Dil Se Dil Tak 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Shorvori says to Indu that we should talk to dada and make him forgive Mohini, i dont like her serving me, Indu says i feel bad too but Baa wont take it bad. Mohini is taking juice for Shorvori and says i have to use brain. She is about to enter Shorvori’s room but Indu says to Shorvori that you have to be careful because of Baa’s punishment for Mohini, Mohini gets to know everything. Mohini eavesdrop on their conversation but Forum comes there and says Maa? Mohini takes her away from there and says go from here, Forum says i wont let you do mistakes which will get you more punishments, Mohini says Indu was never loyal to me even if she is my sister then how will shorvori be loyal to me, Forum says i dont know anything, you come with me, she takes Mohini with her. In

room, Indu says to Shorvori that you have to be careful, nobody should know that you are not pregnant, Shorvori says Mohini might get to know it, Indu says i will handle her but you have to become pregnant before 22nd of next month, Shorvori thinks how to tell her that i cant become pregnant ever. Indu marks 22nd date on calendar, Shorvori looks on.
Mohini is massaging Shorvori’s shoulder. Mohini says its just not about Baa’s punishment, i like serving you. Shorvori thinks about Indu’s words, Mohini thinks she is lost, she must be thinking about something important Indu might have said, Mohini goes to washroom, Shorvori calls Parth but he doesnt take it. Shorvori says we have to start process of surrogacy before 22nd of month. Parth comes there and lifts her in arms, he says i found surrogate mother and tomorrow we will sign contract too, our lie is going to be true now. They turn and find Mohini coming out washroom. Mohini glares at him and says what is this? she is not doll, she is pregnant, you should take care of her, i am shy seeing you both flirt, dont lift her again like this, take care, she leaves. Parth asks what was she doing here? Shorvori says she was massaging my shoulders, thank God she didnt hear anything. Mohini is going to her room and recalls Parth’s last words that their lie is going to be true, she says which lie he was talking about? Indu talked weirdly too, this punishment is fun, i have to be with Shorvori for 24hours.
Parth gifts doll to Shorvori and says i signed contract with surrogate mother, Shorvori hugs him and says i am so happy, i should thank that lady, Parth says should i thank her my way? Shorvori grabs him and says i will kill you if you even think about other woman but she must be nice to give us our baby, to give her womb to our baby, she must be like goddess, Parth thinks Teni is not at all like which Shorvori is thinking but she agreed to be surrogate mother for us.
Teni is rolling bubble on her finger and eating is too disgustingly. She sees two pregnant women standing in water line, she asks one woman if there is baby inside tummy? she says what else would it be? dhokle? its my and my husband’s baby. Teni says how much did you get to become like this? Woman says this is dream for any woman to become mother, nobody takes money for it. Teni says you are mad to become fat like this for free, you look fat, woman says you wont understand, you just see money, we are not like you. Teni thinks that she is right, i am not like her, i will take 10lacs to become pregnant, this is my super chance and it should not slip from my hands.
Its morning, Mohini comes to shorvori’s room, Shorvori is taking bath. Mohini says she is in washroom, i should find out what she, Indu and Parth are hiding. She opens drawer and is about to see file but Shorvori comes out of washroom, Shorvori says you? Mohini closes drawer and says i was finding clothes for you. Shorvori says clothes are in cupboard not in drawer, Mohini says i was in sleep so i didnt see what i was doing, she brings dress and says you would look good in this, i will make your breakfast, get ready, she sees Indu coming, she greets her and leaves. Indu comes to Shorvori and shows her herbs she made, she says eat it daily, it helps to get pregnant, hide it in cupboard, Mohini should not find it, Shorvori takes it. Parth comes there, Indu turns to leave and strikes with him, contract papers fall from Parth’s hand, Parth asks Indu if she is fine? she smiles and leaves. PArth sighs in relief that she didnt see contract papers. Parth comes in room and sees “our dream” written on mirror. shorvori comes and hugs him, she says our dream is going to be fulfilled soon, she shows him her fat belly which she created with doll hidden beneath her clothes, she says this is my dream, how is it? Parth says more beautiful than any reality, he talks to swollen belly and says i am your papa, your mother killed me with your beauty first and now with you, your mother must be tired, he makes Shorvori sits on couch and acts like she is really pregnant, he says we can put tea cup on your swollen belly, Shorvori says you have to become responsible, you have to give test, you have to make nappy from this cloth, she gives him cloth. Parth tries to make nappy but makes cap, Shorvori laughs, he tries again and again, he makes nappy, Shorvori says you finally passed and you will prize which is small baby girl, she takes out doll from underneath her clothes and says she is pretty baby, her eyes are like mama and nose like papa, Parth smiles at her, Shorvori gives doll to Parth, Parth plays with it like he with his daughter, he says baby is happy with papa, Shorvori recalls how doctor said she cant become mother ever, she gets teary eyed seeing parth playing with doll. Parth says why mummy is crying on happy occasion? Shorvori says these are happy tears, i was waiting for this day since forever, Parth kisses her forehead, she smiles.

