Dil Se Dil Tak 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Parth comes to put the fire off from Teni’s clothes with his hands. Everyone was shocked. Aman pours water over it. Teni notices Parth had burnt his hands and holds herself responsible for not being attentive. Parth assures Teni he is fine. Shorvari brings him aside to apply bandage. Parth thinks Teni must be attracted towards him because she thinks only he can take care of her, its her immaturity. He come to the hall again. Baa sends Jalpa to bring a plate from kitchen. She hands the baby to Bharat but Bharat was upset about the receipt and leaves the baby on the couch. Jalpa was shocked to see this upon return. When Bharat returns she asks where he had been, Bharat says there was a phone call.
Everyone stands for Pooja. Later, Baa asks the couple to take blessings from everyone. Parth says

he isn’t as old that Teni touched his feet. Teni says Dadi said they must touch the feet of those we respect the most. She respects Parth the most in her life. Parth blesses Teni to get every happiness of her life. Sejal comes to take everyone for cake celebration. Bharat brings drum and beat it, the family dances over the beat. Aman and Teni cut the cake together. Teni was about to give a bite to Parth when the cake slips ruining Parth’s clothes. Teni holds her head as their heads bang. Baa reminds Teni she says once banged heads breaks a relationship, they must bang twice. Teni and Parth bang their heads again. Everyone laugh. Sejal tries to give a bite of cake to Rishab. Shorvari watches this and feels hurt. She thinks may be Rishab considers Sejal as friend and likes Jagruti, she must speak to Jagruti. Rishab comes to Jagruti and shows her some photos of Sejal, he tells her that Sejal is no angrier with her and Jagruti must also agree. Shorvari takes Jagruti aside, she tells Jagruti it’s the right time, and she must inquire Rishab what’s in her head. She tells Shorvari Rishab made Sejal up for her sake. She then comes to Rishab and asks him to meet her tomorrow. Mohini thinks about doing something about this Jagruti.
In the room, Shorvari shows Teni huge Maha Kali Bindi. She tells Bengali girls wear these believing women are more powerful than anything just like Maa Kaali. Teni gets excited to wear the Bindi and says she really feels powerful, it feels she can fight anything in the life now. Shorvari and Teni promote MahaKali show.
Later, Shorvari comes to Parth. Parth says Aman and Teni looked really happy today. Shorvari shares she was thinking falsely for no reason. She shows Parth a bangles box as gift for Teni. Parth asks Shorvari what if what she suspected about Teni was true. Shorvari was lost at once. She says Parth is her world, she loves him dearly and won’t bear if someone else comes into this world. She would never forgive that person. She doubted Teni for a while, it suffocated her though she couldn’t share with anyone that someone would snatch her life. She says all relations in the world can be shared, only a wife can never share her husband. Parth calms Shorvari down saying she doesn’t need to think about it so much. Shorvari was upset but Parth hugs her. They share an eye lock. Parth thinks he must keep Teni’s feelings to himself.

PRECAP: Teni dreams about being with Parth. She sits up to see Shorvari and Parth standing with clothes for her Haldi. Teni announces she will get married directly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bakwas….
    Better air off this show.

  2. Yeah man! Agreed. Cut this bullshit and go off air. Promoting affair on air. And on top of it showing Pooja and havan kund and all. Try to show people respecting marriage vows. I can predict from a mile off that aman will get kidnapped or is late to his marriage somehow. To save respect her to of shitty ho Mata Sati Teni parth will marry her and keep it secret. But lust part gets fulfilled. Finally Shorvori turns villian and party divorces her. Shitty Teni and jerk parth will stay happy with his and Shorvori’s baby and have a dozen kids between em.

  3. Common pea brained writers. For once think something original. Promoting shitty affairs on air. It’s rip off from every other shitty serial in other channels. For once surprise the viewers by doing good to Shorvori. Let Teni fall into a ditch and die. That’s where her a*s belongs.

    1. Instead of this triangle makers can get shorvari conceive..it will bring awesome twist to the story..promoting adultery won’t help..

      1. I love this idea????Shorvari getting pregnant???i can imagine the soup parth will be in ???i hope in future if pari stay together and teni moves on with aman..we get to see a miracle baby of shorvari and parth?????

