Dil Se Dil Tak 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Poyni says I agree that sejal has made a mistake. She is really upset. Please forgive her bapu ji. Bapu ji says I am mad at myself too. When a child makes mistakes her elders are also responsible. I didn’t forgive myself how can I forget sejal.
Tenia says to Parth after seeing you and shorbay and your family. I understand how important family is. There is nothing wrong with marrying aman. Maybe I don’t love him today but if he keeps loving me like this I will also love. I am not using him. I need love and trust. That Aman will give me. I don’t wanna dance again in bar. She cries. Parth hugs her. Parth says Teni I learned something from you. The decision you have taken are perfect for you. I promise you I will support you. You will marry Aman. She says give me my

chocolate biscuits now. He gives her biscuits. She eats them and smiles.

Aman recalls what happened in hospital. He is in utter shock. He wants to tell bapu. He says I have to hide this from everyone. I have to fix this mistake of parth and teni. Baji says aman you wanted to tell something? He says no nothing. He leaves. Parth comes in. Parth says aman thank God I met you. I was coming to you. Sorry that I got mad at you. I lost my mind. Aman says I didn’t know you are so weak that you lose control so easily. Parth is dazed. Aman leaves.
Teni is writing from a pen. It doesn’t work. She throws ink and it falls on aman. She says sorry for this stain. He says its not permanent. People keep stains that never leave you. She says you left me alone in the hospital. He says I came to say sorry. We went for drive and that happened. Teni says I asked to you take me. You came to say this dry sorry? He says I forgot again. Here are the gifts. There are some houses in America. He says when you love me so much and want to be just mine so I thought I should ask you which home do you wanna make ours? She says will we live in these houses? He says they worth nothing in front of what you gave me. Teni says in heart he has started looking for houses. I should tell him truth. But if I tell him he might not marry him. She says which is the most expensive one. He says all worth the same. She says they are all so pretty? He says should I buy all three? She says what? He says yes lets go and pay.
Teni says we shouldn’t do good deed at night. He says I saw people doing darkest acts in day light. She says what? He says nothing. Lets go.

Scene 2
Shorbary says whatever happened wasn’t right. I will convince teni. She comes to her room and sees that teni isn’t there. She looks for teni everywhere. Parth comes in. He says let me call her.
Teni says to Aman I forgot to charge my phone. Its off. Did you tell dadaji? He says yes. Parth turns off his phone as well. Parth says teni’s phone is off.
Poyni asks parth did you see aman? His phone is off. Bapu ji is looking for him. Parth goes out. Payni says what happened to him? Shorbary goes with him as well.
Aman stops the car. Teni says is the estate agent office here? He says there is another surprise. She says yes you deserve this one. He blindfolds her and says no cheating. Aman gets out of the car.
Parth says Aman’s car isn’t outside. Watchman saw them both going together. Bapu says why are you so worried? They are both going to get married. Its okay. Let them have their time. Shorbay says in the morning they met an accident. That is why we are a little worried.
Shorabary says to Parth something is wrong.

Aman brings Teni to hospital. she is blindfolded. He takes her to OT. The nurse comes and gives her injection. Teni says why are they doing this? Aman no. Let me talk. Please listen no. The nurses give her injection. He says your plan was so good. you thought you would go to america with me and give this sin my name, When I showed you american homes you got so excited. I am not as fool as you thought of me. I loved you so much and what you gave me in return. Our family is preparing for our marriage and you did this sin with my own brother? I feel ashamed of myself. How will I tell them truth? She says please listen. you are getting wrong.

Jalpa, Shorbary and Parth are worried. Shorbary says we should check for aman’s phone in his room.
Aman stands outside. Teni has fainted. He is in tears. He recalls their moments. The doctor comes in, aman asks how long will it take? He says one hour. Aman says please take care of her. Nothing should happen to her.
They look for aman’s phone. Parth finds the file of hospital. He is dazed. Jalpa says show me. Parth says this report is of hospital. They told him teni is pregnant. Shorbory says but he was acting so normal? Aman says sorry teni but I have no other option to save my family. I can’t let shorbory suffer for your and parth’s sin.

Precap-Aman grasps Parth’s collar. He says how dare you do this with you sister in law. He is about to slap her. Shorbory stops his hand.
She says the baby in her womb is mine. Teni is my and parth’s surrogate mother. Aman is dazed. He says I made a mistake.I sent teni for abortion.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nice episode..no dragging story..now I hope teman will be together. .

  2. very sad precap

  3. Shaani

    Woow… Great… In precap shorvari stopped amen… Thank god… I hope everything will be fine between aman teni n parth…
    Nice episode… I’m Waiting for this precap… Hope this will not turn into a dream..?

