Dil Se Dil Tak 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Shorvori comes to Teni’s society, one woman says seems likes Teni ranaway with this woman’s baby. Shorvori asks where Teni lives? they tell her house. shorvori sees her house’s door locked. She comes to one woman and asks where is Teni? woman says i dont know. Other woman comes to Shorvori and says they wont tell you about Teni, they are not human. Shorvori asks do you know where she is? Woman says i know but i havent eaten anything, Shorvori thinks that Teni is like that so her neighbor must be greedy too, she gives money to woman and asks where is Teni? Woman says she must be at her den, Teni usually does antics like that and then she hides in her den, her den is inside local whiskey bar, she tells her address. Shorvori says why would any girl go there? Woman

says Teni is only Teni because of this, she has even trapped boyfriend, he is rich and brings flowers for her too, he remain in her house for long hours, go to her den but how will you go there? that place is not nice for woman like you. Shorvori thinks that i will go anywhere to catch that girl but i should tell Parth first but if i tell him, he wont allow me to go to such place but i have to catch her.
Parth is driving car and says where Teni must be? Shorvori and police are behind her, where will i find her.
Shorvori comes to cheap local bar. She is disgusted by place. Teni comes on stage as bar dancer and starts dancing for drunk people. One man says to Shorvori that this place is not nice for nice woman like you. Shorvori thinks that this Teni will try to kidnap other babies, i have to catch her. Drunk people are eve teasing Shorvori. In bar, Teni is taking money from drunkards, they are showering money on her. Teni dances seductively on laila mein laila song. Shorvori comes in bar and is stunned to see Teni dancing between drunk men, she is disgusted while Teni is pouring wine and dancing.
Parth is searching for Teni and thinks where she must go?
In bar, Teni is dancing. Shorvori tries to reach her but drink men are surrounding her. Teni takes off her blazer. Shorvori switches off music. Teni asks who stopped music? Shorvori comes there and says me. Teni is totally drunk and wasted, she tries to clearly look at Shorvori. Teni asks who are you? Shorvori’s face is blur. Shorvori says i will take you to police today, she drags Teni out of there. Shorvori brings Teni out of bar. Teni jerks her away and says leave me, you have fused my mind, i am going to do favor on you by taking pain and you are behind me? Shorvori says i would die before taking favor from a girl like you, what favor are you talking about? Teni says you wanna hear? your husband Parth Bhanushali came to me. Shorvori says my husband doesnt even look at girls like you, you are drunk and dont know what you are saying, i will call police. Teni says if you send me to police then will you give birth to your baby yourself? you know you cant give birth, your husband begged to me, he folded his hands to take favor from me but now nothing will happen because you both are playing with me, tricking me. Shorvori says you are lying, how do you know about me? why would my husband beg to you? Teni says i am not railway inquiry that you will ask everything from me, get lost from here. Parth comes outside local bar and thinks Teni must be in bar. In bar, Teni says i am going inside. Shorvori tries to stop her but Teni pushes her away, Shorvori falls on heavy boxes and hurts her head, her head starts bleeding, short circuit happens there too, all start running from there. Parth comes there but doesnt see Shorvori. Shorvori says Parth.. Parth goes in search of Teni without knowing shorvori is there too. Shorvori goes behind Parth, she looks around for him. She sees Teni lying on floor and unconscious, she sees Parth lifting Teni in his arms and taking her from there, she is shocked and hurt to see it. She goes behind Parth. Parth brings Teni out of bar and asks Teni to open eyes, she pours water on her face. Parth says i saved you from police then why did you runaway? Shorvori comes there. Parth says surrogacy process is about to start from tomorrow, you promised me to not drink wine. Shorvori hears it and thinks that Teni was right, this is our surrogate mother? my baby will be her womb? no no! Parth turns around and finds Shorvori there, he is shocked. He says you here? Shorvori sees Teni holding Parth’s hand in unconscious state. Shorvori starts leaving from there, Parth tries to go behind her but Teni is holding his hand. Parth jerks away Teni’s hand and goes behind Shorvori.