  4. i think sorvori has to go from parth he just so stupid women .. she ladies garbage can not get pregnant she is also poor she is selfish she is useless .. he’s a drama so as not to be expelled by the family parth .. sor very selfish cunning he does not deserve to be parth wife .. he is like garbage ??????????? sorvori lol he should have died

    1. U firsy improve ur English..learn the spelling of Parth and Shorvari and then comment…garbage supporting another garbage teni and calling parth and shorvari garbage..get a life..so according to u a wife who cannot give birth to a child is hopeless and good for nothing? That show wat sort of a garbage u are..so buzz off from here

    2. yes true agree with you i like parth teni too

    3. i love parth our teni i will supporth parth teni .. sorvori no she very selfish i not like

      1. Teni sucks big time

        Nice try mimie??? same account and different names huh???teni parth fans as sick as tat woman..no originality and no guts..such low life thinking just like teni…jo bhi ho..teni is the ultimate whore of this show..homebreaking lusty b*t*h who spoilt a happy household for her own benefits..selfish sl*t

  5. stupid parth if he stays with that useless sorvori

  6. Sorry guys but its really important to say this what have u done if u were in the same situation.i support shorvori.if u have miscariage what will u do?if ur surrogate mother started loving ur husband wat will u do.Shorvori is the best wife and she can even give her life for parth.I think pari is the best and the unbreakable jodi.

    1. Wow amazing .. Stupid it means a wife can sacrifice another women for her own life . this is wrong anyway a woman cares to other woman but see sorvori she only think of herself . women useless garbage like dirt ???????????????

      1. TEni the b*t*h

        Did shorvari ask teni to sacrifice her life? ???when u want to defend get ur facts right..sadak chaap ladki ko apni ghar mein jhel rahi hai shorvari wahi badi baat hai..and now teni is breaking tat very same woman’s household…dont worry eventually shorvari will make the ultimate sacrifice fr ur whore teni mata by giving up her life or by giving up parth…coz teni mata is the ultimate goddess

    2. Nonsense . sorvori does nothing to parth he is just afraid of losing everything . he forgot that he was just a worthless vilagge girl . if only the parth family saw the truth then he whould be thrown out of the house banusali .the real teni has shown her sincere love for parth

      1. Sincere wala ghanta love…lusty whore she is…playing with two men…nasty b*t*h…

    3. Angelk1

      Sorry sidmi, But if a doctor tells me i cant have kids. I wont do surrogacy. I will just adopt, after all their are millions of children who have no home, no parents and are dying out of hunger. I wouldnt be stupid enough to get my husband to sleep with another because the new way didnt Work. Thats just crazy, But i guess it all depands on how people see it.

  7. And sorry guys if u dont like it please stop commenting this bakwas comment and please stop this

  8. I think Dil Se Dil Tak has unsual story about fourangle love story between Parth, Shorvori, Teni, and Aman. As a miscariage couple, they will do anything to make their family happy, because they well knew, surrogacy is the only way to make their elder happy. I really do not sure I can do as they are. Parth and Shorvori has great effort to bring the baby to born. They take care Teni very well. But, Teni, also could not be blamed as well. She just unconciiusly brought into Banushali drama. She is just an innocent girl that doesnt know anything about love. She only know money money money. Teni just misunderstand about Parth and Shorvori care to her. Poor Teni.. For Parth and Shorvori, knowing Teni loves Parth and not Aman, is unpredictable thing. I hope Teni will realize and receive how Aman loves her. But of course it is not easy, and need time to make it happen.

    1. Angelk1

      Wow the first positive comment i ever heard. Your fight, bit tení doesnt really need aman. She can just grow from what she has learn, why forcé herself to love a man she cant see loving. She should set him cree an speakup, love hurts.. Yes. Bit if their ment to be they will find each other again like RagNa couple an Twinji.

      1. Parth and shorvary are couple goal

        Excuse me b*t*h..i don’t care if teni needs parth or no.. Do u evn understand the meaning of surrogacy.. Parth and shorvary are madly in love with each other der relationship is very strong it’s jus coz shorvary is not able conceive this lusty surrogate is in btwn dem..Parth will never entertain teni’s love feeling.. I’m glad that now he know whats in Teni’s mind and I’m sure he will come up with some solution for the same…u just wait and watch..f**k off for now

  9. What stupidity is going on in this serial. Dil se dil thak showing shorvari and parth were role model for marriage couples.role model isa kartha he kya, kisi aur ladki keliye apni wife ko chodthu. Parth thum tho samchdar hona, plz don’t cheats aman. If teni not get married with aman, I will stop watching this serial. Plz aman teni ki shadi karvado……….

