Dil Se Dil Tak 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Family decides Parth must marry Teni

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Teni tells Dadi ji she won’t wait till Diwali and leave with her child right away. Indu and Dadi ji stop Teni. She even drops the suitcase and says she didn’t bring anything into the house, she only owns the baby. Parth corrects even the child isn’t hers, they only borrowed her womb. Teni says it was only her mistake to not mention in the contract about the situation after their divorce. But she takes the responsibility of the child as a mother, atleast he must get the love of mother. She leaves. Baa and Indu follow her to the hall. Indu requests Teni to stay, everyone gather around. Teni says she is no more needed in the house, she became a surrogate only because Parth and Shorvari wanted to be parents. Parth reminds her of the contract, if he will be able to look after the baby when he

isn’t able to handle himself. And where should surrogate mothers leave their kids when the real parents have divorced. Everyone was speechless, Teni turns to leave but Parth stops her. Dada ji tells Teni neither she nor her demand is wrong. Everyone here also think she is right in her demand to marry, Parth doesn’t think so. They don’t only reveal their intentions.
Baa comes to stand beside Teni, for the right cause. Indu says she is suffering for her child and realizes Teni’s state. She also stands beside her. Ramnik, Dada ji and Mohini also take Teni’s side. Parth was left alone. Dadi says she thinks they shouldn’t make any delays in their wedding; she accepts the wedding. Parth says he doesn’t need a marriage to bring up his child, he can do it all alone. He is sure Shorvari will return for their child. Teni thinks she never wanted to quest him if Shorvari was fine, but now she must convince him to marriage before Diwali.
In the room, Parth thinks about Teni’s demands. Both Parth and Shorvari were thinking about each other. Teni stood behind Parth.
The next morning, Indu distributes Prasad to everyone. Baa signals Indu to speak to Parth. Indu begins to speak but Parth interrupts saying he will come along them in Diwali shopping. Rishab and mother come with gifts for them. Indu and Baa wee courteous. Rishab’s mother says gifts are exchanged on festivals. They were all puzzled but Rishab’s mother says she only came to have tea from Jagruti’s hands. Jagruti hurries inside. Mohini keeps Sejal aside, not to reveal her intentions to family. Rishab’s mother discuss about Parth, Shorvari and Teni. Jagruti says people must be let to talk, only they know what Parth if facing. Parth hugs Jagruti. Rishab says his mother had an argument with a neighbor. Indu apologizes her, but Rishab’s mother says they have been friends for long.
Parth leaves the hall. Teni was worried.
Rishab’s mother thinks it was their fault to hurry the proposal. Rishab must marry Sejal.
In the room, Indu convinces Ramnik to speak to Parth. Teni had come at the door and hears Indu’s determination not to let Teni and the child leave from this house. Teni convinces Indu not to pressurize Parth, he must take the decision himself so that he doesn’t later blames Indu for the marriage. Indu wonders how she will get married, as Teni can’t take wedding vow rounds. Teni says she has already spoken to registrar. Teni was passing by Parth, he stops her but Teni says she only wants to know about his decision.
In the room, Parth watches Shorvari’s photo. Indu and Dadi come to him. Dadi says they have come to announce their decision. Indu insists Parth must abide by the decision of elders and marry Teni.

PRECAP: Parth comes to Teni’s room. There was Shorvari’s call. He tries to guess the password. Teni tells Shorvari its “Parth”. Shorvari wish Parth doesn’t guess and panics.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ek baat ko 3-4 din se dekha re ho, pasward lgaya, paswrd lgaya..pr abi tak scene Aya ni..kitna pagl bnaogy logho ko. soo please abh yeh serial yahi tak rehne dho..kyunki ab hardly hi koi dekhta hoga isey. soo please. bas karo, es drame mei ek drame ko.

  2. f**k off teni...a W H O R E

    Oh wow,!!! Aristrocratic banushali family agreed to make that street b*t*h a bahu of their deat parth??????best comedy show.
    Those who were missing me i am back, teni is a WHORE a W H O R E a Lusty homebreaker…..who couldnot tell his so called best friend of her wife’s condition…..
    And hatsoff to the family……how easliy they gave into a b*t*h’s command..
    If teni really cared for shorvori she would jave yold her conditon to parth.
    This b*t*h did not even care for parths feeling.
    Such a W H O R E.?????
    She was even saying that -“” Main nahi chahti thi bhagwaan meri paarth ke saath ek aise hone denge”…..That b*t*h was still into paarth.

