Dil Se Dil Tak 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shorvari explains to Mohini that she was only pinning Teni’s dupatta. Parth comes in a new kurta. Mohini asks why he changed it. Parth says it got turmeric spilled over it. Mohini says it’s said if an unmarried person gets turmeric he gets married soon, what Parth would do. Shorvari interrupts Mohini strictly and takes her downstairs. Parth tells Teni that his child is actually like him, he finally gave them a solution so that her Haldi can take place. Teni comes downstairs. Aman comes to Shorvari and asks if Teni doesn’t seem calm today. Shorvari says she had nausea some time ago and is sitting with Parth’s perfumed shirt. Teni looks towards Parth thinking if he had fought with her, she must have married Aman calmly. She says she really feels angry over his happiness. Baa calls Parth to apply

Haldi over Teni. Teni keeps on staring him as he smiles towards her. Baa comes to take Teni join them for dance. She hides Parth’s shirt beneath her stool.
Later during lunch, Bharat forbids Jalpa serve him. Jalpa was upset watching him let Shorvari serve in his plate. Teni catches Parth looking towards him while she ate. Someone plays an old love song, Teni was moved. Mohini calls to shut the slow music. Aman speaks to everyone saying he never proposed a girl because he was sure they would leave her halfway. Teni asks if he is confident about Teni. Aman says he is confident she won’t even wait the wedding date, would run even before that. Parth assures Aman Teni herself said she loves him, Aman takes care of her and wants to fulfil each of her dream then why would someone run away from such a guy. Teni smiles forcefully then says there are a few strange dreams whom none can fulfil. Aman promises to fulfil each of her dream at any cost. Teni tells him to let it go, whatever he has done is enough for her. Aman demands what’s her dreams, Sejal takes guarantee of Aman’s promise. Parth eyes Teni closely. Teni asks if he would back up getting to know her dream. He promises he won’t. Everyone was now interested, Parth was worried what if she reveals what’s in her heart. Teni says she had three dreams since childhood, one was to fly in the midst of clouds and wanted to shine in sun light. Aman promises to get it. She tells her second dream, she wants to speak fluent English and even write it. She couldn’t learn English and what’s in her heart remained in it, would he be able to teach her English in such short time. Aman promises that. Bharat calls Aman a magician and wish he could also fulfil each of Jalpa’s wish. Teni says her third dream is, there is a secret in her heart. Her dream would fulfil when he finds about that secret. Parth wonders why Teni wants Aman to know she loves him, he wonders what’s going on in her mind. Shorvari asks her to give a hint, else how he would know about it. Teni says alright, she would give him a hint; she says the secret is in a red envelope. He must find it, it will get her dream fulfilled. She eyes Parth lost in his thoughts. Mohini assures Aman would fulfil each of her dreams. Bharat says he must find it before wedding, else there would be some storm if he finds it after marriage. Teni begins the countdown saying she swears to run away from marriage if her dreams aren’t fulfilled, she sticks to her commitment and Parth knows it well. Parth looks towards Teni open mouthed.

PRECAP: In the room, Teni thinks Parth is hurting her. He must come and accept he read the letter. Outside, Parth was confused about what to do, if he must go and speak to Teni. Both come across each other in the corridor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Parth don’t want to hurt her that’s y he didn’t give a hint about he read the letter… Teni have no sense…Now she really try to break the house…. So stupid…

  2. Shit se shit tak

    Stupid idiotic serial. Just shut it down for godsake! ? Can’t tolerate this bullshit lust of surrogate. At least have the decency to tell the man who loves you to core what ho you are. Man what the effs wrong with these dumb writers. Sorry but no sorry we aren’t moved by your shitty story about lust. Now parth will marry this shitty Teni Mata. Colors please pull the plug.

    1. It’s not lust. It’s love, care and affection that Teni likes. That’s what all gals want from her man

      1. Teni the homebreaker

        Love and care and affection is provided by aman also…he also loves teni inspite of knowing everything about her history..he is loving her unconditionally…why is teni mata oly seeing parth and getting obsessed with parth? And wat happiness is teni gonna get by destroying shorvari’s life by this so called love nautanki of hers? And why isnt it a lust? Dint mata teni fantasise sleeping with parth on the same bed with shorvari? Love and care it seems…bullshit…all that love and care is for the baby she is carrying..not this woman alone…

      2. Shit se shit tak

        Well seems like if a girl lusts your hubby more than you you should support it. Legit bullshit! And why is she in so much care for another woman’s husband? This isn’t love,this is breaking another woman’s home and heart!

