Dil Se Dil Tak 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Teni leaves. Aman was worried what if Teni really runs away. Shorvari is sure she won’t run away. Aman was worried about the last dream of Teni, he could expect anything from Teni. He asks Parth for his help, Parth laughs and promises Aman. He thinks this is Teni’s childishness and the results can be worst.
In the room, Teni thinks she won’t marry in either cases, if the dreams aren’t fulfilled and if Aman gets the know about the truth. Outside, Parth thinks what he must do, what if Teni really runs away. There in the room, Teni says Parth must come to speak to her if he doesn’t want a drama in the Sangeet. He must be angry at her but won’t get furious over her. She comes out of the room while Parth comes inside, both confront each other. Teni thinks he must wait for him to speak

to her. Parth passes Teni without talking to her. Teni shuts the door of her room and cries. Parth thinks if he tries to speak to her she will ruin things, its better he ignores the matters right now. Teni was upset that Parth ignored her, he would now see what Teni is capable of. She brings out a red envelope, cuts out Parth’s photo and says this all is because of him only. She encloses the photo in red envelope and says Aman should now open the envelope, he would witness that Parth is her dream, how he would open it. She places the envelope back. She then thinks that Aman might never marry her and her dream to go to America must end. She let it go, and says she would accept in front of Aman that she fell in love with Parth. She ties a red chunri over her head and decides she will now get what’s in her life.
Sejal thinks about calling Rishab. She turns around to see Jagruti in the same restaurant and questions what Sejal is doing here. Jagruti questions her the same. Rishab comes there and says he invited them together deliberately, he says it’s an important reason. Sejal asks what it means. Mohini calls Sejal, Sejal leaves her call on. Rishab asks if they brought him some gift, Sejal was about to bring out the gift. Jagruti says she didn’t bring any. Rishab asks if she already knew it’s his birthday. He says he wanted to celebrate it with both of them. Sejal wish him birthday. Jagruti says they must now leave, Rishab gets her at a distance and says he needs to speak to her about a few matters. Jagruti nods and takes a leave. Rishab says he wants to share something in his mind with her.
At home, Jalpa was speaking to a patient on phone. Bharat comes to the room. Jalpa asks why he is angry at her, he doesn’t even reply to whatever he says. She has been noticing his ignorance since many days. Bharat complains she didn’t think once what he would suffer. He says he never hides anything from her and she has hidden a huge matter from her. Jalpa says she only hid the matter because she was sure he won’t be able to bear it. Bharat says he has been suffocating now, thinking that… Jalpa says she didn’t intend to do so, she only wanted to see such confidence in his eyes. She took help from Papa’s friend so that he never knows he got loan because of her. Bharat asks if she had hidden this as well. He says he now realize their relation is based upon a lie. He leaves the room.
The next morning, Teni was in the room and thinks their mehndi drama would soon begin. She takes her bottle of wine and pours a glass for herself. She takes a sip and speaks to her baby that he is so nice, she won’t sip to hurt him.
Parth was looking after the wedding decorations. He was upset about Teni’s demands from Aman. Aman comes there and watching chandelier fall over Parth he saves him. He asks Parth why is he lost. Parth says he has been really busy with much of arrangements. Aman wonders where he must find the red envelope, what if she runs away and asks for his help. Shorvari comes to tell Aman Teni can’t hide any secrets. Parth wonders why this girl is doing all this. He turns around to see Teni come downstairs, she confronts Parth then comes to Aman and asks about his preparations. He says he is stuck with her envelope’s dream. Teni says she is also stuck, since she got the meaning of love she also feels she fall in love.

PRECAP: Teni decides to end the matter and comes to Parth’s room. Shorvari asks what Teni is doing here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hate this teni

  2. Angelk1

    Beautiful EPs, ten I is a smart girl indeed ?, how will parth handle this. And if shovori finds out, how will she deal with her knowing her baby is in her womb. At least the drama is finally starting. Great acting with everyone

    1. f**king b*t*h.. U are the same character as Teni I guess that’s y u cud relate to her..what interest u do much to njoy a surrogate with a married man..this is India and we do not entertain any other woman in btwn a married couple… Sick of u seriously.