    Do kodi ka show …..f**k off dsdt.

    1. Teni shud leave bhanusali house

      Meri parth? When did she say that? I dont remember her saying that…but i dont care…parth can never be hers…he was is and will always be shorvari’s…and parth can never call teni as meri teni like how he calls shorvari “meri shorvari”
      I hate this bhanusali house..why are they forcing parth to marry someone whom he doesnt love? He can raise his child on his own..he doesnt need teni or anyone for that matter
      And the way teni says..mera bachcha…buzz off woman..that kid and parth and shorvari’s…that kid is parth’s who wanted a kid that was only shorvari’s
      This track needs to end man

    2. Totally agreed
      This serial is inspiring marriage breakers
      encouraging extra.marital affair.Dekho.You can fall in love with a married man.God will make him yours.Or pray his wife dies soo,Lol.
      That selfish Teni
      I didn’t like her since the start of this serial.I’ve left watching this serial since Shorvari aked Teni to marry Parth.Enough is enough.

  3. f**k of shorvori a whore a b*t*h

    b*t*h shorvori has to tell parth abt her condition simply she is using teni n emotionally blackmailed her not to tell truth to parth ,shorwori is such a whore ,a home breaker

  4. b*t*h shorvori

    Such drama queen shorvori ,shorvori is b*t*h,whore,f**k off shorvori,just go n tell parth d truth if u really love him simply u r using innocent teni , u r not letting her to tell d truth ,u know when parth ll get to know abt cancer truth he ll be broken so u don’t want to know him den y dis video drama u r such attention seeker n a whore ,lusty women

    1. Teni shud leave bhanusali house

      Wait..whose home did shorvari break? Her home is only broken for good now…agreed she is making a mistake by not telling parth..but she is NOT using teni..teni always has a choice go say no and end things..but since its her opportunity to attain parth she isnt doing it..and talkinga bout whore..how many men did shorvari fool around with or slept? At least teni mata played with both aman as well as parth’s feelings some time back..shorvari is taking parth for granted..and guess wat..parth is her hubby..she can do wat she wants with him..in every realistic relationship hubby taking rights over wife and wifey taking rights over hubby is common…so neither is shorvari a whore who is sleeping with a 1000 men apart from her hubby..neither is she a homebreaker because she dint break Teni’s home..teni broke hee home even if it’s unintentional

      1. b*t*h shorvori

        Teni hiding truth bcoz shorvori told her to hide it .n teni is not hiding truth bcoz she ll get parth as friend she is helping shorvori bcoz she asked for it n teni also didn’t broke any home to call her as home breaker n teni is also not whore bcoz she also didn’t slept with any men teni is pure n teni also wants parth n shorvori to be together she also said shorvori that not to hide truth just go n tell parth everything teni is also not using opportunities here to get parth it is situation made by shorvori n abt all mera bacha n all teni dialogue writer is b*t*h shorvori who said her to do this all things y d hell dis b*t*h shorvori using teni for all her drama n if parth get to know d cancer truth now he ll be angry on teni bcoz she hided d truth from him but who took vaadha from teni to not to tell truth to parth it is b*t*h shorvori n if u guys simply blame teni for d mistakes she haven’t done its not fair n teni is not b*t*h or whore n she didn’t broke any home instead teni helpen dem to connect to der family vch shorvori cant do in 2 years n teni also prayed for park love n prayed dat dey both should be together always if shorvori has cancer wt she can do here shorvori broke her own home not teni , n I also don’t want shorvori to die n i also want pari should be together always.but I doesn’t mean dat everyone blames teni wt dat innocent teni did now ,she is doing as told by shorvori so if u guys call teni as whore b*t*h n all den it applies for shorvori also shorvori is b*t*h shorvori is whore shorvori is home breaker

      2. Teni should leave bhanusali house

        Such big lecture…one simple question…how is some stupid promise made to shorvari more important that shorvari’s life? Shorvari never wanted anyone to know..but teni being the great detective went behind her and wanted to spoil her plans watever the hell plans shorbari had made that was
        And if she really cared for parth and shorvari..she wud have given a f**k to the promise knowing tat shorvari is a fool and parth shud know things..instead madam is simply acting like she is pained to see parth and shorvari in pain and nothing more..if shorvari had told teni to do all this for some other guy instead of parth will she agree..u tell me the answer for this question..
        And please tell me whose hime shorvari broke when her own home is broken and how shorvari is a whore? Teni is a b*t*h to have played with aman for his luxuries and at the same time wanted parth because she was attracted to him..wat do u call a woman who plays around with two people’s life?
        Teni always..i mean always had a choice to say no to everything shorvari said..but she dint..because teni has her own benefits attached to it..
        Imo both the ladies are useless…parth is the victim caught between these two fools..
        Honestly when u called a wife a homebreaker there only ur intelligence showed up…lol..no point arguing with u

