Dil Se Dil Tak 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kesar asks Shorvori to give her hand, i will tell you if you will happy baby boy or baby girl. Baa says dont be shocked Shorvori, science came later, earlier Kesar used to tell about gender, Mohini says show her your pulse, Shorvori thinks what if she finds out that i am not pregnant? Kesar says let me touch your pulse, why you are thinking so much? Shorvori reluctantly starts extending her hand but Indu comes there before Keser can touch her hand, Indu says we dont want to know gender of baby, baby will be blessing of God. Mohini says we showed pulse when we were becoming mothers, we never differentiated between girl and boy so let us know what is gender. Indu says this is thinking of Baa and dada, if we get to know gender now then later when baby will know about this test, he or

she will get doubt that we care about gender. Baa says she is right, we dont want to know gender, Keser says its good, she greets and leaves. Baa asks Shorvori you dont look fine, you need massage, go to spa. Mohini says i will take Shorvori, you asked me to take care of her, Baa says i know, you make protein filled food for her and Forum will take her to spa, Mohini nods and leaves. Indu smiles at Shorvori.
Teni sees Parth missing, she sees Shorvori calling him, she says i should put spice in his life, she takes Shorvori’s call but Parth takes phone from her and says to Shorvori that i will call later, he cuts call and says to Teni that Shorvoori doesnt know you are our surrogate mother. Teni says why? call her and let me talk to her, Parth says Shorvori has image of surrogate mother and you are opposite, i will tell her about you on right time, till then you wont talk to her and cant come face to face with her. Teni thinks that this is insult but its about 10lacs so its fine. Teni says fine, i wont talk to her, i will do everything you say from now to 9monthes. Parth sees sign on contract and says write your surname too, Teni says i dont know surname, my father left me when i was 6years old, i just know about money. Parth thinks that contract has no value without surname and process cant start without surname.
Mohini is cooking for Shorvori and says i am breaking my bones for that girl. She calls servant and asks him to put food box in Shorvori’s room. Servant says if you are going to her room then put these things in her room too, she asked me to purchase it. Mohini sees sanitary napkins in shopping bag, she thinks that if Shorvori is pregnant then why did she bring it? servant leaves. Mohini says what i think is lie what Shorvori is telling to people? am i thinking right?
Shorvori is in spa and thinks if there is problem in signing contract.
Parth calls his lawyer Bansali and says sign contract without surname, Bansali says court wont accept it, Parth says find some way. Shorvori calls Parth but phone is busy, she thinks he might be busy.

Scene 2
Teni comes to hish class spa where Shorvori is present too. Teni says i am going to give birth to Bhanushali baby so i deserve to come here. She sits behind Shorvori’s seat and says heroine come here, worker comes to her, Teni says do my facial, make my eyebrows, do every service, dont worry about money, i have signed big contract. Shorvori hears it and stifles laugh. Shorvori takes off her mangalsutra for facial. Worker gives it to other worker and says its of woman whose facial is about to be done, Teni is having facial too.
Parth meets lawyer with Jalpa, lawyer says we cant file contract without surname, Parth says fine, write her name then.
Teni is having facial. Worker brings mangalsutra to her and asks is this yours? Teni doesnt understand english and says yes yes, worker makes her wear Shorvori’s mangalsutra. Teni thinks that it must be free with juice here, its expansive spa afterall. Shorvori comes there and sees Teni wearing her mangalsutra, she gets angry. Shorvori comes to Teni and says my mangalsutra?
Parth says to lawyer that her name from now on will be Teni bhanushali. Jalpa is shocked. Flashback shows Teni’s connection with Parth and Shorvori.
Shorvori sees Teni’s eyes closed as facial mask on her face. She says listen, you are wearing my mangalsutra, you know value of manglasutra? how dare you wear it? Teni says lower your voice. Teni sees its Parth’s wife and thinks that i should remain silent otherwise i will handwash off 10lacs. Worker asks what happened? Shorvori says she is wearing my mangalsutra, Teni says this worker made me wear it, i dont want to wear it. Worker says i asked you if its yours and you said yes, Teni says i didnt know english, its not my mistake, i will give it back to you. Shorvori says let me help you, Teni and Shorvori tries to take off mangalsutra but it breakdowns. Shorvori is shocked to see her broken mangalsutra. Teni says dont worry, my sandal keep breaking too, i will rejoin it, Shorvori angrily leaves from there, Teni says i messed up again.

