Dil Se Dil Tak 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shorvori and Parth brings Teni home. Indu asks if she is fine? she nods. Dada asks where were you all? He asks Aman why you were not picking call? Aman says my phone didnt have network, Dada says why did you take Teni to such place? I didnt expect such carelessness from you? Aman says I am sorry, I did mistake, I wont be able to forgive myself. Baa says you and Teni are getting married so you should be careful, Dada says dont go out of house till you both get married, get rest now, he leaves. Aman stops Parth, he says dont worry, this secret will always remain secret, no one will know not even Dada, Teni glares at him.

Shorvori brings Teni to her room, Parth says you must be hungry. Teni says Aman’s insults filled my stomach, ask him to get lost from my room, he took me where

he wanted to, now I will take care of myself, Aman sadly looks at her and feels guilty, he leaves. Parth says I will bring some food, he leaves. Shorvori makes Teni sit. Aman comes there and sees them. Shorvori says to Teni that I got angry on you, I am sorry, Teni says you are forgiven, I am sorry, I said bad things to you too, Shorvori says take rest now, Teni lies her head on Shorvori’s shoulder. Aman is moved seeing their bond. Parth comes there with food, he smiles at them, Teni gets happy seeing food, she says you are spoiling baby, Parth says this is all for you, drink milkshake first, I made it, Teni tastes it and says it has left even wine behind, thank you, when I was lying in operation theater, I was hearing everything, what you said in my favor was great, you know only you have understood me in this world so thank you so much, Parth says your welcome, Parth wipes her lips with tissue, Shorvori says I feel jealous seeing your friendship, they laugh, Parth hugs Teni and Shorvori. Aman sees all this and says they truly have very interesting relation.

Shorvori and Parth comes to their room. Shorvori prays to God. Aman comes to their door, Parth says to Shorvori that Teni and baby is fine, dont worry, he hugs her. Aman says ask God what is my punishment, I am criminal for dragging to that danger and giving mental trauma to you both, I just want to say that I love Teni a lot, Parth clenches his jaw and looks away. Aman says to Shorvori that sometimes we dont understand what is right and what is wrong, I did same, forgive me, he folds his hand, Shorvori stops him. Aman says to Parth that I am respecting Teni more after what you told me about her, I am promising to never let her feel pain again, forgive me, I am sorry, Shorvori says Parth I feel Aman repents his mistake, he didnt know truth so we should give him another chance. Parth recalls how he promised Teni that he will get her married to Aman. Parth says okay Aman me and Shorvori forgive you but you have to ask forgiveness from Teni, Aman says I hesitate after seeing her anger so can you help me? Aman asks Parth if he will help her? Parth says you have hurt Teni’s heart and you will win it back, me and Shorvori wont be able to help you at all. Aman nods and leaves. Shorvori says if Aman is ready to accept Teni after knowing that she is our surrogate then thats big thing, Parth says we were worried about him leaving Teni after knowing truth but he accepts her and this shows that He really loves her a lot.

Scene 2
Teni comes to her room and sees red balloons and sorry notes on her mirror. She throws it away and says I know you are hiding, I dont want your sorry, leave my room. Aman comes from behind couch and is holding balloon which says sorry and also sorry note stick to his lips, Teni glares at him, Aman gives her puppy eyes, Teni snatches balloon and note from him and says I dont want you, I will tell Dada that I dont want to marry you, leave. Aman says I am sorry, you can punish me but dont ask me to leave, Teni says nothing can happen between us, leave. Parth comes there and sees this. Aman says I did mistake but I repent, I wont leave till you dont forgive me, teni says then keep standing here, I dont care. Parth comes there and says you left letter in your room, seems like you wrote it for Teni. Aman is confused, Teni says Parth read it, lets see what curses he has written for me. Parth reads letter:
Dear Teni,

I am a fool to misunderstand you, I kept finding true love but when it came to me, I couldnt handle it, I have stooped in my eyes after doubting your character, how could I doubt my love that has given me reason to breath and love, the love which has become bigger than my life, I can lose my life but not my love, I was wrong but cant you give me another chance? I am ready to accept your decision.

Your Aman,

Teni softens after hearing letter, Aman sits infront of her and says I am sorry this was my last mistake, Teni says I would have forgiven you for everything but you have pointed at my character and I dont forgive that but I did mistake of hiding truth from you so I am forgiving you. Aman says it means you forgave me? should I send cards for printing? Teni says let it happen as baby will born in Us then, Aman hugs her and goes behind Parth.
Aman comes to Parth and hugs him, he says thank you for saving my love, how could you write such nice words? Parth says understanding your partner, loving them unconditionally is secret formula behind it, Aman says I will try to implement in life too, can I keep that letter with me? Parth says did you write that letter? he says no, Parth says its not yours so it wont be with you, Aman nods and leaves. Parth thinks that one side is my brother’s love and otherside is Teni’s fair wish to have good life, if I had to lie a little to make two lives happy then it doesnt matter.

Teni pray to God that I dont want more drama in life, I just want to marry Aman and go to US. Aman comes there and lies his head on her lap, he says I want that too, Teni says why did you come here? you bring problems here, Aman says just think about our dreams, Teni says like? Aman shows her grand house and says see this will be our small house between mountain and lake, Teni says I dont like small but big house, Aman says okay, imagine you come out after taking bath and giving aarti in house. Teni imagines herself as houswwife and doing aarti, Teni says then you make American breakfast for me, Teni says I dont know that so you would have to bring from outside, Aman says okay think you come out of shower and you sprinkle water from hair, I am sleeping on bed and you sit beside me and then.. Teni says then I sleep too because I would be sleepy too, I have seen those scenes in movies so leave now, She pushes Aman out of room. Teni lies on bed, she imagines that dream again. Teni imagines herself coming to bed after shower as housewife and wakes up Parth not Aman. Teni jerks up seeing the dream.

