Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update; Shorvari hurt with Parth and Teni’s Switzerland Honeymoon Trip

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Parth does sit up for Teni, though it was difficult for him in his office pants. She breaks into laughter as they hear his pants tear. She was excited to go to Switzerland with Ipshita. She asks if Shorvari and Ipshita will also come along, Parth says they will go alone and is sure Shorvari will agree. Parth goes to tell Shorvari about it.
In the room, Shorvari asks if he made her up the way he did to her. She recalls how he did sit ups for her, and suggested to take her to Switzerland. Shorvari was also excited about it instantly. Parth boasts he did it in three hours only. When he leaves the room, Shorvari was hurt as he is taking Teni where they has begun their beautiful memories. Three days pass. Shorvari thinks Teni is also Parth’s wife, why can’t she accept that he can take Teni

to Switzerland as well. She comes to Teni’s room where she was attempting the packing. She recalls how Parth came to hug her from back and shared her excitement with him.
Teni watches Shorvari standing outside the room. She takes her inside to help her in packing. Shorvari promises to do the packing for her. Shorvari tells Teni she and Parth have a lot of beautiful memories in Switzerland. Teni was excited about her foreign trip. Shorvari says she is happy watching Teni happy; she was sure this would be the best trip of her life.
Bharat instructs someone on phone to teach good lesson to that person. He shouldn’t return here again. Jalpa comes to the room, Bharat changes his tone at once. After the call, he tells Jalpa he is going to Banaras for four days. He apologizes Jalpa for all the mistakes, he can’t bear all that she wants to do. Afterwards, they must start their life again.
In the room, Baa and Dada ji discuss if Parth is leaving with Teni alone. Dada ji says he sensed Shorvari is upset that Parth is taking Teni where he took her for honeymoon. He can sense the jealousy in Shorvari and is afraid it doesn’t ignite their relation. He tells Ambika he wants their interesting relation to keep intact. The three of them are close to his heart, he doesn’t want them heart broken. Every teacher prepares their students for tough situations by taking tough tests. He is also doing this all to make them able to face every situation in life.
Shorvari had brought warm clothes to Teni. She finds Teni sit on the bed upset. Teni says she is leaving Ipshita alone. Shorvari asks if Teni doesn’t trust her. Teni says it’s a mother’s heart. Shorvari tells Teni to take care of Parth, it’s about a week only. And she may make a video call if she miss Ipshita. Teni gets a call from Parth. He asks her about the packing. Parth tells her to keep her passport and other papers, currency convertor would also come home; she must collect Euros. He tells her to pack his pillow as well. Shorvari says she must keep shoes as well. Parth asks to speak to Shorvari as well. Shorvari calms Teni down and sends her downstairs. Teni goes downstairs after hugging Shorvari. Shorvari composes herself before speaking to Parth. Parth asks Shorvari what she is hiding from him, why is she upset. If she is upset because he and Teni are going together. Shorvari cries saying he is taking Teni where they have beautiful memories with each other. Both were silent. Parth tells Shorvari he holds both her and Teni’s happiness important. He can cancel the booking, and will take Teni somewhere else. Shorvari says Teni is happy about it, he shouldn’t cancel it. She tells him to return home in time. Parth thinks he hurt Shorvari.
Shorvari watches the reservation receipt on bed and was badly hurt as it was the same resort they had selected for their honeymoon. She recalls how she had planned it with Parth on their honeymoon. She breaks into cry, thinking he will take Teni to the same room, same place they had spent their honeymoon.