Parth comes to Teni’s society with flowers. One girl says to other that Teni have trapped rich fool. Parth comes to Teni’s house. Teni is in washroom and says close door. He does, Teni comes out of washroom and shows her belly, she has put money under her shirt, she says how is my surprise? Parth recalls how Shorvori made it too, she asks how is it? Parth says its good, Shorvori did this too today, i thought you both are different but Shorvori was right, women can wear different clothes but have same heart. Teni says leave all this, i will show you magic. She turns around and takes out money bag from her belly, she throws money in air and dance in it, Parth recalls how Shorvori was totally different. Teni says this money will become your baby after 9monthes and i will become rich, Parth thinks that and i was comparing her with Shorvori, i wanted girl like her who runs behind money, he says our dreams will be fulfilled after 9monthes. He gives her flowers, she throws it and says i dont understand flower’s fragrance, i like pungent smell of gutter which opens my mind, Parth recalls Shorvori’s words, flashback shows Shorvori giving flowers to Parth and says surrogate mother will like their smile and i made her card and dry fruits so she and baby remains healthy, fb ends. Teni sees card and says its of 440rs? you should have given that money to me, she likes dry fruits and says i will eat them with wine. Parth thinks that this is reality of her. Teni says did you bring my money? Parth nods and shows her money from bag, Teni gets happy and asks where i have to sign? he shows her contract, she signs papers, her sign
She says let me count money, it should be 50,000. Parth thinks that doctor said that surrogate mother shouldn drink wine, Teni might have hide it. He goes to search wine in her house while she is counting money.
Baa’s friend comes to house. Baa calls Shorvori and says meet my childhood friend Kesar, Shorvori greets her, Baa says she is pregnant, Kesar asks Shorvori to give her hand, i will tell you if you will happy baby boy or baby girl. Baa says dont be shocked Shorvori, science came later, earlier Kesar used to tell about gender, Mohini says show her your pulse, Shorvori thinks what if she finds out that i am not pregnant? Kesar says let me touch your pulse, why you are thinking so much? Shorvori reluctantly starts extending her hand.

PRECAP- Doctor says to Parth that without surname of surrogate mother, we cant proceed further. Parth says her fullname will be Teni Bhanushali from now on.
Teni is in parlour, worker shows her mangalsutra of Shorvori and asks is this yours? Teni doesnt understand english and says yes yes, worker makes her wear Shorvori’s mangalsutra. Shorvori comes there and sees Teni wearing her mangalsutra, she gets angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Angelk1

    Hello guys, hows everyone.

    Anyway, I knew it was a misunderstanding. And teni signing the contract without reading will be her downfall. But i hope they teach her to read soon. Maybe the baby will make her thinking different. But love shovori an parth seen. And teni lol was just hilarious with the questions. About the two pregnent women. Is teni an orphan?

  2. Presha


  3. Nivu99

    Hai friends…… ;
    The episode was jst beyond awesome….All the 3 rocking their roles… Teni has filled this entire serial with colours….. Mohini….wt 2say as usual eavesdropping on everybodys conversation

  4. The precap is disheartening, it shows shovori in a different light hope Teni doesn’t decide to take revenge for her insult just like she said she can tolerate anything but not being insulted

  5. Ossam shour teni were rocking

  6. Shour is ossam

  7. Vajra-SG29


    Episode – 16
    11:30 AM – 12:00 AM, 21 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Kesar Ba, a woman who can predict the gender of an unborn baby, arrives at the Bhanushali house, and it scares Shorvori as she fears her truth might come out.

    Episode – 17
    10:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 21 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Indu somehow manages to save Shorvori from Kesar Ba’s prediction. Meanwhile, Parth goes to get the contract papers and to give Teni her money.

    Episode – 18
    10:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 22 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Shorvori tells Parth how she imagines the surrogate mother to be. Later, Poyni goes to Bharat and tells him a secret which makes him extremely angry.

    Episode – 19
    10:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 23 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bharat discovers that Parth and Shorvori are not taking pregnancy seriously. Meanwhile, Parth is planning on how to tell Shorvori that Teni can be the surrogate mother.

    Episode – 20
    10:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 24 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Teni thinks that Parth and Shorvori have joined hands to trap her. Meanwhile, Parth and Shorvori are trying hard to find Teni who has been missing.

    Episode – 21
    10:30 PM – 11:00 PM, 27 Feb Set Alert
    There is no synopsis available for this episode.

    1. Nitee

      Hi Vajra… and Tq for the spoilers dr..:)

      1. Vajra-SG29

        mst wlcm

  8. Vajra-SG29

    iss show mein jaan hai toh sirf TENI ki vajaise…..Jasmin acting too good….???

    1. Nandhini

      Santhosh! You comment here too?? Agreed! This show has got its life only because of Teni..

      1. Vajra-SG29

        hiii Nandhini….
        sssssss ,only for TENI…..

  9. Santohsh bhai. U have left tpk n joined here??

    1. Vajra-SG29

      nahi nahi nahi… ????
      TPK mera jaan hai??? huse kabi nahi chodoonga….??…..lekin, iss serial mein TENI character achcha laga issliye dekh raha hoo…..
      bahuth dino se confusion hai .clear karo
      aap “S.renu” ho ya “Renuverma” ho ya sirf “Renu” ho ya phir 3 no tumhi ho….!!!?????

      1. Bhai aap sahi ho.
        Sab me hi hoon ??

    2. Vajra-SG29

      hmmmm, mujhe aisa hi lagatha 3R tumhi ho…???aakir clear hogya…??

      tum TPK chod diya kya… !!!??
      aur IF mein bhi nahi dikhayi derahi ho….

  10. I agree with everyone teni is the life of this serial, her accent her dialogue are so wonderful, i watch this serial only for teni and also shorvari and parth

  11. Nice serial and beautiful cast.

  12. Nitee

    Good episode… Don’t know how shorvori going to accept Teni as surrogate mother, she don’t how pregnant lady should be, feel pity for Teni but I like Teni lot she is too funny… Btw that Mohini is just annoying…

    And welcome to all new members of this page..

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