Dil Se Dil Tak 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shorvari’s death news reach Parth

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Teni and Shorvari were on their way. Shorvari notices the gearbox of her car wasn’t working and the brakes were failed. Teni watches Shorvari’s car racing. The car hits a tree and catches fire. Teni watches it turn to coal.
Parth comes to save a dia but can’t save the flame. The elders were tensed, Parth denies any bad omen associated with it. Everyone in the family pray. Teni stops a biker for help as the car is burning but none come to help. Soon the police arrive, they find Teni crying on the road. People gather around. After a while, Teni driver her car and thinks about going to Parth.
At home, Parth was waiting for Shorvari. The phone bell rings. Parth disturbs the Rangoli. Indu takes a call from inspector who informs about Shorvari’s death in a car accident. Indu looks towards Parth and composes herself. Teni comes home broken and shattered. Parth goes to look outside behind her. Indu joins her hands and requests Teni not to say anything. Ramnik watches this and comes to Indu. Parth was excited and asks about Shorvari. Indu was badly crying. Teni thinks Shorvari was playing the game of lie, how shall she tell him that Shorvari is no more? Parth asks Teni where is Shorvari, then asks about the registrar. He was sure Shorvari can’t watch him marry someone else. He says only death can part them, as they are connected by heart. Teni tells him to accept that death parted them, everything has ended. She tells Parth about Shorvari’s death. Indu cries badly and tells the family about phone call. Parth wasn’t ready to accept this, Teni cries that Shorvari has died. Parth slaps Teni hard. He shouts how dare Teni speak so about Shorvari.

PRECAP: Parth wasn’t ready to accept Shorvari’s death. Indu also assures him its true.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Angelk1

    Parth slapping her was unnecessary , I bet he will blame ten I for it and even marry her just to make her suffer . the baby will be the only thing he has thats shovori so he might tell her once the baby is born he will divorce her. The baby is the only thing making him stay with her.

    Its so obvious shovori isn’t dead, let the leap happen and wait four EPs they will show her lol. So predictable, either she becomes a new character, injured somewhere, or someone who looks like her will come. Hopefully thats not the case.

    1. Parth and shorvari..best couple

      Finally u accepted? That for parth onlh his baby matter and not teni…for teni he has gratitude and he has some responsibility but not the love you were saying some days back???? and i am happy u realised that the only thing thats gonna make him tolerate her or stay with her will be the baby…because he gets to see shorvari in that kid….without shorvari teni has no part in his life…all he has for teni is respect and gratitude…and for shorvari…well people are seeing it themselves i have nothing to say

      1. Angelk1

        Oh no, I think he does , but unaware like shovori was assuming. Its always good to be patient so I will wait and see how things or fate works with the writers. And the baby yea parth will say it out of anger, letting his emotion get to him. But that slap its a no for me, doesn’t matter if it’s a show, you should never lay a hand on a pregnant woman.

      2. Angelk1

        Or any woman ,matter fact

      3. Parth and shorvari...best couple

        Yeap lets see…because he himseld said love happens only once and for him its shorvari…he will never love anyone the way he loved shorvari…unfortunately even after seeing episodes as these where thay guy is like a living dead who is simply walking around like a dead body u say that he loves teni..if he had…why was he not looking upto for solace..he shud have been happier to get rid of shorvari….tsk tsk..some people love living in delusional bubble….parth and shorvari’s love was true..not some lame infatuation like teni…anyways..like u said…lemme also wait and watch…and see pari unite again?? and be happy with their family with teni as “their friend” i hope u know what friend means..because i surely feel u dont



  4. anay bangalore

    When did Teni learn driving? small small things also director’s forget to give attention.

    1. Angelk1

      It was with aman

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