Dil Se Dil Tak 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth and Teni close to finding Shorvari

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Shorvari was saddened and lost in thoughts of Parth and Ipshita. There was a knock at the door. Shorvari was worried what if it’s Parth. Her bread was burnt meanwhile. She turns the stove off and cautiously opens the door. It was her friend Anorima outside. Shorvari was happy to see her and welcomes her inside. Anorima apologizes Shorvari as she had to go and meet her uncle, he had a heart attack and in hospital. She says phone wasn’t allowed in hospital, she got her message when she returned to Nainital. The friends complement each other to have grown to be beautiful. Anorima asks Shorvari to come along with her. Shorvari says she isn’t here for a day or two, she has to stay here for longer. Anorima asks if she is joking, she is a daughter in law of Bhanushali family. Shorvari says she had

to cross a long way here.
Dada ji and Dadi discuss that it’s all Jalpa’s fault; they can’t even blame Bharat Kumar. Dadi decides to speak to Parth and Teni. Teni attends the call and lies that they are enjoying their honeymoon a lot. Dadi gets teary while speaking to Parth. After the call she agrees that they are happy together.
Anorima tells Shorvari that she took the decision emotionally. She won’t be able to spend her life all alone, and Parth would also continue his struggles to find her. She must go and meet Parth. Shorvari says she took a promise from Teni to keep Parth happy. It’s not appropriate for her to jump into their life. Anorima says Teni has come looking for her, she also wish to see Shorvari and Parth together. Shorvari is hurting three lives, and none would be able to live happily.
The next morning, Parth tells Teni to stay back at the guest room. Teni says she and Ipshita have come all the way to get a glance at Shorvari. Parth thinks where Teni gets all the courage, she even forgets that she will lose hers if he finds Shorvari. Parth gets a call from the café owner. The old man says he couldn’t stop Shorvari even today, but she left a bag in the cafeteria today. Teni recognizes the bag belonged to a local market and decides to go there. The shop vendor tells them that it belongs to a lady who teaches at the music academy. Teni says there is a single music academy in Nainital.
Parth and Teni stood outside the music school. Teni thinks Parth would no longer need her in life if he finds Shorvari. They were happy together, and Teni will have to leave Parth’s life. She prays that this hide and seek should end now if Shorvari is inside. Parth climbs the stairs while Teni’s dress was tucked with his shirt. He says he has suffered a lot after Shorvari left, today Teni might also be feeling the same. He won’t be able to stop himself and do any justice to her. Teni says she also wished him to stay with her, but one doesn’t get all the wishes fulfilled. Teni asks if he thinks she came with him to stop him for what makes him happy. He notices her dressed was tucked with his button which she drags with a smile. Parth tells Teni that he, Shorvari and Teni have to be together always and holds her hand. They walk inside together. Parth was excited as he enters the Sangeeta School. A lady was playing guitar with her back towards the door. Parth and Teni were emotional and happy at the same time. He leaves her hand to walk towards Shorvari. Teni places a hand over Parth’s shoulder signaling him to call her. Parth calls Shorvari. The lady turns around. Parth and Teni smile

PRECAP: Parth thanks Teni for standing with her as he was wandering behind Shorvari’s shadow. Teni says she was all alone, it was Parth who gave her a beautiful life. She is happy the way he would be.

Update Credit to: Sona

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