  3. Shit se shit tak

    Shit got shittier and shittiest. This ho called Teni shitty Mata doesn’t even deserve our insults. How can a woman (she doesn’t deserve to be called a woman) be so selfish? I’ve seen gold digger. But the biggest gold and husband digger? Watch this serial for it, where makers confuse lust for love, think sadak chap ladkis require to be married to an already married man. Wow! ?

  4. Shit se shit tak

    Sorry but not sorry. I call spade a spade. If you go on peeling this serial you’ll find nothing. It has no soul no story no morals no logics no reality, absolutely nothing. But it has lots a lots of lusting, betrayals,how to snitch a husband for yourself tips, how to act like a b*t*h, how to be selfish, how to forget from where you come from, how to let money go into your head and see people below you in disgust. The list goes on.

  5. Shit se shit tak

    And what the eff are these promos showing? Love ka pareeksha for shitty Teni Mata? LOL. LMAO here. ? God when will this serial end. I pretty much know how it’ll end. Parth will marry 2nd time with Shitty Teni Mata, cuz guys he just had a damn turmeric paste on his clothes. Wash it off dude! Why marry again? Just tell your wife the truth. Be a man for at least 1 min. Well pretty much Shorvori will turn Villian and this shitty Teni and shitty parth end up together. Bah! Please pull the plug colors. Let this serial die a horrible death for promoting lust and polygamy.

  6. What kinda shitty childish brattish lust is this. Stop this glycerin waterfall for godsake. We aren’t moved by shitty lust. Once a ho always a ho! Why is she acting like she’s being betrayed? You are the one betraying a woman who gave you shelter and kindness ho! Please don’t promote your shitty show adding unnecessary twists in plots. It just grosses out all the crap you’ve played so far makers!

  7. Lol romanticize the shitty ho and married man. That’s all you can think of writers. Pea brained knuckleheads! ? Show the romance between the husband and wife not ho and her lusty eye on married man!

  8. So teni on one side is worried tat this red envelop will break her wedding with aman and he wont give a damn again and her American dream will disappear..and one side she wants parth also? Has she ever thought about aman? Or has she thought about wat parth wants! All she cares for is herself…
    This is supposed to be parth and shorvari’s love story..not parth and that whore teni’s…and i think parth deserves someone better than this self obsessed lusty whore…wat closure is she expecting? He isnt accepted her love..nor is he her hubby or bf to give her a closure…he knws that this idiot will complicate things whether he says yes or no or doesnt say anything at all..parth’s love is going to be tested again…teni’s love isnt pure…love is never selfish..and here this woman is only concerned about herself..i dont think parth will marry teni leaving a wife like shorvari…where is shorvari..and where is this sadak chaap third rated bar dancer whore who has no manners..no morals..no values…

  9. Why everyone blames teni? This show is based on salmans movie.. story is like that. Then the story must ride abt this way. The story development is based on these shade. So accept it.. give freedom to the writers to express thier story.. i think they charactorise tenis role is good one.. you all know how difficult is to present tenis charactor… but she is doing good.. not irritated. She is not like a serial evil.. she is good… and her charactor is also good

    1. Oh miss!! If this was a crappy sadak chap story why did they promot it as a dilchasp rishta?? Her character is the WORST……They are showing LUSTY ADULTERY. Idiotic character. Stupid show with stupid viewers

      1. Then u stay away.. u didnt like to watch then no need to watch.. stay away good show watching kaligna

  10. teni dimak se thodi tedi Hai. like bingo tedi medi crunch.Sarvori is too kind that she doesn’t know about teni’s that intention which rose from her heart. Sarvori teni ko abhi bhi apna dost manati Hain.par that bad intention in Teni’s mind will create a drama in story. And Pari ,mind ur language, Teni’s​ character is not whore in the story and in real life.ok.?

