Dil Se Dil Tak 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Dada hugs Aman and says you have taken right decision, i will tell this happy news to Baa, he leaves. Teni glares at Aman. Aman smirks and leaves. Teni dances around for winning challenge. Shorvori asks Parth why Aman said that he wants to give another chance to Teni and his relation? why he didnt say that he is not happy with this relation? Parth says he couldnt have said no to Dada, so he took way that was easy but i am sure he will tell Dada soon that he cant continue this relation. Teni says give me hi-five. Aman comes there and says problem is not solved, he says to Parth that you know i am your brother so how you thought that problem was finished? Parth asks what he means? Aman says i have completed her demand but what i will do now, you must have not thought it, Parth asks what

he is upto? Aman says flirt and you know i am expert in that field, he tries to leave but Parth says have you gone mad? she is my sister in law and Shorvori’s sister, Aman says she is your sister in law so she is something to me too, sister in laws are like half wives and if she is not yours then I am going to use your right wisely, he smirks and comes to Teni. Parth thinks that Aman wont back out of his antics. Aman says to Teni that you said you can break my heart like my watch? so war is on, till you dont sit on your knees and apologize for your mistake, i wont leave your side at all, he gives her challenge and leaves, Teni looks determined on challenge. Teni says now i will not only break his heart but his many more things, Shorvori and Parth looks on.

At night, all sit around dining table, Baa asks Dada why he is smiling so much? Dada says kids are reason to smile these days. Aman comes there, Dada says Aman have given me news that made me smile that I want to share with family, all look on. Teni comes there and thinks that this Aman is here too, Shorvori and Parth are not hungry in tension but I get hungry. Baa asks Teni to come and sit. Aman gets up and moves out chair for Teni, Teni sits down. Baa asks Aman what happy news Dada is talking about? Aman says you want to know why I came here from US? they nod, Aman says the special reason behind coming here is Teni, Teni gets hiccups, Aman gives her water and asks Baby are you alright? are you okay? she nudges him, Aman whispers that you started this lie and now I have say more lies with you.
In room, Shorvori says to Parth that i feel Aman would do something, Parth says dont worry, i know him. Shorvori thats the problem, i would have set him right but he is part of our family, i feel like he would do something wrong.
Sejal says to Aman that you and Teni? you dont even know her well, Aman sasy no no, we know each other for years now, i would say we have relation for births and lives, right Teni? Teni thinks he is saying rubbish? Aman says she must be shy, we used to love each other a lot, Mohini says how could you love Teni? how did it happen? Aman says years back when I was in India, we had a fight so I left her here and went to US, i was working there but my heart was here so I came here to pacify her, i want her to forgive me but she is still miffed with me. Dada says we were finding relations for Teni and her life partner is part of our family, Sejal says we should leave now, we are all going to movie except for Shorvori and Parth, Teni is going too. Teni thinks i have no interest in movie as my life is a movie, Teni says i want to sleep so i wont go, Sejal says thank you. Dada asks Aman if he is coming? Aman looks at Teni, Teni thinks go and give me peace, Aman thinks how can i give you peace, i have to stay here.
Shorvori says to Parth that for Aman, Teni is your sister in law so he can joke with her but she is our surrogate, what if something wrong happens and he gets to know truth about Teni? what we will do then? Parth says nothing like that will happen, we wont leave them alone.
Aman says to Dada that i wanted Teni and me to stay home and watch movie, we will talk too. Dada says yes, having time together make relations strong. Aman says yes our relation needs to be stronger.

