Dil Se Dil Tak 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Aman comes to Tanny. Tanny warns him to move forward, he is unaware who she is. Aman comes into the room. Tanny deters him with a fruit knife. Aman moves forwards and shuts her mouth showing her a stabber.
Shorvari wonders what else would their child make them to do, they are running across their house in torch light. She suggests Parth to file a police complain.
Tanny pleads Aman for life. He brings out a red rose from his pocket tucked over his knife. She doesn’t take it. He asks if she brought Parth to send him away and deters to kill him other time. He asks if she didn’t recognize her lover, he loves her dearly. Tanny says she has nothing to do with him. Shorvari and Parth had reached the door, Aman leaves stuffing her hand with the rose.
Tanny opens the door and tells them

about Aman. Shorvari insists on Parth to go to police. Parth wasn’t ready.
The next morning, Shorvari pours tea for Dada ji and Parth. Dada ji speaks to Parth about their South Africa project, he understands Parth’s hardwork but he can’t send him as Shorvari is pregnant. He has decided to send Sinyok in place of Parth. Parth appreciates his decision. Shorvari was upset, but Parth says he would get many such projects.
Tanny speaks to her Baby that they did yoga today, and sits to eat apple. She spots a mobile phone and calls Aman, she decides to switch the phone on so that Aman doesn’t come here. The phone begins to ring. Aman tells Tanny he is coming to marry her with Band, Baja Baraat. Tanny was upset about what would happen, Dada ji won’t take a minute to marry her with him. Tanny comes downstairs, everyone was bidding a farewell to Sinyok. Shorvari says Sinyok is leaving for work. Tanny asks Parth to come with her, she wants to discuss some important matter. The family bid farewell to them.
In the room, Shorvari suggests them to call police. Parth stops Shorvari, he calls Aman and complains him about a goon who is teasing them. He shows them about an application on phone which will point about Aman’s address with his phone call. They gets a call from Aman. On the way, Shorvari notices they are closer to him and says he is at their house. Parth says they must catch him before he gets into their house. Tanny wasn’t ready to go inside and cries. Tanny was ready to hit him. Parth finds Aman’s cell phone under a cushion and wonders if he was really here. A music band enters the house, Tanny says he promised to come this way. The whole family gather to watch them, Aman meets Parth and takes everyone’s blessings.

PRECAP; Aman tells the family that Tanny is the reason he came from US.

Update Credit to: Sona

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