      3. Shit se shit tak

        The card is shown for the baby that’s growing in the womb, not for your shitty Teni Mata. I don’t know why people are such knuckleheads! And isn’t parth already married? How does the question of her man arise? What about Aman’s acceptance, care and love? Isn’t that what girls want? Lusting after a married man? No girl in her right mind would think something like that.

  3. Teni is innocent

    Aman love her unconditionally no doubt but this love make no sense to me..aman couldn’t read her mind and body language like parth does..he understands Teni so well..parth doesn’t love her back but Teni have fallen for him coz he understands her more than anyone had..teni is wrong but her Feelings and emotions aren’t unreal…hoping Aman cud understand her like parth does

    1. Teni the homebreaker

      For me..teni’s obssession over parth and her jealousy and envy seeing pari makes no sense wat so ever..no girl with a good character and is in a right mind wud never go behind a married man..if a man shows some care and attention and understands another girl it doesnt mean he is in love with her..even a elder brother will understand his sister if he bonds well…teni is wrong in many aspects..the way she is playing around with aman.. in her obsession for parth knowing very well he is married and loves someone else and she is more wrong in her expectations and her behaviour..i hope this wedding with aman happens and she moves on rather than breaking shorvari’s home

      1. Teni is innocent

        You are such a negative person..if u have so much problem with the show than stop watching it but do not spoil our interest in the show..im loving the show I’m not saying parth will marry teni but Teni is in love and it just happened..love can happen at anytime to anyone..she doesn’t want to break PaRi..she also tried hiding the letter but parth have read the letter..now Teni is in two minds if parth have read the letter or not..im sure she is end this as soon as she know that parth is aware of her feelings for him but he loves shorvary and things will be normal..do not get so hyper..makers are just trying to confuse us so just relax and Tc

    2. Teni is a homebreaker

      Just because i dont support teni and dislike her i become negative? So be it…if the show itself is brewinh negativity in the name of drama its pretty obvious tat people discussing abt it will also come
      Across as negative..i dont care wat u think..and hello..who are u to tell me to stop watching? I dont watch this show for teni or jasmin bhasin..coz both suck big time…i watch it for PaRi..and i will watch as long as they are in the show…

      1. Shit se shit tak

        Agreed. If we point out the wrong in it. People assume we are negative. In doing so aren’t the negative ones? I mean supporting something as breaking someone’s marriage, getting jealous about the couple in question, lusting after the husband even though his wife looks at you like her child and trusts you?

      2. Teni is innocent

        That’s great if you are watching it for PaRi..they are the best couple onscreen..teni is immature she doesn’t understand this love feelings..its Jus an infactuation what she has for parth..im sure soon she’ll realize this an accept the fact that PaRi cannot be separated..Teni is not a negative character pls don’t treat her like this.

  4. Teni can you plz die

    [email protected] When did Parth become Teni Maiya’s man?? He’s been very clearly saying that only his wife Shorvari has rights over him and no one else. So what makes this home breaking woman think she can consider him as her man?? Disgusting ??
    the goddess is engaged to Aman, and that makes only him her man. Poor guy he is also giving all the affection needed for this w**re, accepted her after knowing her being pregnant with PaRi’s kid as a surrogate. It takes big heart which this b***h is refusing to see.

    This home breaker is behind Aman’s wealth to have a luxurious life in her Amrica, and also behind Shorvari’s husband for her so called disgusting lusty love…

  5. Alister La Frenais

    I have watched this serial for a little while now and I have concluded that watching paint dry would be more interesting than the storyline of this serial. Week after week it is the same old rubbish; the script writers have hid a dry patch in their imagination and this is clearly shown in the low level of the script that these actors and actresses have to follow. Please Messrs script writers move away from this mundane storyline and introduce a bit of intrigue and suspense or even a little comic action, but the daily dose of the current rubbish is not winning any prizes.

  6. why couldn’t Parth and his wife adopt a baby? His family is going to disown Shorvari any which way after knowing that Teni gave birth to their heir. Showing such things on TV is now a very regular thing so it doesn’t surprise me that they showing Teni as an obsessive person. If this happens in real life then imagine the pain the couple will go through. I would rather be childless than go for surrogacy and loose my husband in the process 🙁

    1. Surrogacy means losing hubby..beware ladies

      ????same feels???thats the lesson this show taught the viewers..ur husband is more important than having a baby..beware..coz surrogates are home breakers..they will snatch away your hubby..coz its the hubby’s sperm..and tat will make the surrogate crave him a lot ???jo bhi hai..going for adoption is a personal choice..here parth wanted to be dad only to shorvari’s kid..and i dont see anything wrong in a couple wishing to have their own heir..but their choice of choosinh this bar dancer was their biggest mistake