    1. Acc to me she is…if u have a problem tats not my headache..wat wud u call a girl who is playing around with one guy for the luxuries he is offering and thinking of becoming the second wife of a already married man and sharing the bed with parth and shorvari and fantasising over it? Whore is the word for that..
      We have seen love triangles before also..none were as nasty as this one..masteni..breaking a household..sleeping on a couple’s bed between them..pregnancy cravings bolke doing all nasty stuff…
      And yeap..god gave me enough brains to not watch shows like naagin..which is shit as f**k..
      Any normal person with little intellect will understand how wrong teni and her intentions and her actions are…if u blindly want to support her in every shit she is doing go ahead…but don’t expect everyone else to support her..people with some virtue and morality will obviously think otherwise

  11. those who r writing against this story and teni , perhaps they don’t want to make this serial blog buster. It isn’t the first story which includes those odd type of love thinking of a character.Remember in soap”Choti bahu” how barkha’s mind fell in love with her friend radhika’s lover dev. and her character gradually changed into negative. in nagin series too when ada Khan mean sesha fell in love with​ sivaniya’s lover hritik she also changed into negative.but there was no one of u to say something awkward and against them and story. Bt I found everyone in their comments praised their acting because ada and barkha had done super acting ,just killed it. so why don’t you praise teni, parth and Aman and Sarvori and everybody in story and make it hit. ok luv u teni , Sarvori and parth and Aman.

    1. Nay!! We don’t want this SHIT to be promoted because its pure SHIT . stupid characters with a stupid storyline. f**k OFF DSDT

  12. Teni is a nice girl, but parth has been married. I think the best way is to marry two wives. That’s nothing. I love teni the best

      PSYCOPATH. Viewer????

    2. Teni mata is the best so she has to have parth huh? Kyun aur koi nahi mila kya ghar barbaad karne ke liye? Sirf shorvari hi mili thi? And why should parth have two wives? Will u accept tat in ur real life? Have some manners and common sense before you say such stuff just because u like this character…teni isnt tat deserving of a guy like parth…she has aman..so she can happily settle down with him..thats the best for her in the long run…

  13. Jasmin_bhasin love u

    Why everyone blames teni? When she got to know abt her feeling she tried to be away from him n she was also ready to leave bhanushali house but when shorvari told that she don’t have any problem if parth loves some one else n she said she will accept it n she will also love her parth se oodey har cheez se pyar karti hu she told n after DAT teni changed her mindset.
    N after hearing their conversation she felt bad of her behavior. Teni’s love is not love infatuation n its not lust too.Teni is not whore.

    1. Now what is she doing? If she realized her lust was wrong, why the envelope drama? Surely you can provide some insight into it?

  14. Love may b one sided or both,it doesn’t matter but love means happily together not happily forever.Love is to see ur lover to b the most happiest person in any condition for that even u need to sacrifice ur life also.Yeah i know its not teni’s fault that she loves parth but her expectations is little high. We should never expect from someone specially from whom we love.The more we expect the more we hurt nd it can harm others also.Parth didn’t give any hint to her so still she expect from him nd i guess she think that parth might love her back that’s y she is doing all this but if she revealed out her feeling in front of everyone,everything will ruined bcoz of her

  15. everybody should think that teni is also positive mode now. She has gradually fallen in love with parth, the only guy who​ take cares of her much and even the only one who understands her and given complete support from beginning. so why the love concept will not rise from her heart? It just happenes if there is only one who is with u at every cost ,and if they r of opposite s*x then love may happen. It’s Teni’s case. but yes ,it’s wrong to break other home. If ur friend is settled or married to someone and happy with her then u should not fail in love with him, rather u think him as best friend.This is the story’s turning point. But teni in story is orphan and uneducated. and not matured.So parth will definitely try to make understand all these as he loves Sarvori. Two things can happen :teni may understand the real or turn into a villian of story aiming to get parth. This is the best story, writers have. bcz in other serial s high educated and matured girl don’t understand any and turn into villian. bt here teni is thodi tedi.luv u all