Scene 3
Shorvori comes home. Baa asks you both didnt go for shopping? Shorvori says no, Baa asks where is your mangalsutra? Indu asks what happened? Shorvori says my mangalsutra brokedown, all are stunned, Baa asks how? Shorvori tells them about Teni incident. Indu says how can she wear someone else’s mangalsutra, Shorvori says i got angry on her but she was not ashamed at all, Baa says women are stealing even mangalsutras these days, just remember to keep away from these kind of women, mangalsutra is representation of marriage, its value gets lost if you dont respect it, my mother used to say woman’s biggest is woman only. Parth comes there and hears it. Forum says to Parth that Shorvori’s mood is not good, handle it. Parth says someone broke your mangalsutra? why didnt you call me? Shorvori says what would have done? Parth says i would have scolded that girl, right baa? Baa says i know, that girl shouldnt sleep at night. Indu says witch should strangle her neck, Forum says she should have allergy and must not wear even her own mangalsutra, Shorvori sadly starts leaving but bursts into laughter, she says so sweet, thank you, all smile at her. Mohini brings lemonade for Shorvori and says i should laugh too, shorvori drink lemonade. Parth gets Jalpa’s call. Baa sees it and says put it on speaker Parth, Parth puts call speaker, Jalpa says tomorrow is test.. Parth says all are with me, phone is on speaker, Jalpa gets scared and greets them. Baa asks which test were you talking about? Shorvori’s tests were done, everything done? Jalpa says its my son’s vaccination, baa takes call and leaves. Indu says to family that Ramnik will come late, he has gone to see ill employee. Parth brings Shorvori behind pillar, Shorvori says anyone can see us, Parth says romancing stealthily is more exciting, Shorvori says i thought you wanted to say something important, Parth says this is most important, He puts hand on her neck, she close her eyes, Parth makes her wear new mangalsutra. He says dont worry about baa’s words, nobody can snatch me from you for atleast 7births, Parth says pray that tests for surrogate mother goes well tomorrow, Shorvori prays in gujrati, Parth smiles. Shorvori asks if surrogate mother liked her flowers and gifts? Parth recalls Teni’s words, he says she liked it, he thinks that i forgot to tell her that she cant drink wine, he says i have to go to tell surrogate mother that tomorrow is test. Shorvori says take grape juice for her, its healthy, Parth thinks i am worried that she might drink grape wine, he quickly pecks Shorvori’s cheek and leaves. Shorvori blushes and kisses her new mangalsutra.
Mohini is washing utensils and singing, she says i washed this silver utensil and made it shine, God has sent me to do this great work. Sejal says to wash dishes? Mohini says no to bring out truth, you know Shorvori is hiding something and i will bring it out, Sejal says not again. Mohini says Shorvori purchased things and bought that napkin too? why would she need that napkin(sanitary napkin), Sejal says i read somewhere that sometimes pregnant women need napkin too, Mohini says i am sure Shorvori is hiding something.
Parth comes to Teni’s house, Teni starts throwing things at him, she says if you want me not to beat you then ask your wife to say sorry to me, she thinks i am thief for that small thread, she insulted me infront of all for that small mangalsutra, Parth says it means it was… you?

PRECAP- Parth comes out Teni’s house with wine bottles in his hands, he is shocked to see dada and Ramnik standing there. Dada says wine?
Bharat says to family that not only Shorvori was involved in this mistake but that favorite boy Parth was fully part of this mistake too, Shorvori, Jalpa and Indu gets scared thinking he might be talking about surrogacy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Angelk1

    Shovori of all people should understand its not teni fault. She did say she doesnt understand english. And the only way teni knows how to fix things is by trying to help which makes things worse. Teni doesnt know any value because she never had someone to show or teach her. Hopefully shovori helps her out with that.

    Hi guys , hows everyone. Today eps was good. But why people are misunderstanding teni.

    1. Sorry to bother but angelk1 do you watch each and every serial telecasted on Indian television? I have seen your comments before also and on different serial updates. I think you don’t have any other work to do rather than sitting in front of TV and watching these same saas bahu wala drama again and again
      Advice : Stop sitting in front of TV start doing some productive work that will help
      Hahahahahahaha. SERIAL BEHENJi

      1. Angelk1

        Lol its cool, I’m glad you read my comments. And i go to work around 3pm then come home around 11, so before 3 it gives me enough time to watch an comment. And when i do come home, i write stories because its my hobby an i keep up to date with comments. So i am productive everyday. Matter fact i work so much that i rarely have time for myself.

        I pay bills, i pay for food, clean the house, i dont even hang out with friends like that. And through all of that i spend my little time wisely before I’m completely knocked out lol

  2. Shout is the best

  3. Presha

    Hey awesome

  4. beauty of ths serial is increasing day by day!!!

    bt seems lke shoutng of shovori was nt needed here..parth is soo gud!!

    1. Angelk1

      I agree

  5. Shorvori must understand that teni had not done it deliberately, but whatever it was fine but the precap is very horrific i wish everything gets normal

    1. Angelk1

      Shovori is the voice of reasoning. I just hope she helps teni and understand where shes coming from. But i think the obe that will understand her more is parth, because his more patient and honest.

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