PRECAP- Teni says to Parth and Shorvori that I saw a bad dream, I saw myself with Parth instead of Aman, Parth says it doesnt matter, you stay with me whole day, you talk to me whole day and go out with me too so you saw my face, it doesnt matter, Shorvori nods. Teni says it matters, it me seeing Parth in dream has one meaning only, Shorvori and Parth looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nice episode. .teni dil ki sacchi hea issi baja se usne dream ke bareme parth ur sorvori ko bata dia..I really enjoyed her character. .teman scene is also good.. but I think us jane ke badh bohut kuch hone bala hea..sahed sorvori mar jaegi ur bacche ke lia parth ur teni shadhi karenge..its my thoughts…

  2. Kashaf

    Teni what to tell about you. Are you seriously telling shovori and parth about ur dream. I thought you will try to hide it. Ur too bold Teni that is the thing I love you.

    1. Even me, her honesty is what’s so wonderful about her. I would have kept it to myself and hope it goes away. I wonder why shovori isn’t worried.

  3. Shrilatha

    OK guys yesterday comments say that there two kinds of people here 1 Parth and teni lovers and other Teman lovers like me…Fort of all guys it’s Dil se Dil tak…Never meant love triangle nor any love story it’s a emotional bond between parth shorvari and teni and it could be Aman aswell ..If it is Parth and teni…Every relation will get spoiled and no I don’t think shorvari will die..And indians don’t have positive opinion about surrogacy…If it turns outas Parth and teni then people will be more aggressive about surrogacy.. and Aman is wrong but not evil…It would be really great if it’s two couple…And tan should be there fighting together for each other. Teman forever

    1. Hello i am azfaria i support u completely u said right i think Teni does not think she loves Parth it mightbe something else i dont think she will ever do that to Shrovori. Teni seems money minded bt her heart is pure. Teman forever. Parth Shorovori forever.

    2. Yes I completely agree with you, me and my best friend have said the same thing. We really love Aman and Teni’s jodi,
      I just hope that there is a way for the directors to change their plot, it will hurt many hearts including ours if we see Teman/Amni separate

    3. Oh I don’t think there are any parth and teni lovers.hello, no one wants parth and teni here……because whyy….she can have friendship , she can find a brotherly figure in him but is it necessary to find him like a lover???…..and teni character was very transparent…. I really liked her character’s transperency ,she did good by telling her stupid dream to parvori…..and I agree with you shrilatha ….hope its what we think..

    4. Shrilatha

      Thank u everyone..and u r right. And I hope CVS don’t spoilt.

  4. Is there any way for us to let the directors know that we are not liking the track, I I really want them to change the track, we don’t want Teman/amni to separate, I just hope the directors know how much we are hating the track, if Parth and Teni get together then it will set a bad impression to the audiences, Many people will believe that the show is trying to mislead them.Please we don’t want Aman and Teni to separate, many viewers will stop watching the show if they separate the beautiful Jodi. We want teman/Amni.

    1. Pinkpearl

      tweet @ColorsTV @sumeethmittal @ShashiSumeet and raise your point on view bout the show to them

      1. Let’s all tweet to her, yes that would be a good idea but please everyone let’s try and make one effort of trying to stop teman/Amni separate

    2. Me too don’t want Teni and Aman to separate, they are cute couple.. I think Teni gets brotherly affection on Parth, hope the directer will change the track, eagerly waiting for today’s episode..

      1. im a bit nervous for todays episode. I still have a bad feeling that they might separate them. oh please I just hope that the producers know we are not liking it. Teni and Aman are such a loved couple. They should not be separated and if they were not meant for each other then why did they bring Aman at the first place. Their chemistry is soo beautiful.

      2. Pinkpearl

        Even I don’t want teni to fall for parth coz aman makes an amazing pair with Teni…makers need to understand that many people are liking der chemistry…they look jus perfect together…raise ur point to shashi sumeet on twitter

  5. After reading all these comments I have realised that many people agree that Aman and Teni should not be separated. I completely agree with Sara. what was the point in bringing Aman if he isnt even meant for Teni. More people love Aman and Teni jodi. By separating them will show audiences a bad impression. I agree with pinkpearl aswell. we should raise a point to the makers, but who has twitter. we can screenshot these messages and send it to the makers so they know how much we are disliking the show at the moment. No one wants Teni and Aman to separate. please who ever has twitter screenshot the messages to the makers as this will be our last attempt to stop this from happening

    1. Pinkpearl

      I have a twitter account..I’ll do it for AmNi fans

      1. Omg thanku soo much, we all should contribute guys. This may be our last chance stopping Amni/teman from separating.please all, we need to screenshot these messages. Thanku again pinkpearl

      2. Thank you sooo much pinkpearl. We need to get all the messages screenshot, please everyone, we all need to contribute if we want Amni/ teman to be together,

    2. Pinkpearl

      Login to colorstv.com and post ur comment der atlst channel will know what are we expecting from them

      1. yes I will try and do that

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