  16. hey those nonsense if u can’t understand the story then please please don’t comment .and ho jyo ,who r u?and shit se shit tak lekhnewale , aap ki dimak ki halat thik nahin . App comment box par itna moral values mat likho. it is not a single story in tv. yeh karna pap Hai wo Hai , it’s​ not real yaar . this is a story means love story . Reading ur ,Pari ,kaligna’s comments I feel that you all don’t like love story and giving moral comments. so agar apko love story pasand nahin to app iss main kyun ghuste Hain?tv par aise hi Katie love story Hain . bt u want to blame it only,why?oh, jealousy.Stupid fellows duniya main kayi guna buri aur barbarta ki kahani Hain aur un par bhi film aur daily shops banayi jati Hain . mujhe lagata hain ki app logon kabhi kisi film nahin dekhe Hain aur na hi kabhi kahani padhe Hai. Aur Haan Dil se dil tak ek Dilchasp rista Hai kyun ki iss story dil ki aur pyar ki batein se juda Hai. They r not fighting like mad people u are,but they listen to their hearts and friends, and kabhi kabhi it’s a war of thinkings of hearts.Everyone can move according to story because of thinking of hearts because it’s a love story. Aur Haan don’t comment against them again.and don’t give ur moral teaching as it’s​ a love story.kabhi film nahin dekhe honge bade aaye comment karne . Jasmine ji please ignore them all.Agar koi ek word teni ke against bola to police station par f.i.r. karunga.It’s a story.ok.

    1. Its a love story of parth and shorvari and oh yes we are here to see their love story..not the adultery story of parth and teni..hello bhai saab..we arent talking abt jasmin bhasin here..so chill..we are talking abt a fictional character…so u also take a chill pill..we knw tat this is how the stories are everywhere..but this show has surpassed the level of cringeworthiness..and tv and films are different..we all have so much sense to understand and aee the difference..u dont have to start ur big aweful lecture here..coz no one is gonna buy ur teni mata’s love for parth crap story…go to the police and say tat u support adultery story..bada aya yahan pe lecture dene and intelligence baatne..saala

      1. I agree with you. First where is the story of surrogate and the challenges she goes through for her family? Nope the writers copied and pasted the script of Salman Khan movie. Think something original at least for 1 episode. ? Throwing cringe worthy episodes on our faces, they think we audience love this serial like some kinda candy. Nope l, sorry not sorry, it’s pure shit. Shit se shit tak definitely suits the title.

    2. Why we don't like DSDT.

      LOL. Dude I’m LMAO right now! ? You think we are jealous of the lead actress? That’s a serious allegation against us critics. ? We are purely commenting on the storyline, we aren’t threatening the lead actors are we? It’s you guys who are fans of the lead taking this personally. Just think logically for once. If you’re in such situation like DSDT IRL, will you allow a 3rd person in your marriage just because this person is surrogate carrying yours and your wife’s or yours and your husband’s baby? Will you change your mind if you discover this 3rd person has lust/crush on you? We still have our brains rooted to reality. There are lots of ways to enjoy a story or series. This serial is not one of it. It defies all logic, has waterfalls in place of tears, deceive and lust in place of trust and respect. Now you tell me, whether we are ranting on story or the lead?

    3. Shit se shit tak

      Is it a love story? Where? I don’t see it brah?? All I see is brattiness and gold digger quality in Teni Mata. I’m sure in reality people often allow the one they’re married to marry another person just because she was their surrogate right brah? Cuz the surrogate loved the married man so deeeeeeeeeply that even shit couldn’t fill it #Relatable right? Well I’m glad that the channel is pulling the plug off this goddamn serial. I know where this shit ends up at. Teni shitty Mata marrying Parth and living life like a gold digger. I’m sure if another person who’s more caring (in your words if man cares for a woman it’s based on opposite s*x attraction not because out of respect as a brother or friend) comes by she’ll go with him.

  17. I want to suggest the makers and writers of the show that after I analyzing the comments I think that some of the viewers want to see Sarvori most times as she is the lead role.i also . You should make Teni either complete villian of story or complete best friend of Sarvori and parth. But u always made teni’s character in a pending mode. uske man main bad thinking ko ghusa Diya par woh ab tak kuch bura Kar nahin rahi Hai. woh sirf kabhi ache aur bure eradon main ghumti Hai. But if u made teni villian or good helping friend then no doubt soap will be super like other they will not be in duel

  18. Teni is the most pure and beautiful, she does not have any fault, she is also trying to escape, just love too deep. I like teni.

    1. Teni is a sl*t

      Like really I’m watching today’s episode now.. Teni wants parths name written on her hand with mehndi..she is so sick to think like this.. Parth and shorvari trusted her so much and what is she doing betraying them..i hate Teni so much beyond imagination.. Whoare is the right word for her

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