  10. Parth only loves shorvari and he will love till the end…he respects and cares for teni because she is carrying his child in her womb…which teni misunderstood.now it’s high time for teni to realise her mistake and accept Aman as he loves her so much..pls makers end this track asap this is not dilchasp rishta it’s just another love traingle tat v r seeing in other serials..we want old teni back because she was unique!!!

  11. Pure Shit…..worst show ever….We are not liking this even a bit and makers have released another stupid as f**k promo. I mean what the hell….Naina is different and teni is different… Naina from swabhiman is Karan’s wife whereas teni is a surrogate…. Have makers lost it???????? on top of that such dirty and filthy and cringeworthy scenes of parth and teni ..Like what????….Why dont show their Suhaagraat and kill shovori? I won’t be surprised if Teni lusts for parth….Because she is already doing so.Pure sl*t..
    They have made her character worse than ever…So CHEAP…As everyone is hating Teni’s character Jasmin is now giving clarifications for her character… like are you serious girl??? Why don’t the blo*dy makers understand?
    AND f**k YOU blo*dy FOREIGNERS

    1. Why are the serial watchers so rude and vulgur as to comment slangs? Before saying ghings to others plz check your public behaviour guys…plz…I think after this comment of mine, people will reply with slangs…but I request you guys not to do so…plz

    2. PaRi are the best..teni shud move on

      Tell me about it??next there are two possibilities
      Teni mata goes into depression falls ill and again shorvari will be made to compromise because its affecting the baby(in this process parth may or may not fall for her)
      Or teni mata will become the ultimate villain and will try to attain parth at any cost..even if it takes to harming shorvari or asking for parth in exchange of the bachcha…these are the two possibilities…those cringe worthy vulgar and cheap parth teni scenes isnt gonna reduce any time soon..these makers will remember surrogavy when they have to show parth teni together…like she is going to puke on parth on the haldi ceremony..and both wear yellow dress and come down later…
      This jasmin seems to be a wannabe..she keeps talking abt sid being her bestie offscreen even when no one asked..and ppl think their friendship will add the much needed spark for parth teni scenes too….i dont get it as to why shorvari is sidelined to make this b*t*h the ultimate mahaantha ka murthi

    3. Wat clarification is jasmin giving about the character now? And why the hatred for teni? I thought some firangis loved her and thought her exciting and full of life character makes her perfect wife material and shorvari was the most selfish and stupid woman?

  12. I’m not getting why Teni is being so disliked and hated….I like her a lot, as much as I like Parth and Shorvori….
    From the begining it has been shown that Teni had not got much from life….So she clinges to whatever love and care she gets…She didn’t choose to fall in love with Parth…it happened..so I don’t think she deserves all these slangs….And moreover Parth and Shor love each other deeply and I don’t think Teni can bring them apart…But if that happens I will be really dissapointed in the script writers…So,my love to all the three lead characters…love u all….

    1. PaRi are the best..teni shud move on

      Hmm…how is it tat its shorvari or parth’s fault tat teni dint get anything in her life previously..to make her life better only both parth and shorvari are trying their best(although their first priority was the baby and still is..but they arent so inhumane to let her go without a life after childbirth) she may clinge to anything tat she likes or loves…but how nice does it look to clinge to someone’s husband? And how fair is it for her to think tat shorvari will “share” parth with her? Her fantasies were highly pukeworthy..thats the reason people are hating her..moreover she feeling bad that she wont get parth ever looks stupid..she entered parth’s life at a very later stage of his life..and she entered for a purpose…how can we feel bad for teni who is feeling miserable seeing a happily married couple being who are so much in love with each other? The very thought of PaRi breaking up coz of teni makes me hate her more than i already hate her…

      1. Its not PaRis fault…I know…but its not Teni’s fault either that she is in love with someone….he is married and loves Shor with all his heart and Teni too realises it now….I also want PaRi to be together forever..but I like Teni a lot..she is cute in my opinion….I am sorry if I hurt your sentiments but I stick to my love for all the three lead characters….

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