Dil Se Dil Tak 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Parth shattered because of Shorvari’s death

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Parth doesn’t trust anyone and was completely devastated at the news. Teni cries aloud, she tells Parth to control himself. Shrovari can’t leave them, she must be somewhere around. The family consoles Teni.
Parth comes to the room disturbed. Ramnik comes to calm him down. He insists they can’t get Shorvari down at any cost. This isn’t time to fell weak, she must accept the truth. Parth asks whom did he talk to, and calls the inspector. He asks the inspector how to trust him? The doctor says Shorvari’s body is in morgue house of the hospital. He can come to identify the body. Parth and Ramnik hurry outside.
In the morgue room, the inspector brings Parth and Ramnik towards a body. The inspector says she was covered in fire all around, her body is badly injured. Parth stops the constable from removing the cloth off her face and gains the courage to do it himself. He backs up out of shock and fell down crying. They present him with a Mangal sooter. Parth recognizes it as Shorvari’s.
He gets a flashback when once her mangal sooter got stuck in his shirt’s button. He was about to break it, but Shorvari didn’t let him. She wasn’t even ready to break the button and he held her to kitchen. Shorvari was tensed what if someone saw her. Mohini had watched them, she scolded them for being shameless. She left annoyed, Parth and Shorvari had carried on towards kitchen. Indu was there in the kitchen. Both were confused in front of her. Indu left smiling. Shorvari got the scissors and cut the button of the shirt. There was a hole in his shirt. She told Parth she would never let him remove the mangal sooter.
Parth fell over the covered body and cried badly.
Parth was crying in the room, draped in Shorvari’s dress dupatta. He could hear Shorvari speaking around, and looks for her hysterically and cries. ‘Chadariya jheeni re jheeni’ plays. Teni comes to the room and finds him shattered. Teni cries that Shorvari wanted him to live happily, its now her responsibility.

PRECAP: Teni watches Shorvari in the room. She says its good Shorvari is back. Parth and Indu comes there and looks around .

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Angelk1

    Oh shit , dont tell me teni is seeing ghost now, but such an emotional EPs. I notice something, when a person dont look at a dead body in a drama serial, it usually means its not them. Either that or shovori will have a look alike with a different personality. Or shes somewhere safe with no memories.

  2. It would be just Teni’s imagination. lol

  3. Alister La Frenais

    Please. please end this serial. The whole drama and bull crap is just to much to stomach. Never, in all my born days have I seen such rubbish. The script writers are definitely escapees from a mental institution, if they really believe the rubbish storyline.

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