Dil Se Dil Tak 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Passport found in Shorvari’s room

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In the hall, Mohini discuss with family that none can have a problem with Teni’s visit to Switzerland. She can see Teni tensed, she left the food half cooked in the kitchen. Dada ji wasn’t ready to accept Shorvari can do this. Indu says sometimes situations render a person commit mistakes. Dada ji says they now have to see what fire does to gold.
Shorvari and Parth come downstairs. Shorvari says she wants to get over this suspicion over her. She wants Teni to search her room for the passport. Parth wasn’t ready for such disgrace to Shorvari, he assures Shorvari that he believes Shorvari can never hurt anyone. He announces that he is sure Shorvari can’t do this. Mohini tells Parth to think about Teni as well, it’s his job to get over her suspicion. They may search the room. Dada

ji says it’s wrong, they don’t raise hands at Bhanushali House. Indu defends that Teni is also a part of their family, they must answer her questions. Teni was annoyed and says she doesn’t need any answers or clarifications. She looks towards Shorvari and says her visit has been cancelled already. Shorvari asks Teni why she is taunting her. Dadi asks Teni if she is sure she will find passport in her room. Shorvari says every relation is based on trust, it’s not left between her and Teni. Mohini insists on searching the room, till when will Shorvari bear the guilt and Teni would also get over her doubts. Indu also agrees. Mohini says it never happened in Bhanushali house before, but situations were also not like this. Parth looks towards his wives, and says he will search Shorvari’s room. Mohini thinks Parth has raised the torch for cremation of his interesting relation.
The family come to Shorvari’s room. Parth says if Shorvari stops him now, he will not do it. Mohini says Shorvari herself said this. Dada ji dislikes this all, he can see the trust of this family break and asks Parth to stop this search. Parth asks Teni if she is relieved, he must have found Parth by now. Mohini suggests Parth to search the room according to a thief’s mind, and look into the drawers. Parth comes to the dresser and turn down the drawers. The passport fell down from one of them. Everyone was shocked, including Shorvari. Teni forbids Parth touch this passport, she says she knew she will find it here in the room. She calls Shorvari an innocent criminal, she placed the passport in the front drawer then gathered everyone to search the room. She can’t think of Shorvari as such an idiot. She says someone else might be involved in this, whose mind words cunningly. She is sure this was done by someone else. Shorvari was happy and says she knew Teni won’t doubt her for such a petty matter. They have faced huge problems with each other, and she was aware Teni only wanted to reach the right culprit. She was afraid that Teni might really be suspicious of her when the passport fell over, but she saved her trust.
Jalpa’s trainer was held in his car by two goons. Bharat joins in and makes him gulp Dhokla. He intends to stuff him with as much Dhokla that he will now be unfit forever. The trainer couldn’t eat anymore, and agrees to do anything Bharat asks to. Bharat makes the goons leave, sits alone in the car with the trainer and tells him that his wife wants an affair with him as a revenge. He plans that he will mix a medicine in Jalpa’s tea the next time, she will faint and when she wakes up she should feel something happened between him and Jalpa.
Teni holds Shorvari agreeing she got everything because of Shorvari. She realized it as soon as she reached home, that someone else is involved. Dada ji asks Teni what she means. Teni says Shorvari must not have placed the passport in the front drawer. This has been done by someone who wants to part them. Dada ji asks if they are doubtful of someone. They stare at Mohini.

PRECAP: Parth was happy and sure that none can break their interesting relation now. There in the room, Mohini rip parts the photo of the three and says she will make sure their relation will breathe its last soon.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Karine Zakaryan

    Wow, this is the story. In short, Teni is the hero of this whole show. A girl who grew up on the street, who does not know how to speak normally and suddenly decides all the problems of this stupid family. In fact, this family enjoys great respect in society, and they have big business, but in fact this family idiots, only Teni is the most intelligent. Parat and Shorvari, who loved each other to insanity, and suddenly turned into fools, grandfather and grandmother turned into mentally retarded old men, and Indu and Mohini in pridurkov. You see what sick imagination of these producers.

    1. Karine zakaryan relax dude remember this show is sequence of chori chori chupke chupke until the last part will u guys stop bashing the hero heroine both teni and shovori and the whole fast whole team according to story it Will end with both shovori and paths happy note.so stop bashing those people and at least for sake of this serial put some trust in them.u bashing words are not changing their mind set maybe they are showing this stupidity to us because of your mind blasting comments. Put some trust guys.
      And another thing I am not supporting any one but dsdt whole team.

  2. The show makers mind is f**ked up. One cannot discuss about rape openly in India but people agree for such shows where a man is staying with two wives.

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