Scene 2
Aman comes to Parth and asks what movie should I watch? Parth says not anyone, Teni did mistake and she said sorry, leave it, Aman says if bullets is fired by mistake even then it kills, she destroyed my image infront of dada and you are taking her side? Parth says I am just making you understand, listen to me, after 7days you will go to Dada and say that you tried but you cant have relation with Teni and you will go back to US. Aman says its about my respect and I cant lose that, about that desi girl, she not only ruined my respect but also hurt my heart so I wont spare her, you have given me 7days right? i will make her fall in love with me in 7days, she will say that she loves me and cant stay without me then I will say her bye and leave to US, then you will get what you want and Dada will be happy too. Parth asks if he is on ego trip? Aman says i will take my revenge. Parth says you wont get what you want, Teni wont give you anything, infact you will be running away after 7days, you might have trapped many girls but Teni is different and she wont be trapped by you, Aman asks challenge? Parth holds his hand and accepted. Parth leaves. Aman says Teni has Shorvori and Parth and i dont have anyone on my side? i have to use my trump card now, he smirks.

Teni says to Parth that Aman was flirting with me infront of everyone and you are silent? Parth says i am worried because I know him, he goes behind girl and when girl agrees then he leave her and goes to another, i thought he changed but he is still same. Shorvori says its good that Teni hates him then, Teni says i will set him right, Parth says no need to fight, i know how to tackle him, Teni when he flirts with you, you flirt back with him. Shorvori says this way Aman will feel more free to flirt. Parth says no if Teni gets irritated then He will flirt more but she flirts back then he will get bored and will leave Teni alone. Teni says like poison cuts poison, here misbehavior will misbehavior? he nods, Teni says i will flirt him so greatly now, Shorvori says have you gone mad? we will find another solution, you wont do that. Teni says i have solved many problems alone here and Parth your wife is unromantic, make her chill. Parth says she is unromantic but you understood what i said? Shorvori says I am unromantic Parth? he says no.. please listen to me. Teni says you both look nice even when fighting, you both talk and I will handle that Teni.

Aman comes to Dada and says i want to impress Teni and need your help, I will make her watch movie but she is miffed for many years so only movie wont work so i need tips from you. Parth comes there and asks Dada if he is ready? Dada says i am ready but Aman needs help to impress her, he says to Aman that its not appropriate to ask but what movie are you making her see? Aman says i will take her to romantic movie, Dada says we used to romance after wedding, after wedding your Baa, i took her for horror movie, she got scared and held my hand in whole movie, Aman says so i should make her see horror movie? Dada nods, Aman says great idea, i should record all these tips, he records in phone. Parth thinks that he trapped Dada but he wont be able to trap Teni, no chance. Parth says lets go Dada, you are late, Dada says if Baa gets angry then i would have to take to another horror movie, he leaves. Aman says to Parth that i needed someone’s support so i chose Dada, now make me lose, Parth glares at him.

PRECAP- Aman says to Parth that you remember you were crazy for five years in college for that Shilpa, Shorvori gets angry and jealous hearing it, she beats Parth and leaves. Parth asks Aman what was the need to say it? Aman says i did it to have a chance to watch movie with Teni, now you go and pacify your wife and I will go to trap your sister in law. Teni and Aman are watching horror movie, Aman puts hand behind Teni on couch’s headrest, Teni starts leaving but he holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Annie1

    I like Teni and Aman’s Jodi but Aman’s character is not good.
    He doesn’t love Teni by heart
    He is a womanizer.Now I think he should leave the house or change himself
    Shorvori and Parth’s fight is very cute

  2. Shrilatha

    What is happening in this show….whatever it is attracting me a lot…I think it’s Aman who is going to fall head over heels in love with teni within these 7days..poor aman he thinks teni is easy..she is worse than that sutli bomb…hai everyone

  3. Shrilatha

    Hey who is ur favorite in the show…I love teni…

  4. dilse diltak fan

    Superb superb don’t know what to tell if think aman will originally fall in love with teni….. Parth will win…..I don’t know what is to happen…. In teni’s life

  5. oops…aman is a casanova…well i am pretty sure aman will fall for teni…after all teni is so cute?

  6. Nice episode I am sure parth will win the challenge after 7 days
    waiting for next episode

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