Dil Se Dil Tak 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth and Teni begins a new relation

Dil Se Dil Tak 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Parth and Teni straightens up. Teni cheers watching the snow fall had begun and runs outside. Parth watches her swirl in the snow enjoying the weather to her fullest. She soon slips and falls over Parth hugging him again. She apologizes him as they sit for a cup of coffee together. Teni shivers and felt cold due to snowfall. Parth goes inside to get the blanket and covers Teni up. Teni decides to enjoy the snowfall instead of sitting in the blanket. She goes to swirl around in the snow again but her saree opens up. She was shy and turns herself away from Parth. He comes to drape her dress again, intimately moving around Teni. They hold hands with each other, soon Parth carries Teni to bed. The lights of room go off. Teni sits to light a candle. Parth comes to hold her hand from behind. They spend

the night in bed together.
The next morning, Teni wakes up to find a rose and a note beside it greeting her. She smiles and sips from her cup of tea, thinking about last night. She dances around the room out of happiness, then thinks about Ipshita and runs to the other room. A note lay on the bed with a bunch of flower stating ‘good morning mama’. She finds a rose bed path towards outside the cottage. Parth was playing with Ipshita. Teni steals her looks from Parth out of nervousness. Parth wishes Mrs. Bhanushali, and says he was expecting a spark in her eyes today, not the stolen looks from her. Teni says she once dreamt of something and today he stands in front of her. Parth says he has decided to extend their visit and tells her to get ready.
Shorvari asks Anorima if she is sure they are still here. Anorima says she went to the hotel, and found that Parth has extended his stay here. Shorvari was concerned what if they have stayed to find her and decides to leave for another station.
Parth and Teni’s car stops by. The driver says he must take the car to mechanic, and suggests them to visit a nearby Shiv temple by the time. They reach the temple. Teni says everything happens for a good reason, their car went out of order so that they could visit this Shiv temple. She will pray for their relation. Parth thinks he never thought someone would be able to get space in his heart except Shorvari. She has won this place in his heart with her love and patience, he will give her all what she is rightful of.
As they turn to leave a woman stopped the couples for Abhishek. Teni decides to stay as well. Shorvari reaches the Shiv temple. She thinks she must pray for Parth and Teni today.

PRECAP: After the pooja, Parth’s hand hit the Sindoor plate. It flies into both Shorvari and Teni’s hairlines. Shorvari was shocked to see Parth standing in front of her and hides her face at once. Her purse fells down. Parth takes the veiled Shorvari’s attention to her fallen purse.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Angelk1

    Awe I’m happy that parth finally have space in his heart for ten, and the message was so cute. Now let’s hope they find shovori and sort this thing out.

    1. Yupe you should teach same chapter to your huaband

      1. This commentator hiding behind fake name ‘Shorvari’ and fighting for her rights online,I hope you do understand that ‘Shorvari’ is fictional.Your language skill shows that you have passed your school obsessing over tv shows like you are doing now.In stead of getting hyper over a tv show,focus on your studies.Work on your English.Your writing makes you sound unintentionally funny.

  2. So romantic!Best way to start this February,the month of Valentine’s Day!

  3. Loved the episode..I wish we could get more scenes of parth-teni as a happy married couple before they came across shorvari!

    1. Ohhh i think you also a second women of any family

  4. Disgusting. Sach main. I can’t watch it

  5. Worst serial…logho ko paagal bnnana shod dho…

  6. what is happening in this serial?? they showed us he moved on with teni.. he knows that shorvari is alive then he intimate with teni… this is bad. it is better that they can show he still didnt know that shorvari is alive and he moved on.. on that situation we can accept their intimacy and love.. bcz his wife is no more.. but now he know that she is alive.. then how??? he is not a good husbend.. only shorvary is good.. i hate teni parth…

    1. Parth need both only time pass is important for him his family also a gamer

  7. Shorvori should get full custody of her baby as it’s her biological child and she has the first right. Since Parth is so eager to forget his first wife he should just have a baby with teni and they can live their own life. Shorvori gets her baby and the family can have their heir.

    1. Right

    2. If Shivori became infertile how can she become pregnant??

  8. Karine Zakaryan Armeniya

    Parat, this shit, Teni whore, what the script was written by these idiots, how shameful you are that you are censoring the people. Teni must suffer all his life and die in the street like a whore. And to those women and girls who like Teni, I from all soul I wish them the fate of Shorwari and they will have the same Teni. When she takes their husband from them and pulls on themselves, then they will understand how to be when such a b*t*h appears in their life.

    1. I don’t find teni at fault now because she started loving parth when shorvari was alive also so its obvious she will be happy now. But what’s about parth who was saying big big things before about his love for shorvari, I understand he should move on after his wife’s death but in reality no one will move on so soon, they will take at least a year time. But this show is epic when parth is not sure his first wife is alive or dead but he moved on and next day he is doing drama that he loves his first wife so much that if she doesn’t accept she is his wife he is ready to die. He doesn’t deserve shorvari

  9. Karine Zakaryan Armeniya

    Women like you are not ashamed where your brains are in the ass or elsewhere as you can not understand the pain that sechas at Shorvari’s heart as you can rejoice in what this whore does. You should reconsider all the series first to this day and understand how this creature gradually struck a blow after the blow of the poor Shorvari and she suffered everything for the sake of the child and at the end of the day she was unbearably exasperated by the strong tension and left. The tumor of Shorvari appeared when she fell from the forester hit her head strongly and lost the baby. the first sign of her illness was called, she had when she lost consciousness on the kuna and no one thought to take her to the doctor and for this whore the whole family of idiots was ready to do everything. And now you think how to test this on yourself.

    1. Parth cant live without a women

  10. Karine Zakaryan Armeniya

    And let the child remain in the family of Banushali, when she grows up and learns the truth she wakes up to hate the idiot father of aTeni will be for her like a dog. And this will be punishment for them.

  11. This is the worst show I have ever seen. Ridiculous! Despite knowing Shorvori is alive Parth is making up with Teni. Then why all these drama to find Shorvori? And what was the sindoor dropping on both of the girls hairline? Kya dikhana chahte h? And I don’t know why do I feel so but strongly feel that the CVS is always glorifying Teni’s character which is inconvenient

  12. Its a nice story twists coming i prefer teni over shorvori as teni is more fun more vibrant & loud

  13. No point in the sindoor bit after writers writing such a disgusting scene. First they show him moving on with second wife and forgetting about first then make it seem like shorvori is his wife too. What the hell??

  14. Lovely happy with the twist which is so full of love…..

  15. To people who are using abusive words,your behavior shows your own upbringing.It is a tv show,if it disgusts you so much,then stop watching it.Get a life!CVs are not your slaves that they have to write according to your wish.

    1. Karine Zakaryan Armeniya

      I think you are very hurt when they write badly about the Teni, you mean the same as she. And then, do not you write about education. A woman who breaks up the family and hurts another woman. You do not understand how young people get this information from television shows, they start to think the same way and do the same and what it will graft, as you think. Though you do not need to think, you after all Teni that she is that you are the same .

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