Dil Se Dil Tak 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aman comes to Shorvari and Parth’s room and take them to get a surprise for Teni. Parth denies coming but Aman insists on them both to join him.
Jalpa was in the room when Bharat comes in. She brings the cake she saved for him. Bharat recalls the IVF bill and denies eating any. Jalpa was worried that he didn’t eat anything even in the party. Bharat opens the closet, hurts his hand but doesn’t let Jalpa see this. Jalpa asks if he is angry, or did she commit a mistake. The baby cries. He tells her to take care of her son now.
In the room, Teni tells herself to stop this. She must decide why she came into this house, she had decided to marry Aman and go to America. It is better she lives in a car than on a road side. There is a knock at the door. Teni curtly opens the door. Parth, Shorvari

and Aman enter shouting Surprise! Aman says today he would fulfil her dreams and shows her passport and visa to her. Teni reads the documents. Shorvari says true dreams are always fulfilled. Teni stood there lost, she thinks she did so much for this visa but why it doesn’t make her happy. Aman confirms if she is happy, he was hopeful about their wedding and leaving for America. Shorvari says their child to be is also going with them, she and Parth would really miss her. Aman asks Teni if she is happy. Teni looks towards Parth and asks if they are happy? Shorvari says a lot, it’s better for all of them and she wish her child comes into the world without a problem. She is happier for a new beginning of Teni’s life. Parth also says they all are really happy for Teni. Teni tells herself to be happy at least for their happiness. Teni says she got much in such a short time, she doesn’t understand how she must react. She turns to hug Aman cheerfully saying she is much happy. Shorvari comes to Parth.
Ramnik was making a budget, some money fell off the bed. Mohini comes to help him and speaks to him. She shares her worry about Sejal’s marriage. She requests him to marry Sejal with anyone she likes. Indu comes at the door and asks if she needed to speak about Sejal, she is their daughter as well. She are all ready to spend for Sejal. Ramnik also assures Mohini not to worry about Sejal.
At night, Teni wakes up out of suffocation. She thinks firstly she had problem in her Chawli and now has a problem with these closed windows. She opens the window and daydreams about dancing with Parth. She was worried at once saying when she had this dream earlier she thought she won’t be able to go to America because of Parth. What this means now? She tells herself to sleep now but wakes up due to dream again. She wakes up, cuts Aman’s photo to stick them to her eyes with a tape and tells Parth not to get into her eyes anymore.
The next morning, Shorvari wakes Parth up. Parth opens his eyes thinking about Teni and her letter. Shorvari says she is going to drop some clothes to Teni’s room. Parth sits up. Shorvari notices he looked tensed. He says he couldn’t sleep well at night.
Bharat comes to the room. Jalpa says they are enjoying the wedding of Teni and Aman. She remembers her days. Bharat curtly says he miss the days they were one. He notices the new jewelry she wore. She makes up these are her mothers, then leaves with Jayu. Bharat thinks she didn’t consider take his consent to wear the jewellry.
Parth and Shorvari comes to Teni’s room and finds her sleep with Aman’s photos taped over her eyes. Shorvari removes the photo and says she never did this atleast. She tells her to get ready soon, Dadi sent the clothes for her haldi. Teni was irritated because of useless rituals. Shorvari calls Teni as insane, every girl wish that all the rituals are celebrated when she gets married. Teni fears what if her heart runs away from marriage until the time comes. Teni says she wants to get married directly. Parth says all the wedding rituals would take place the way they were always done in the house. Teni asks if they all want an entertainment, Parth says they will remember their wedding and dance around in her wedding. Teni watches then dance and shouts at them to stop this all, Shorvari and Parth stop at once. Teni apologizes as she only woke up right now. She assures to come downstairs soon. Parth holds Shorvari’s hand and leave the room.

PRECAP: During the ritual, Dadi calls Parth to put the turmeric over Teni. Teni thinks he doesn’t even stay with her and won’t go away as well. She wonders what Parth wants.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pull the plug off this goddamn serial! Now they are making parth fall for this ho! Shorvori will turn Villian I guess. So much for morals! Promoting lust for married men and glorifying b*t*hy attitude of shitty Teni Mata! I guess pea brained writers couldn’t think something original and look at the promos! They are making it turn into Teni’s favour, like she’s the victim not Shorvori. Goddamn it’s made out like her undying shitty love is not reciprocated by parth! I knew when this serial started it would turn out like this!

    1. I want shorvari to leave parth and the bhanusali house tbh…i want to see how good teni proves to be his wife and how this characterless bar dancer will be a good bahu to a family like the bhanusalis…they will realise shorvari’s worth only when she walks out…i really want shorvari to exit from parth’s life..because teni is the goddess..the woman of every man’s dreams who will be a very good wife who will sacrifice her everything for her hubby and his family like shorvari tries…that whore is being glorified like she is some purity and virtue epitome..when all i find her to be is a selfish egoistic whore who doesnt care about anyone except herself…she doesnt care if she breaks a household..she doesnt care if aman is being used and thrown..she doesnt give a f**k to the bhanusalis…she even doesnt care about the baby she is carrying…
      Shorvari definitely doesn’t belong to these third rated people…every stupid thing shorvari has done today wasnt for herself it was oly for her family her husband and her baby..nothing for herslef..so i dont think she shud become a loser in front of this whore..i want her to walk away from
      These people

  2. Surrogate concept is so freshing and new. Watching this people should get hope for havinh their own baby. But this serial just for getting publicity and drama, is giving a wrong message to people. This shows surrogate mothers are not trustworthy. Shorovori and parth are perfect couple. They fight with the family for their love. Teni knew all this. But still writers are just making another story by creating love triangle. please guys just be realrealistic. Don’t ruin a good show.

  3. I like the story but little bit move fast I am eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes

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