Dil Se Dil Tak 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: The family play couple game on Valentine’s party

Dil Se Dil Tak 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shorvari reminds Parth that he must buy two gifts now. Parth was upset. Shorvari tells him about Teni’s problem. He says she could have told it to him by herself. They watch Teni stand at the door, Shorvari signals her to take the gift. Teni cheerfully takes the gift. Shorvari provokes Parth to hug her. He asks Teni to at least hug him now. She happily does, then signals Parth to call Shorvari as well. The three share a hug with each other. Parth says they must prove the strength of their relationship to the family by doing something different.
Bharat presents Jalpa with flowers, bed tea and valentine’s gift. She poses to be less interested and says he must first fulfil his condition. Bharat tries to make her up while she was busy with Jayu. Jalpa finally wish Bharat Valentine’s day

and leaves.
The family was together in the hall for party. Mohini was waiting for Parth and his wives. Dada ji teases Ramnik for giving a gift to Indu, while expresses his love for Dadi. Jalpa and Bharat arrive for the party. Jalpa asks Dada ji what he gifted to Baa. Baa complains, but dada ji presents him with a rose. The lights go off. Teni announces a special dance by the three of them.
Jalpa meets Shorvari and says everyone was upset without her, she has now filled the house with happiness. Dada ji announces that they will play a couple game and Mohini will be the judge. Mohini explains the rules of games. The husband will judge the likes and dislikes of wife. They begin with Dada ji. Baa silently writes her choice on the white board, Dada ji had his back towards the board and guess the right food, place, color, film and song of Baa’s likeness. Dada ji says they had gone to see the film together, and their Baa shied over the song as if they were there in place of hero and heroine. The couple were given full marks. Next couple was Indu and Ramnik, Ramnik selects the food, place as wrong, color, film and songs were right. They get three out of five marks. Mohini says since he is the real hero if Indu, he must dance as Jitendra now. Ramnik performs for some minutes, Mohini gives them an extra point.
It was Parth’s turn. Mohini was confused about the pair with him. Everyone was confused.

PRECAP: Parth gets full marks with Shorvari but can’t judge any of Teni’s likeness and gets a zero.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. How much CVS will make the story cheap?? I mean everything has a limit. I m so pissed off watching Parth’s behavior. And I don’t understand why Shorvori is tolerating such nonsense. Why don’t she leave Parth? This story is nothing but humiliation for women. Rubbish!! I was so upset when Shorvori died
    But rather than watching these stupidities, it would better if she really died. Ridiculous!

    1. Youre right..

  2. Shit se shit tak

    This is utter rubbish! When will colors scrape this serial off air? I think even colors channel dont give a damn about women being portrayed in low light! All this channel cares about is trps!

  3. Polygamy…this serial is provoking polygamy and its still on air…i mean people of our country r so engrossed with useless things and fail to focus on important things…hw cn a country with such a huge population where so many feminists thrive and still preaching women empowerment where women are still subjected to mistreatment can tolerate such shit like polygamy…i dunno y this serial is still on air…

  4. lots of hatred!!

    Parth got a new wife and so he is now interested in her!! What a rubbish serial and how shorvori is tolerating all that I used to love parth and shorvori as a couple but now i hate parth and teni. Its such a stupid serial
    The serial frst showed how much parth loved shorvori but actually now its showing parth was fake how could he forget shorvori in just few months and fall in love woth some other girl. This will make wives scared of other women who want to take help of surrogacy

    1. Couldn’t of agreed with you more!. Disgusting.

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