PRECAP: Everyone wonders where has the passport gone. Dada ji asks who had seen Teni’s passport last time. Mohini recalls Shorvari was packing Teni’s luggage at day time, and passport was there on bed. Now Shorvari may better tell about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Just man up you pervert! You’re acting like a kid with two candies and wants to gobble up both! Just be a man and let one woman live freely away from your perverted thoughts. You have got an exhibitionist surrogate who shamelessly butt into your married life and now her happiness is more important than your legal wife and first Love’s happiness? Divorce the legal first wife, at least she’ll find a man who genuinely loves her not mislead her with empty promises of love and togetherness forever. Such a sicko who wants to get his pants down for the surrogate at a given chance! Just end the torture of a serial! No respect for legal marriages and promoting bigamy at whim! Makers if you want to clear up your serial’s reputation just end this surrogate track and give respect to the legal marriage of Parth and Shorvori. I wish you guys don’t push the b**ch of a surrogate character down our throats and force us to accept her! Just send her to amreeca just as the gold digger wanted! Oh and plus a surrogate just rents her womb, she’s not the child’s mother! Get your facts straight makers.

  2. This story is heading to bajirao mastani story just like the gold digger wanted! Shorvori is just like Kashi Bai sacrificing her happiness for her husband’s happiness. I wish Shorvori would have some pride in herself and divorce this ahole! Let him have the gold digger who’ll strip him of everything and jump on to next rich guy and become his mastani!

  3. Parth doesn’t love Shorvari anymore since he had s*x with Teni.Disgusting serial.Why do people still watching this?Why don’t they submit letter to stop this serial like they did for Pehredaar Piya Ki?Like that serial this is also affecting badly on soceity.R u teachingen to marry two women and how to handle thwm?Shame on you

    1. There actually was a petition but i think it didn’t work like it worked for pehredar piya ki.
      And yes this show makes me sick too.

  4. Hello, Viewer!! I think you all don’t understand the actors are just repeating the script giving to them! No need to call anyone of them b*t*h or gold digger, because you can be one just by saying that, two of a kind!! Whatever the storyline is, the actors are the one to be mad with they are getting paid just to read lines and and In act scene!! Just get someone understand and realize that don’t happen in real life that why it’s called TV series !!
    Next Teni, didn’t shameless enter Parth, life!!! He was the one who shameless enter her life, yes she danced for money in the show, but she have self respect, Parth and Shovori are to be blamed for the entire situation!! Why, Shivori didn’t share her illness with the family, which proves her love is weak! Next Parth knew he loved shivori and assumed her dead and still loved her, then why the hell married a dancer? Promised her Dreams? The world? Give her name and respect! She was just a dam surrogate but when ever done be it contract or whatever she carried a child in her womb for 7 month, and that’s not easy. Agreed she is whatever she is, but a mother has not bound, be it a dancer, whore or whatever she is just a mother! Look at other possible sinaro, had they not lied to their family, they could have never ended up in such a situation! So don’t go blame Teni, she is considered a victim, because of Parth and Shivori! Had they not lied, Teni could have remain a shameless dancer as you, and she wouldn’t have been caught up in their family drama, she couldn’t have been a second wife, be fair! Parth was already married and that happens to be Teni first marriage! Even if she has no right, it’s very simple tell her you have no right since my legal wife is alive, compensate her, she’ll be heartbroken but what the hell life will go on for her! And Parth and Shivori have a happy ending!! End of story! Btw I’m a second wife, don’t get me wrong my husband was divorced 5 years before he met me, three years after he married me and had a son together. I don’t hate his first wife, I fact I encourage him to have a good relation with her, neither I’m not a shameless girl, I’m very much educated, self respect, come from good family back ground!

