Dil Se Dil Tak 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Shorvori says what can i do Parth? my family, their happiness, their dreams, everything is at stake, how to trust Teni? She hugs Parth, Parth says understanding someone’s dream and fulfilling it means to forget yourself, to rise above your liking, trust me for once, everything will be fine, your liking was Goddess who keep emotions and relations above money but if that kind of woman keep baby in her womb for 9monthes then she wont give baby to us but Teni can do it, only Teni can do it, do you understand? Shorvori says Teni stole Jayu. Parth says it was misunderstanding, he shows her kidnapper’s photo and says inspector sent to me, this kidnapper told police that due to fear, he put Jayu in Teni’s basket, she didnt kidnap Jayu. Shorvori says but her character? i

dont want to give my baby her character, Parth says baby gets character from parents that raise him, only Teni can give us that baby. Shorvori says how can i forget what i saw today? she was dancing in bar being drunk, she was not even conscious. Parth says fine, i wont force you, you will decide if Teni will be our surrogate or not, its between two mothers so i wont involve in it, you have this whole night to think about it, think wisely, we will go for insemination after yes only otherwise we wont take Teni’s name ever again, he holds her hand and says lets go. Shorvori says you go, i will come, Parth caresses her face and kisses her forehead, he leaves her in baby room. Shorvori looks around baby room and sees toys scattered there, she recalls Teni dancing in bar between drunk men, she cries looking at toys, she starts arranging toys. She looks at baby cot and photo frame, she hugs frame. She recalls Teni’s taunt that she can give birth to lot of kids. Shorvori silently weeps.
Its morning, Parth wakes up and says where did Shorvori go? shorvori comes there and is getting ready. Parth asks where did you go? Shorvori says i was in garden. Shorvori is trying to open sindoor box. Jalpa calls, Parth puts on speeker, Jalpa asks if he is bringing Shorvori and Teni for insemination? Parth says i will call later. He takes sindoor(vermilion) box from Shorvori and opens it, he applies sindoor of Shorvori’s forehead, Shorvori says what if i am not able to trust your belief? will you still love me the same? Parth shakes his head in no and says NO, even more than that, Shorvori is stunned, Parth says life is long and my love for you keep increasing everyday so i cant keep loving equally daily, it keeps growing, you can take any decision, it will affect our family to become three from two but it wont make us one from two. Shorvori says then lets get ready, we will be late for hospital, she wipes her tears and leaves, Parth looks on.
Teni is sitting in parlour and says all asked me to keep myself away from wine but i didnt listen, i just dreamed to go to America but i destroyed everything, i dont know what i said to Parth’s wife being drunk, i will have loss of 10lacs because of wine, dont show your face wine bottle, she pushes wine bottle away, bottle rolls to Shorvori’s feet. Teni sees her and says you here? why you are behind me? i wont go to jail. Teni starts jumping out of window but Parth comes there and says stop Teni. Shorvori sees dollar notes in mandir of Teni’s room. shorvori is disgusted with her room. Parth says Teni we didnt come to take you to police, we have come to take your hospital, Teni says it means deal is still on? Parth says yes, lets go. Teni says you go with your wife, tell your wife that i am not kidnapper and i didnt steal baby. Shorvori says kidnapper got arrested, Teni says i told you that i didnt steal baby, you got fooled, happy now? shorvori looks away. Teni says i will get ready, she leaves. Parth thanks Shorvori for believing him and taking such difficult decision, he hugs her.