  5. f**k off shorvori a whore a b*t*h

    b*t*h shorvori has to tell parth abt her condition simply she is using teni n emotionally blackmailed her not to tell truth to parth ,shorwori is such a whore ,a home breaker

    1. Just end the pain in the A*s DSDT

      Wow your brains are fried! Logic toh nahi hain arguments main aur Patni ko home breaker kehti ho! I guess airheaded fans like you have no morals and logical brain to think!

      1. f**k off shorvori

        Same feeling yar ur brains are fried aap log ki argument me tho badi logic hothi hey na!!! thum log innocent teni ko home breaker bolthe ho! She never did anything to break der home n now also she is helping shorvori n also tried to tell truth to parth but shorvori didn’t allowed her she took promise from teni to not to reveal truth.what is teni mistake dat she listened shorvori so its shorvori mistake too she didn’t let her to tell anything to parth n u guys so called shorvori bakth telling teni home breaker b*t*h n all idhar kounsa logic n moral thinking use karthe ho n y u replied to my comment did I said anything against ur comment by replieng no na if u call teni home breaker den for me shorvori is b*t*h ,a whore n home breaker its my opinion who r u to tell me n I’m saying u don’t reply to my comments n if u did I know how to answer but I don’t want to waste my time in explaining u like u all do whoever takes teni side n comments u guys reply dem telling dey r wrong n u r correct shorvori vo ee bla bla bla may be u r shorvori so called paid fans jisko aur koyi kaam nahi hey

    2. F U C K I N G .....chutiya teni

      Teni is a B I T C H , end of the story.
      Sach kadwa hota hain…..blo*dy Paaarrth digger.
      Teni deserves a big slap for asking Parth to marry her……Chutiya Kahin ki

  6. I am so loving how parth is giving back teni…lol..he isnt pretending and all those words like “do you think you have a chance with me now that shorvari has left me” and “stop taking rights on the child..only the womb is your..that baby is mine and shorvari’s only” and “you can never take shorvari’s place ever in my life was honey to my ears..by hearing all this of teni mata doesnt know her limits with parth and his life then there cant be a bigger fool
    I hope parth saves his shorvari…i love the way he says meri shorvari so lovingly…although i find shorvari extremely stupid and an emotional fool…i hope this pain and watever sacrifice and care where she thinks parth shud get someone post her death pays off..she has never got any happiness in her life before..she deserves it..she deserves the happiness of being parth’s wife in every birth ad definitely deserves the happiness of motherhood for which she had to bear insults do stupid stuff and give up on her own wife rights to some third woman

  7. Eeeeeeeuuuuuu

  8. I remember the first episode when indu cursed shorvori … “u snatched my son from me one day u will go through the same ” … Stupid serial.

  9. Angelk1

    Its funny how people still talk, but don’t understand. Clearly teni don’t want to do this, but have to for Shovori sake. We clearly remember teni saying parth should know, and I will tell parth, but sweet Shovori stops her. I think she knows teni likes parth, thats why she chose teni to be the one to marry him, plus she’s convenient.

    This will complicate things especially with her feelings, shes trying to hide. Also I agree, she should tell parth instead of dying alone.

    Lastly, how can one be a homewrecker, if the home wasn’t intact in the first place. We’re forgetting, the family not accepting Shovori, and mohini hatred towards I nd u and sejal nonsense.

    The house already had drama, so even if teni wasn’t in the equation , the house would have still been wrecked because of the hatred, and the cause of not having a kid.

    With teni arrival, they started warming up to her, even before they found out she was pregnant. She filled the house with color. Which should have been Shovori job. But than they found her pregnant and the truth. They started being in the process of coming together, but it got ruin because of Shovori tumor drama.

    Now it will all depend on Shovori outcome to either drift them away or bring them close.

    Lastly, no one is a whore or sl*t, that name is for people sleeping around for money, pleasure and forced. Don’t talk bad about these good characters.

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