Scene 2
Shorvori comes home. She comes to her room and recalls how she had such pure image of surrogate mother, how she called her goddess. She imagines Teni there, Teni says you called me goddess? you look at me, i am your baby’s carrier, she drinks wine and says your baby will have my womb, its like pure water in wine’s bottle, she laughs at Shorvori.. Teni’s image leaves from Shorvori’s eyes, Shorvori gets angry and breaks mannequin she created of Surrogate mother, she says you will never become our surrogate mother. Parth comes there and asks how did you get hurt? Shorvori jerks him away and says you have given me more pain, leave me alone. Parth says you must have seen Teni in bad state but she is best candidate for us, trust me. Shorvori says i trusted you but you broke it, i thought you would choose best thats why i didnt even ask her name but i was wrong, what kind of girl is she? that doesnt know anything about relations and values, who drinks wine and dances in local bars. Mother doesnt give birth only but transfers her values to baby too and you chose that type of girl for our baby? Parth says i know she doesnt give value to relations but that is best for us, she wont get attached to baby, when she will give birth baby, she wont have heart for him, she would give baby to us silently and leave our lives, she wont cheat us, Shorvori says she cant cheat us because i have decided that she cant be our surrogate mother, she wont carry our baby in her womb. Parth says dont take haste decision, this is madness, Shorvori says i am not mad, she can drink wine as much as she want, we dont need her, its better to remain childless then getting womb of that kind of girl. Parth says this is your final decision? she says yes, Parth says fine, we wont be parents now. He drags her out of room and says you are breaking your own dream. He shows her family all happily talking. Parth says see how happy they are, break their dreams, tell them there will be no baby. Parth brings Shorvori to baby room. He shows her empty frame and says we would put baby’s photo in this frame but break it too, Shorvori is stunned. Parth looks away and says break all these toys too. Shorvori says what can i do Parth? she is in tears and says my family, their dreams, their happiness all are on my shoulder, how to believe it? she hugs Parth. Parth caresses her face and hugs her tightly, they both silently cry in each others arms.

PRECAP- Indu says to Parth and Shorvori that only 8days are remaining to make our lie into to truth, if we dont get happy news of pregnancy in these 8days then not only heart but relation will break too, Parth and Shorvori gets tensed. Teni is in hospital. She sees injection in nurse’s hand and asks is this for me? she nods. Teni says have you gone mad? i will not get that, call that Bhanushali. Shorvori and Parth comes there. Teni says we didnt have this in contract, i am leaving from there. Parth gets tensed seeing Teni leaving.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Presha

    Awesome teni is goal

  2. Oh I love this show very interesting parth and teni awesome

  3. I love this teni character stupid sorvori

  4. Wonderful episode. Teni makes me laugh loudly with her actions. Parth could be wrong in assuming that after the baby is born, Teni will go away from their lives. It’s going to be the opposite.

    1. Nitee

      yeah, ur right… Don’t know how parth going to handle that situation…


    chor CVS. ..
    1.krishnadaasi slot
    2. krishnadaasi music
    3. krishnadaasi god shri krishna…

    yeh log chori karke humko sab chori chori chupke chupke movie ko serial banake dikha raha hai… ..???????

  6. Angelk1

    Shovori is to quick to judge an she gets jealous easily. She brought the idea of surogacy and parth is doing the best he could, but shes just making things harder for him. Teni is funny as always, cant wait for the next eps. Maybe shovori will apologize to teni.

    1. I agree with you, Angel. I like Teni more than Shovori ,too quick tempered and judgemental. She ought to be calm, she can’t be too selective, she is unable to become pregnant and should be thankful that Teni has agreed to provide surrogacy help ,for her own monetary benefit and not because she wants Parth for her physical needs, if that was the case, then her actions can be justified. Shovori needs to calm down and think things through before acting harshly.