Scene 2
In hospital, Jalpa says to Parth and Shorvori that i hope Teni didnt drink wine or smoked since last 12hours. Parth says she drank last morning but 12hours passed, Jalpa says be careful, if she drink and smoke after getting pregnant then it will affect health of baby, Shorvori gets tensed hearing it.
Teni is test laboratory. She sees injection and says i wont take it, i will runaway from here. Jalpa and Parth comes there, Teni says we didnt promise that i will take such big injection, Parth says it wont hurt you, trust me, Teni says you keep saying trust you, oneday you will ask me to get stabbed from sword, Jalpa says i am doctor and i am telling you that pain will be less in process. Teni says this needle is so big, it will hole in my bones, i will take capsule, Jalpa says procedure is impossible without injection, Teni says then i am going, i wont do it. Teni starts leaving but Parth says i will give you 50,000rs extra just to take this injection, Teni thinks that injection is big but its 50,000. She says okay, promise to give me money? he says yes. Jalpa asks Parth if he is sure to move ahead with this greedy girl? Parth says she can do anything for money and i am sure she wont cheat us. Teni gets ready for process.
Shorvori is waiting in clinic for them to come.
In laboratory. Teni asks nurse that i will get pregnant with this injection? i wont have to do anything else right? you know what i mean by doing something else? nurse says you dont have to. teni is anxious to see injection. Parth comes to Shorvori and says process has started, pray that everything will be fine, God never ignores mother’s happiness. Shorvori looks at Parth anticipating, she is not very happy.
In laboratory, insemination process starts. Teni lies on bed, she is nervous, she says everything will be fine, this is big hospital, i will get money and will go to America, nothing will go wrong, just think about America and 10lacs.
In clinic, Parth and Shorvori are waiting. Jalpa comes there and says insemination got completed, we will get results in two days. Shorvori and Parth are elated, Parth says our baby? he hugs shorvori who is happy too, Jalpa sees this and thinks that they dont know this is not right time to celebrate, this process has 30% success rate. Shorvori says to Parth congrats baby’s father, he says you too baby’s mama, Shorvori says this is such happy news that i cant wait for two days.
Teni is in laboratory, she says i will get biggest news after two days and money.
Parth says to Shorvori that you gave me this happiness by accepting Teni, i am so happy, thank you, he hugs her. Shorvori thinks that i cant be happy even if i want to knowing that our lives are about to change, i have to do something important before this change in our lives.
Teni gets ready to leave laboratory but she gets call and says really? i am coming, she ends call and says when God start giving, there is no limit for it. Teni comes out of laboratory, Parth stops her and thanks her, she says you stopped me for useless thanks? i am getting late, Parth says your money? Teni says i will take it later, i have important work, i will call you later, she leaves. Parth says anything more important than money in Teni’s life? Shorvori sees all this.
In clinic, Parth is signing papers. Shorvori comes in corner and calls some man, she says are you sure she didnt doubt? he says no, she ends call and says i want to know if Parth’s trust is right or my doubt?

PRECAP- Teni says to Shorvori that you came to take my test right? you have lost your deal, i am cancelling this surrogacy deal now. Parth is seen begging Teni to not cancel, Shorvori breakdowns. Shorvori comes to Teni and folds her hands, she says i am begging you to not cancel baby’s deal, i will do anything you say. Teni says fine, i will not cancel this deal but you will have to give me 10lacs etc. Later Teni is shown leaving city. Parth and Shorvori are in car, Shorvori says drive fast, we have to catch Teni. Parth looks at her while driving and they get into accident with bike.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Presha


  2. Hey guys,
    The precap seems too scary…ACCIDENT that was unexpected but let’s see what happen…Epi was so so but I didn’t like the precap.

  3. Ohhhh dear!! I understand Shovori ‘s apprehension, she is unsure if the decision they are making, is a good one. Parth is under the impression that TenI will give them the baby after birth because she is like a butterfly and not stable and all mother conscious but I see it differently……I have to say, that Jasmin Bhasin has defined the role of TenI, she has molded this bubbly and infectious character to perfection. Hats off to her…she makes me laugh with her antics and dialogue. Wonderful episode.

  4. Chithu

    An accident in precap tats scary. I have seen promos of upcoming episodes that insemination failed. It will be a really tough time for shorvori to share parth. I was really sad seeing that.

