that she has fallen in love with Parth and can’t be silent till one can convience her and made understood the right path. Parth should go to her and make understand her the truth that he doesn’t love her and he has read that letter.But not doing that he only scares and fears to tell something about that. This fear may make delay and everything will be gone from hand. Teni is immatured. so this is story now.So don’t use vulgular words like whore and adultery. do you know the meaning of whore and adultery?chi.. itna ghatiya soch tumhara. in show teni is in wrong path but she is not a whore but uneducated.and thought anything in her mind like situation happening around her.Parth doesn’t have any s*x relationship with her.Then how can be it adultery? luv u all and every member of show.

    1. Teni the lusty homebreaker

      U keep barking ur teni is mahatma puran for all i care…of course i do knw the meaning if adultery and whore..maybe u should first learn proper English and learn some spellings and then try coming and teaching me the meanings if certain words…for me and many manu across this wrold teni is a whore..yeap..tats the word..she is getting married to aman with her own consent..and now she is wishing to write parth’s name in her mehendi..only whores do tat..playing with several guys feelings at once..teni can never love any one except herself..such sort of a stupid hoe she is..
      And y shud parth go and talk to teni? Did parth confess his feelings tat he will love her? He is saving her from the embarrassment and this lady is in return ruining his life…teni caused this mess.let her clear it…u seem to be some paid fan of jasmin…u protect a fictional character like how a dog protects her puppies…chill..when people say some things bluntly..they are bound to become ghatiya..because those people have the courage to speak up..unlike u who loves to live in ignorance

  6. Bakwas…watching this only for pari but nowadays Parth and teni scenes are more which is intolerable to watch!! Makers pls now trp will increase only if u focus on Parth shorvari and their baby otherwise trp ki umeed bhi na rakho..fed up watching the same track ?

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