    2. Nitee

      yeah right… But shorvori don’t know about Teni, she thinks Teni as a kidnapper though it was misunderstanding it should be cleared…
      And also Shorvori witnessed Teni in Pub while drinking and dancing, we know her characterization that she knows nothing about pregnancy but shorvori don’t know about it… so I think shorvori is correct in her pov, and also her thought mother not only give birth to child but also gives her values to that child and yeah I know here biologically parents will be Parth and shorvori though I think her thoughts are not wrong..
      So I think it would take some time for shorvori to understand and to solve her misunderstanding with Teni…
      I hope Parth will make her understand Teni..

      1. Good point Nitee, it so happens Teni is always seen by Shovori in awkward situations and it really isn’t good, why the heck are writers doing this, do they want to prove to us that it doesn’t matter what class of woman providing the surrogacy, it doesn’t impact on the baby? I beg to defer here. You are right, Shovori had a right to be concerned and Parth is supposed to have discussed this intimate and personal issue with his wife. How did he think he’ll be able to harvest Shovori ‘s eggs without her being aware of the procedure? This is how writers make stories without logic, they just think they should write and not bother about consistencies. This is bad work. Intelligent people also watch stuff like this to unwind from hectic work but no….they stress us even more, at times. Nitee, did you notice that after some time, most if not all serials, lose their mojos and viewers tend to drop of the forums? I’m yet to see one that’s perfect. I agree with your comments though.

      2. Nitee

        yeah naz… Not only me every viewers might hv noticed it… And I think this is the best technique they used in daily soaps to continue their show and it required to keep the audience glued to their sets yr after yr..

      3. Angelk1

        I agree but with Parth, his not wrong either. He promise shovori to find the best surrogate mother. He was doing his job, he wanted to make sure she wasnt someone that would try to Sue them at the end. He wanted to tell her all of this once it was cleared, and everything as good. So Parth isn’t wrong.

        He didn’t expect shovori to meet teni in an awkward situation. He wanted her to be at ease, so he was thinking good as a husband, let’s not forget he did tell shovori about teni , but not the full detail or her name. So he technically wasn’t lying.

        With shovori, I agree she misunderstood the situation, but going as far as to say what she said to teni when she found the baby was uncall for. She quickly judge her character as a women an mother with that one scene. Thats why in this scene teni unconsciously did the same.

        Its like a fight between them, shovori vs teni, so far shovori is winning with her lectures lol

  7. Nice one everything is going good

  8. Nitee

    Good episode… All 3 lead characters performed their part well..
    And yeah definitely Parth perception about Teni would become wrong at the end.. let us wait..

  9. Chithu

    Teni will get attached to this baby because she doesnt have real family. Shorvori always find Teni at bad situations. How r they going to keep Teni with them and pretending Shorvori us pregnant too. Teni cant stay alone during her pregnancy period since no one is thr to take care of her

    1. This is also what I’m wondering, how will they pull this stunt off?

    2. Nitee

      yeah that’s the concept of this show

    3. Angelk1

      I think either they will say their going on a trip an live with teni or Parth and shovori will take turn visiting her. Honestly I think they can all get along great, and teach one another. If only they can get over their differences.

  10. Chithu

    Teni will get attached to this baby because she doesnt have real family. Shorvori always find Teni at bad situations. How r they going to keep Teni with them and pretending Shorvori us pregnant too. Teni cant stay alone during her pregnancy period since no one is thr to take care of her.

  11. Hi to all but I feel Rani expression were far far better then shorvori.her pain was felt but shorvori some time it feels she’s just reading scrips.

    1. Nitee

      Hi Rubab… welcome to our forum…

    2. Angelk1

      I agree, jasmine through her shows had always been expressive we could see it through her face expression. I can’t speak for shovori though, but on the show her expression has always been the same. But we will see when the show progress.

  12. Regardless of shovoris position she is too judgemental how she thought the neighbors are greedy so Teni also must be greedy

  13. Where is 27th February 2017 written update?

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