  4. Anouska mishra

    Aman is not a hero bt a villian.People like aman should nt bbe made to live in the society they are a sin in the name religion and society.Aman cannot trust parth with whom he lived so many years what he will trust teni whn they get married aman is a cruel and nonsense character.

  5. Guess teni will lose the baby and now aman teni will marry and give their baby to parth and shorvi

  6. Angelk1

    Not every guy can be as understanding as parth. A man trying to fix the situation without asking and even taking her to an abortion without her consent is unforgivable. I don’t like him, and ten I is better without him. Also abortion is not always the answer. His killing a human being inside.

  7. Shrilatha

    OMG it’s too good.. now there won’t be misunderstandings between teman…thank god they didn’t drag…

  8. I hope everything goes right.Excited for tomorrow’s episode.

  9. dilse diltak fan

    I hate aman idiot how can he tell the baby is sin it is very pure born in between good heartened tps…..he doesn’t deserve teni…hope teni won’t let do abortion.. She will some how find out….I don’t want aman and teni united.. . If this happens iwon’t watch this show…. Hate aman…. Very sad episode… Before episodes are so good of parni nice…. But now very sad… Waiting for tomorrow episode… Hope good things about to happen… Note. Aman is a passing man…. He is not main part….please guys don’t make this show as ordinary daily soap.. .

  10. dilse diltak fan

    Seriously guys i must admit u all are stone hearted.. Aman is going to kill a tiny baby which is in teni womb.. U are all supporting him and want to teni and aman united…. Hell guys….. He is a negative one…..very bad…… So to getting data and family respect he can kill a baby….idiot aman.. Parth will not be silent after seeing this…. He must give a nice beat and lesson to aman idiot…. No one can become parth….he is nice and understand people’s heart….he is a good partner to teni……not going to happen but he will be a good support to teni and comfort her….remember teni united promised parth to give him baby….Don’t forget due to idiot aman activities … Hell with u aman and his supporters….

    1. Pinkpearl

      Teni is fooling aman for money isn’t it wrong also parth shorvori teni have been fooling aman for this long..all this misunderstanding is created coz of the hidden truth..aman doesn’t lie atlst…in upcoming episode aman will ask teni to close her eyes and see who’s face comes in front of her..teni sees parth face…this is too much now..parth is married to shorvari teni knows they both love each other she will fell in love with parth..

  11. i hope Teni stops the doctor before any wrong happens. if Teni loses the baby no body will watch this story.

  12. Aman is a shittiest character ever???????….dirty minded chap…..he he loved teni truly,,he wouldn’t have blamed and cheee thought dirty things…..and who is he to take Teni’s decisions…stupid Aman…and aman and teni supportersss are so stupid???…..Teni and Aman or so called stupid Teman are worst couple ever made…….shittiest couple rather??…….stupid teman fandom……..worst character AMAN……..I mean much bhi………???

  13. Is dsdt is doing well or its going toreplace by bigg boss

  14. I think since Aman tried to abort shorvori’s and parth’s child teni wouldn’t forgive him and might leave aman

  15. Apeksha

    Hello friends. I think aman did wrong with teni. How can he be so inhuman only to save his family’s respect. Let’s assume that the baby in teni’s womb is the baby of parth and teni , in this case also what aman did was very wrong. That baby would not be the real culprit in this case too and I think whether to give birth or abort a baby is solely the decision of mother and every mother has the right to take this decision. No one has the write to take this decision not even on a mother’s behalf in name of respect, trust or love. So I think aman is completely wrong in this case and when teni will got to know about his decision I don’t think she will be able to love him aman wanted to marry her in the name of love but he never trusted her and I think the base of each and every relationship is trust. Sorry if my comment offended anyone.

  16. members here please mind your language nobody has the right to call anyone stupid it is our matter of choice to like any anyone please dont pressure your thought on others i wont say want aman did was correct but there is a way to say something dont hurt others by your. comments

    1. Pinkpearl

      U right everyone has der own favorites in the show..I like aman(kunal verma)..it’s writer and makers who are deciding the story..but it’s good that we share our point of view..it’s shows how much are we living this show..stay connected and keep watching the show..

  17. Awsmmmm……….
    Just love it

  18. Whatever aman did was wrong but it will be boring if teni will fall for parth,he is a married men so aman and teni are good and if not aman then they should introduce a new character for teni.I want teni always happy because I am a big fan Jasmine bhasin,I loved her previous show tashne ishq and her pairing with sidhant Gupta and zain imam was best. Twinkle and kunj were best couple

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