    1. Nitee

      I don’t understand what does it mean sharing parth… y… for wt…

      1. Chithu

        Nitee artificial insemination has only 30% chances so it failed. Jalpa announces only way of getting pregnant is shorvori sharing Parth to Teni. Its disgusting no women can accept tat. Its really sadning

    2. Nitee

      yeah itz disgusting to hear… not only shorvori even Teni won’t accept, yes how could she… And I don’t think this process is called surrogacy…If so how could the baby is of Parth and shorvori..
      I think there would be some other way…


    TOI spoiler.. ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

    Episode – 21
    02:15 PM – 02:45 PM, 28 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Parth and Shorvori realise they only have a few days left to tell the family truth. Later, they have problems trying to convince Teni about becoming a surrogate mother.

    Episode – 22
    10:33 PM – 11:04 PM, 28 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Teni has an internal argument as to whether or not she should go for the dance tour. Meanwhile, Shorvori tells Parth to take Teni’s loyalty test.

    Episode – 23
    10:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 01 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    Teni gets angry when she hears about the loyalty test and rejects the deal. Although, she agrees after Shorvori and Parth convince her, but asks for more money.

    Episode – 24
    10:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 02 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    Parth and Shorvori try to arrange for the money and are able to manage to apply for loan with the help of Suyog. However, Poyni sees him giving the money to Parth.

    Episode – 25
    10:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 03 Mar Set Alert
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    Parth and Shorvori rush to Teni to give her the money. Meanwhile, Teni is about to leave forever as they have still not come with the money.

    Episode – 26
    10:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 06 Mar Set Alert
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    There is no synopsis available for this episode.

    1. Nitee

      Tq 🙂

    2. Chithu

      Thanks Santhosh

  6. A spoiler shown today
    Insemination failed and all 3 are tensed. Jalpa bua tell them that the only way left to be pregnant is …..
    and shorvori tensed, crying and hesitant to share parth with tei.
    This track seems ridiculous to me..I thought it is going to be artificial insemination..it is hard for any woman to share her husband…it is better to drop the idea of a child rather than having it at a cost of sharing her husband even if it is for a single time…my opinion…
    Love the show till date and perfect casting…
    Jasmin has portrayed teni so well…she makes the show lively…

  7. Nitee

    Good episode… Parth character is just amazing luv him to the core… And precap yeah itz look scary…

    And Hi nivu, naz, angel,twinj, presha, chithu, arbaz,santics,deepa and other visitors of this forum… hws u all..

  8. Good episode but precap is verry very veryyyy scarrry what will happen omg

  9. Hiii everyone
    I am a new member.Myself Ankita..Am from Chandigarh..
    Nice to meet u all….
    The precap is scary

    1. Nitee

      Hi Annie… wc..

    2. Angelk1

      Hi Annie, welcome to dil

    3. Hi ankita welcome to this sweet family

    4. Chithu

      Welcome Annie

  10. Angelk1

    I just now watch the eps. This is crazy, so the injection might fail, and now parth an teni might end up doing something. Well that kinda explains the promo when they we’re in the bed under the blanket. I didn’t understand it at first, but now I do.

    But I don’t think that will happen. Parth won’t go through with it, neither will teni. I think jalap got it wrong. And the injection did work at the last minute.

    Coming to the hospital, I realize not once dis shovori apologize to teni, and now she’s testing her lol, those girls are a hand full for Parth. But one thing for sure is they shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Teni is like this for a reason, but what will happen when she comes to love, obviously she will change into a caring women.

    1. Chithu

      In Chori chori chupke chupke too it was not insemination. But foing the other way shorvori wont be the child’s biological mother. It will be Teni. The child will actually belong to Teni n Parth. I hope they try insemination once again

      1. Angelk1

        True, but I wonder why it didn’t work. If they try the second time, would it actually work?

      2. Chithu

        I dpnt knpw whether it will work for second tym. But this way of trying was better to getting physical. I doubt my getting Teni n Parth together too will work because, sometimes ppl really get hard tym conceiving

  11. U r right angel

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