Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Teni comes home. Parth comes to her and asks her to wipe her sweat, you didnt have guts to tell truth to Aman? Teni says I guts but I thought about our secret, what if he didnt understand us? Parth says that was my problem, Teni that is not scared of anyone, couldnt say one truth? he makes her sit down and says you couldnt tell truth to Aman because you dont love Aman, your fear is proof of that, love and fear cant live together like trust and love always remain together, if you had trust on your love then you wouldnt worry about Aman leaving you but you dont have that trust because you dont love Aman, you can show fake love but you are fooling yourself too, you are becoming your enemy, you wont be able to live fake relation for life, do you understand? he asks her to come inside, Teni

is in deep thoughts, she looks at Parth and smiles at him. She is mesmerized by his words.

Aman comes in lounge. Dada says Baa has started wedding preparations, she wants to fulfill all her desires. Aman says then let her, she will make it grand. Man brings wedding card samples. Indu says we should send out invites soon. Shorvori gives samples to Aman without looking at him. Mohini says Teni is getting everything of high standard, fate can change like this? i never thought. Aman says she is right, Teni is lucky to get groom like me but I am more lucky to get life partner like Teni. Indu smiles. Aman says I will select cards design with Teni, Shorvori thinks that Aman’s heart will break when he will know Teni’s truth.

Parth gives water to Teni. Teni says you are so nice Parth, I havent seen man like you. Parth says I lied to my family for their happiness, their happiness is attached with this baby. Teni says to Parth that I am like a thirsty person who is seeing love everywhere after seeing you and Shorvori, I get scared to leave my old life, be with me in this decision and trust me that I wont do anything, I promise to you give you your baby and I will not hide any truth from Aman. she puts hand around Parth’s arm and lies her head on his shoulder. Aman comes there and sees them like that, he asks what truth you want to tell me? Parth and Teni gets up. Aman says we are getting married 20days, I am giving you card sample so dont give me stress, if Teni had any affair or anything then I am ready to forget, all that matter is that there should be no problem in her present, is there any? Teni gets tensed, Dada calls Aman and Teni. Teni says we should go downstairs now but I will tell truth to you tonight, she looks at Parth and says promise, she leaves. Parth looks on.

Scene 2
Shorvori is praying in mandir. Parth comes there and sees her praying at night, he comes and sits beside her, he says you pray like this when you are very stressed. Shorvori says I am feeling burdened, Aman and Teni’s wedding is not out of love but because of Teni’s fears, when aman will know that Teni doesnt love him, he will be heartbroken and till Teni realizes it, it will be too late, everything will be destroyed, Parth says dont worry, we tried, leave everything to God now.

Teni is in her room and says how to tell truth to Aman that he doesnt get too shocked and doesnt say no for marriage, so what if I dont love him, I can show fake love, I have to pretend to love him for life, what should I do that he becomes so crazy in love with me that he accepts that baby too. I should use some American trick on him. she messages him to meet in lawn at 12AM, she says Aman will get shocked tonight.

Teni decorates whole lawn with candles, lights and balloons, she wears off-shoulder gown and puts champagne on table. Parth comes there and asks what is all this? Teni says what are you doing here? Parth says you messaged me. Teni says I mistakenly messaged you, it was for Aman, Parth says Aman must be asleep now, what is all this? Teni says you keep talking about love, I am trying to love so he will accept me in my package, Parth turns to leave, Teni says if Aman is asleep then eat burger which I cooked and have talk with me. Parth and Teni sits down, Parth eats burger, she asks how is it? He says its good that Aman didnt come but he wouldnt be able to love you after that, Teni says its not that bad. Teni says you said if Aman loves me then he would accept my truth and me, you didnt get scared that Aman might tell truth to family, Parth says I was scared but we cant be selfish, we cant think about ourselves only, you gave birth to your dreams, you were with me and if you truly love someone and I come inbetween that way then its selfishness, I believe that giving happiness brings happiness to you, I want you to be happy because you have given us many happiness. Parth wipes mayonnaise from lips. Teni says you are really nice, after talking to you, I have strength to talk to Aman and tell him truth, sorry about this bad burger, I will make it nice next time. Aman comes there and sees them talking, he thinks what they are talking? they were talking in morning too, what it can be? no I have full trust on Teni, it must be nothing.

In morning, Teni bring Aman out of house, he asks what? Teni says you were sad that we didnt have good dates, Aman says so? Teni says I am wearing American clothes and you are not praising? Aman says but first tell me what is it? Teni says I dont want your American friends to say that you married an illiterate, I will take on all foreign beauties, Aman says you have failed them thats why I have left to print your name on my heart and wedding card. Teni says lets go for hangout, he says what? Teni says I will drive, he says are you mad? Teni says I used to drive truck too, Aman says i dont trust you. Teni says I challenge you to bring this car back safely after three rounds of city but then you will have to agree with my one thing, he promises her. Teni thinks now I will take three rounds and will tell him truth about surrogacy.
Teni starts driving, she drives recklessly. Aman asks her to be careful but Teni bumps car to one car. They scream and have accident.

Aman is in hospital, he calls Parth and says Teni had accident, you come there. Parth is shocked. Parth calls Shorvori and tells her too, Shorvori is distort.
Aman comes to ward, doctor checks unconscious Teni and says to Aman that you should have taken care of her in this delicate condition. Aman asks delicate condition? Doctor says dont you know that your fiance is pregnant, Aman is stunned. Aman recalls Teni complaining about her belly fat. He looks at Teni with doubt.

PRECAP- Parth comes to hospital, he holds Teni’s hand and asks if she is fine? she says I am fine. Parth says you scared me so much, he rubs her hand, Aman sees it and recalls how he saw them close earlier too, he thinks that it means there is Parth’s baby in Teni’s belly. Aman comes out of ward room and break things there.
Aman comes to Dada and says I want to tell something about Teni.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Angelk1

    Wow, I love today EPs. Party words to ten I was just wonderful, I’m loving parth everyday. And ten I, how can you be so reckless when you know your pregnant. I think aman slaps ten I because either she lied or she didn’t tell him the truth earlier.

  2. Aman should know that Teni is Parth & Shorvoris’ surrogate. If Aman tells everything to Dada then whole family will fall apart. We don’t want that. Writers please make Aman positive make him get to know that Tenis is parth and shorvoris surrogate and Turn him Positive so that they will join hands together

  3. Nice conversation btwn teni and parth…… i m excited to watch today epi….how aman and family will react…………i hope aman will understand teni………..

  4. dilse diltak fan

    Love teni and parth scenes they are so good to each….. Hope aman will not tell to data that teni is having parth’s baby….loved today’s episode….. They didn’t drag the episode….. Superb Show waiting for tomorrow…..

  5. That mayo cleaning act was awfulll I mean who does that?????and the way parth was touching teni on hospital was only OK…..they look like bro and sis??

  6. Pinkpearl

    poor aman i really feel bad for him..so many heart breaks coming his way..awaiting for todays episode..

  7. Oh no.aman shouldn’t do that.awaiting next episode

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