  7. Teni’s love is not love but infatuation. n not lust too. N parth knows her feeling abt him na den y he can’t just clarify that’s never gonna happen bcoz love of his life is only shorvari he can’t give that place to anyone else n make her to understand d thing instead of it he is ignoring her.n plz cv’s don’t make teni villain in everyone eye. I watch dis serial only because Jasmin bhasin. N I love amni pair. Teni is orphan she didn’t got love from any source n when parth showed his care,attention and trust towards her she misunderstood it as love n when she firstly got to know abt her feeling abt parth she tried her level best to avoid him n to be away from him.only parth n shorvori’s words were echoing in her ears pyar aisa feeling hey vho hey pyar equation thodi hey bas ho jatha hey abb ho gaya iss teni ko pyar shadi shuda parth se.I wish she could see aman’s love also.
    Plz make teni realize its not love only infatuation n cv’s don’t make it as love triangle if it is den no one will opt for surrogacy after watching dis serial. N haa teni hey poor sadak chaap ladki tho kya usko sapna dekhne ka aur apna life settle karne ka koyi haqq nahi hey kya being practical she accepted aman’s proposal.

  8. hey who had written that teni is homebreak then I will beat them mercilessly. even nagin story has many awkward but no one blame it but they enjoyed as it’s an entertaining. so think dil se dil tak as that and love. ada Khan ko logon ne unki negative role main tarrif karte Hain uski baren main bura nahin kahate samjhe

    1. Teni the home breaker

      Come beat me mercilessly…???m so waiting…
      Ur obsession for naagin u keep it to urself..i have no interest in watching shows as those tats zero in content..and yeas..i stick to it..teni is the home breaker…she is breaking shorvari’s home and is trying to take away her hubby..she doesnt care about aman..neither does she care about what parth wants…teni is the most shameless character tv industry has ever seen…
      Lusty whore she is..

  9. kutiya sala itna character main ghus gaya ki usko whore bola. Ab dikh raha Hain​ tum kitni ghatiya soch wale. It’s a story. u r not a human at all. Yes there r negative intention merged into Teni’s mind bt she saw the concept of love as parth explained her which is called love. bt in other way it’s negative. So, now Teni may understand the real or turn into villian aiming to get parth according to story.But now she is in pending mode. she can’t understand what to do. ok, then u can say teni is bad or she is home breaker etc. bt up to today she is in fiction. Makers should show Sarvori’s life and acting more so that these things wouldn’t have happened.

    1. Teni the home breaker

      @sangram…wat are u? Teni’s security gaurd or jasmin’s bodyguard? Why are u taking this character so seriously? And why are u making personal attacks on everyone who is against teni! Everyone has their own view points..try to get tat first..and if people support ugly dirty stuff like adultery and nonsense then outburst is obvious…not everyone is watching the show for teni tat everything she does shud be accepted and appreciated..I personally hate that character and the actress..ur no one to question me over my choice..and the whole world is abusing teni..how many will u go shut up? Since u showed wat sort of an nasty a*sh*le u are by the language u use to make personal attacks for a fictional character..i think staying away from nasty dogs like u is better…enjoy ur teni busines for all i care

  10. magnificent points altogether, you simply gained a brand new reader. What would you recommend about your post that you made some days ago? Any positive?


  11. hey all I don’t take personal attack . but u all said those things which has not happened yet.Teni is not whore and she doesn’t play whore character but surrogate mother. but now this free girl has lost in wrong thoughts. Parth has no s*x relationship with teni. so it is not adultery.ok.Every one should notice that it’s parth’s fault.He can’t get courage to say teni that he doesn’t love her and he has read that letter.But teni to suru se hi na samajh Hai. If parth has done that , no problem will arise.

  12. Oiy Sangram, Will u beat all the commenter who r against teni??? U can share ur view but u really insult other commenters.. Yeah u r right, teni is not bad girl she is just a good girl with bad thought.. . now happy?? Y teni cares about parth read her letter or not? What will she do if parth tell her that he read her letter? Will she force him to love her back or blackmailing him that she won’t give his baby if he reject her proposal? What she expect from him? I guess only u can answer these questions bcoz u seems like u can read teni’s mind…. If we can’t accept rejection also then our love can b called true love? Teni’s self realization is far miles away, Parth asked to leave her childish nature nd to move on her new life it means she shud stand for herself

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