Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni in a bad mood because of the game

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The next morning Teni prepares breakfast for the family. Shorvari comes to kitchen to prepare Ipshita’s milk bottle. Shorvari was excited about last night party and says she is really happy that Parth hasn’t still forgotten her choice. Teni curtly smiles that she has a new relation with Parth right now, in time they will also better understand each other. Shorvari feels bad for Teni.
Teni serves breakfast to the family with an upset mood. She places Gobhi Prataha in Parth’s plate than the Aalu Paratha he likes. Indu points it, Teni was apologetic and says they will understand each other with passing time. Parth gets a call from office and hurries to a meeting. He had forgotten his bag but Teni doesn’t take it to him this time. She then goes to take some rest in the room.

discuss that she can sense a storm approaching in the strange relation between the three. It will soon break now. Dada ji says Parth will have to select a single from the two wives. They must only take care that the three doesn’t experience anything that hurt them in future. Their hearts must not be broken, but only develop an understanding. Mohini asks how it matters when one of them has to leave. Dada ji says if they come across each other in life in future, they must not have any guilt about each other. He will take care of the rest.
On the way, Parth thinks about Teni. He tries her number but she neglects his call in the room. Shorvari comes to apologize Teni as she was hurt because of her. Teni doesn’t hold Shorvari responsible for anything and says it’s her heart and may take some time. Shorvari tries to cheer Teni up but she was upset and leaves the room. Shorvari calls Parth and says Teni is really upset about the game. Parth says he is in a hurry and has an important meeting with the client. Shorvari says he may handle business later, but if there is any misunderstanding in the relations he might not be able to handle it.
Bharat was in the room when Jalpa practices her yoga. She was irritated by his walk and tells him to sit on a side. Bharat tells Jalpa to be clear that whom she wants to have an affair with. Jalpa asks what he would do. Bharat says at least he would be peaceful and will go away from here for at least two days. Jalpa inquires, what about the yoga teacher? Bharat says he already knew that man wasn’t the right one. Jalpa was irritated at his annoyance. Bharat says he is having a head ache, and requests her a cup of tea.
Parth returns home. Shorvari says she doesn’t know how he does this, but they will have to manage their relations now. He must do something he did whenever she was annoyed with him. Parth promises to do it, it might only take him some time.
Parth does sit stand in front of Teni and apologizes her. He promises to understand her if she spends a week with him in Switzerland. Teni was excited to go with Ipshita, and asks if Shorvari and Ipshita would accompany them? Parth says only the two of them will go.

PRECAP: Shorvari was upset about Parth’s decision to take Teni to Switzerland where they had spent their honeymoon. She was upset in the room when Mohini comes there. She says that Parth and Teni might get really close to each other in Switzerland.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow now this spineless perverted creature called parth is taking the sadak chap spineless, remorseless, house breaker, shameless surrogate to the honeymoon spot where he had spent time with his legal wife! Talk about true love! He had declared undying love to his first wife, now seeing a shameless exhibitionist surrogate he cannot keep it in his pants;

    1. Karine Zakaryan

      From the very beginning of this show, I realized that the project is working specifically for Jasmine. But now, I really feel sorry for the actors who are forced to work in this shit. When Siddhart realized what was happening, he naturally got angry and was in hysterics, as he was deceived by the producers and he left this project. This is a very brave act on his part, an actor, at the same time very talented, and the person who respects himself could not do otherwise . It is he who created the wonderful image of Parat and thanks to him, this show was watched not only in India but also in Europe, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and other countries.But now, this new Parat, it’s disgusting to look at him.And on this, it is better not to look and not write komentarii.Then they will understand, these cretins, that people are no longer interested in watching this show.

  2. i feel so bad for shorvari she doesn’t desreve parth.parth said he loves her more than anyone no matter what then why did he fall for teni?this serial has no meaning its so disgusting to watch how can a women share her husband its horrible to even think about it.i seriously have no words to describe how disgusting this serial has become.

    1. Wow!We share same name.kind of.

  3. I think this serial is only meant for Jasmin and her promotion to movies or some other serial. Why else would the makers try so hard to shove her as a lead over other actors? Makers Don’t tell us the bullcrap of it’s in the story so she’s acting. No! It’s such a shitty story promoting bigamy and affairs so openly that it’s puke Worthy! Why the hell is a surrogate rightful wife? The first wife is alive for f’s sake! The surrogate is nothing but a second woman who broke the house. Why the hell is colors supporting this shit?! Making a character such as Teni a mata! In the future they’ll bump off the legal first wife, make pervert shitty parth who thinks by his pants end up with shitty surrogate of a b**ch. End of story. We know the story already, why stretch like a rubber band? Just end it already! We know the b**ch will end up with the pervert.

  4. I hate teni
    I like parth and shorvari relationship

  5. Yes this serial has no meaning

  6. What’s going on in the show is soo so bad. How can a man do this in front of his own beloved wife. How can he even think of taking teni to Switzerland. He is so cheap. I prefer the earlier parth. I feel so much pain for shorvari. Feel like not to see the show anymore as it is going on wrong path. Parth and shorvari are made for each other and teni should leave. I hate the script writer of this show now. There are no scene where parth is missing to be with shorvari n after her return from death how can any husband control himself from being expressive to her wife. Nonsense is going

    1. Teni IS his wife,too.

      1. teni is not his love just only a compromise gor ipseeta but what about shorvori if parth love teni than why he forced shorvori to back home …so that he can do shamful activity with teni infront of his beloved first wife

  7. It will be great to get to see Parth and Teni without any other family members.But I feel this Switzerland tour might not happen due to budget issues.

    1. teni already want to snatch parth from shorvori when she was pregnant a sadakchap tapori girl nothing want more than a rich loving husband with family

  8. Franchemnt c’est desesperant que tout le monde est contre tani. je suis vraiment navré mais tout ca c’est a cause de la 1ere femme elle n’avait qu’a ne pas se faire passé pour morte et réapparaitre du jour au lendemain. jespere tout au fond qu’elle sortira une fois de la vie de parth. si elle était vraiment amoureuse de son mari pourquoi cest t’elle fait passé pour morte et laissé son mari tout seul avec la mere porteuse. A sa sois disant mort c’est Tani qui a subi la colère de parth qui pensais que c’était a cause de tani si sa femme et morte. Donc moi j’aime pas shorvani

  9. j’aurai bien aimer qu’elle n’apparaisse pas

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