    1. Marie u said right but u said ur husband was divorced with his first wife and married u after three year after u met.that would not be a problem if it happens in the story too. But keeping two wives in the same place and playing with their feelings is bad.some or the latter u ending up hurting those two feeling s too without knowing.this is just the start he can make one friend and one can become his wife but it goes any further this is gonna be a disaster.
      All I want to say is, u can’t ride on both boats with one leg on one boat and the other leg on the other boat if u try to do that u will definitely fall into the water and if u don’t know swimming u will definitely drown and die for sure.parth is doing same thing.if u want to highlight surrogate mother u should do it in a right way.this is not the way they are supposed to highlight surrogate mother and it is not a bad thing to become surrogate mother and after becoming surrogate mother she can also live a happy life whatever she likes maybe she came from any background. But the main point in this story is missing.parth shovori and teni whatever they did in the past is accepted but the main reason is Parth should choose one of them it maybe teni or shovori.i know they will feel bad if Parth choose one of them but one of them can carry on their life without any regrets.at first they may face some problems one of wives can move on in their lives. but now it is looking like Parth is playing with two wives and keeping them on a string it is not good at all.what message ur are sending to the people is important to CVS when to take up a serial or a film it shows people what message u are sending through them.it maybe gud or bad because some are theere who follows and learn what they I see from them.if u show gud or bad they will learn and execute such things in real life too thinking it as game .already India is male dominated society by showing this kind of crap u are showing nothing but encouraging those boys and men saying to them that u can keep as many girlfriends as u want and as many wives as u want.it is not big thing just becoz he is a boy or a male he can play with any girls emotions even by touching them s*xually and also saying I am just playing with u we are friends right I am just teasing you nothing more than that.just because u know someone, u are his friend he can have s*xually pleasure with a girl.

      1. He was divorce 5 years before he met, me, we date for 3 years then got married, and have a son! I know the message is wrong, the series is sending out! He should only keep one! And be friends with the other or something but don’t two wives living happily, because that will never happen in reality, at least for me I don’t be mad if my husband have many friends with girls, but don’t get intimate with them! Like wise I have many friends who are males but I don’t get intimate with them. All it takes it’s understanding, no need for the directors and writer to show oh they are living happy together, oh Shivori is hurt, or Teni is jealous because both their feeling is justified.

    2. Darling you are the one that’s taking things personally. If you read the comments carefully you’ll notice we never called actors bad names. We were only curious why only one actor’s role has more weight than the others. You’re downright defending the characters in your comments, if you look into it you’re defending Teni character and degrading Shorvori’s character! Hypocrite much? If you are a fan of Teni character good for you. I’m nobody’s fan here. I’m just stating facts and logics as they are. The first wife is alive and she’s not separated or divorced so the second marriage is illegal and the man can be put in jail for it. I stripped the logic and fault I characters and story, you only defended the surrogate’s character. You even compared your marriage to validate your point, who’s not to say that some random person watching the serial gets inspired by this shit of a story and keep 2 wives or a woman who thinks it’s okay to show affection to a married man by getting touchy feely! Point is surrogates are women who give happiness to couple who are childless. They don’t butt into married couples life and claim the baby as their own and oh plus marry the widower! Look any woman with a grain of self esteem and self respect would reject any indecent proposal made either by the couple or the father of the baby( in this case marriage proposal by pervert parth). Again I’m referring to the characters not actors. Please don’t mistake these comments as scathing attacks on actors. It’s a comment meant for writers and makers who’s story defy all logic, common sense, sociology and law. Look love all we need is a decent story with little common sense and logic. The makers of DSDT have no reason to stretch this serial to make more money. It’s useless! Gullible people watch anything without questioning the integrity of what’s being shown! I for one don’t just watch shit and keep quiet about it. I call a spade a spade! If my opinions questioning about the logic upset you personally I’m really sorry but not sorry.

  5. Honestly, I have stopped watching this show. I just come here and read the written updates because m one of those curious junkies who want to know how the show will climax. Even though this is not my call of how it should but on a personal level I feel that the male lead is dumb. You might be in a fix but can’t make such stupid decisions. You have to think rationally. Just man up and decide whom you love the most and if you need time then at least consider both your wives’ feelings before planning such trashy things. Stop playing a dimwit and use your brains.

    **Just for those who are loving the track, none of my words are denoted to the actors. It’s about the storyline.

  6. Not going to lie but if parth was my husband and had got married or was married before I either would divorce him or not get married to him at all because obvs i would end up being jealous but at the same time I would know my husband isn’t all mine and he’s with another women and I respect the actors but the story line is teaching the society bad stuff it will encourage men that bigamy is alright when it clearly ain’t

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