Dil Se Dil Tak 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: The family decides to marry Parth and Teni

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Parth was about to leave Teni to hospital. Teni complains to the baby that he is about to leave them alone, she demands him to come along. Parth says he will be back after parking the car. During the sonography, Teni asks the doctor about gender of baby. Parth says its illegal to know. The doctor shows them the baby on screen. Parth was amused to see it. Teni looks towards Parth intently. Parth day dreams about Shorvari being there. Teni smiles watching him smile at the baby, he thanks Teni. Teni says it’s his baby who connected them heart to heart. She forwards her hand which Parth holds. She turns to see Shorvari smile at her and hold the other hand.
At home, Dadi, Indu and Ramnik discuss about the vacuum Shorvari left in their lives. Parth must worry about the brought up of his child.

She discuss about Teni’s goad Bharai, the baby must get the blessings of elders. Mohini was curt hearing all this. Dadi also decides they must marry Parth. Mohini thinks no one cares for her dreams. She comes there and says its better the kids are married as soon as possible. Ramnik says he feels… Mohini signals him its better this happens as soon as possible. Dadi suggests about Parth and Teni’s wedding on the stage of Jagruti and Rishab. Indu asks if Parth would agree for all this. Dadi was sure he loves his child and will take any step for him.
The next morning, everyone was preparing for Teni’s goad Bharai. Dadi appreciates the laddu Mohini was preparing. Teni struggles to pin her dress. She was upset about getting fatter, and his clothes getting tighter. Parth comes to her room and complains about being fat. Parth brings her a thread Shorvari got for her, now it’s his responsibility. He ties the thread. Teni asks if he would really fulfil all his responsibilities. She demands him to pin her dress like Shorvari must have done. He pins her dupatta, then ties the knot on her blouse. They share an awkward moment when Teni attempts to tie the hook of her blouse behind, then explains Shorvari must have done it this way. Parth goes to send Indu for her help. Teni wonders why she was nervous. Shorvari appears, she assures Teni that their closeness will soon get her over her nervousness. Shorvari reminds her about their promise. Teni wasn’t ready to hurt Parth again; she must let him happy.
Dadi and Indu come to Teni. Dadi asks her to share her thoughts with her. She compliments her face is glowing just like a bride. Indu gives Teni their necklace, gifted to those who gives an heir to the family. Dadi says they are aware she isn’t a daughter in law, but she bears the heir of the family. Indu blesses Teni and leaves her to rest until the function begins. At the door, Dadi thinks there is something in Teni’s heart. She will discuss about their wedding right after the goad Bharai ends. Teni thinks she got all the rights of a daughter in law, but would she ever be a daughter in law of this family.

PRECAP: In the function, a Punjabi lady asks why she has no sindoor; she asks Teni if she forgot or is waiting for her husband to fill her hair line.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This series was the remake of the Hindi Movie Chori Chori Chupke Chupke…….it was such a nice movie…..but wateva they are showing in the series was never shown in thw movie…..i believe the writers have gone out of the storyline and making it worse……

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