Dil Se Dil Tak 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni and Parth caught by terrorists

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Teni tells Parth at least she is relieved her family knows where she is. His family is completely unaware where he is stuck. Ramnik watch the terrorist’s video on social media. He asks if she contacted Parth after his meeting with minister, and was tensed. Indu says she couldn’t, but Parth had to return after his meeting at 2pm. Indu calls Parth concerned about where he is. Parth was walking towards the roof boundary, Teni drags him behind as they can be seen from here. Indu was alert and asks where he is, she recognizes its Teni. Parth says he can’t tell her a lot now, he is stuck here. Indu was happy that Teni is also there. Parth says everything is fine, he asks her for Iqbal’s number from the card. Indu tells the family that Parth is stuck at the minister’s house and Teni is also there.

Teni was happy to know that Parth got Iqbal’s number. She understands Parth is still behind her for the last six years.
Iqbal speaks to the police inspector that his wife is stuck there. He requests them to save her. The inspector says they have to save minister on priority. Iqbal says they wouldn’t do anything, he will have to help himself. He takes his licensed gun from the drawer. He gets a call from Teni, Iqbal was concerned. Teni says this place is really dangerous, she is fine and would soon return. He asks whose phone is this, Teni murmurs it’s the same man stalking her in the mall. Iqbal was furious over Parth, Teni says he is also stuck. Iqbal tells her to give the phone to him. Iqbal warns if he even touch his Teni, he won’t behave well with him. She is his wife to be, and he loves her dearly. Parth asks if he loves her a lot. Iqbal replies more than his life. Parth conditions he would only save Teni if Iqbal continues loving Teni like this forever, he promises he won’t let any harm to Teni.
Ramnik tries to call the Defense Minister but he doesn’t reply.
The terrorists increased their harassment with the hostages and attempt to film another video.
Teni felt thirsty and turns to get water. Parth goes downstairs with the promise to get water for her. Downstairs, he was able to save himself from the eyes of inspector. The terrorist’s films that if their demands aren’t fulfilled, there would be dead bodies every hour. Teni goes to look for Parth downstairs and hits a vase on the stairs. The terrorists run behind her. Teni had hidden in a corner, but was spotted. The terrorist twists her arms and clutches her neck. Teni was unconscious. Parth approaches the terrorist with a wooden rod, he fells on the floor. Parth tries to wake Teni up, she doesn’t move. He calls the doctor who tells him to give her CPR. Parth thinks for a while then blows into Teni’s mouth. Teni wakes up and pushes him away for not being shameful. He got a chance with her and curses her fate. The terrorists had arrived.
Parth and Teni sat hostage to terrorists with others. They hear Iqbal shouting slogans in favor of Behroz Singh. The police holds him but he calls himself a fan of Behroz Singh and has brought food for those inside, explaining silently to police about his mission. The terrorists open fire at Iqbal but he says he is a fan of Behroz Singh and brought food for them. He was allowed inside.
Iqbal comes inside saying he is a great fan of Behroze Singh. He was slapped on face.

PRECAP: Parth challenges that the terrorists might kill him not Teni if they have to. They watch the terrorist about to cut Parth’s neck with a sword.

Update Credit to: Sona

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