Dil Se Dil Tak 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Parth asks Suyog to fine classical dancer on internet. Teni comes there and says beautiful girl you are girl is here. Parth says you are waiter, we need good dancer, he asks Suyog to search, Teni starts dancing on kajra re. Bharat comes there and says where is dancer? Suyog says she has gone to change clothes, Bharat leaves. Suyog says to Parth that we will let this girl dance, Teni says just give me dancer’s clothes, Suyog says to Parth that give chance to this girl, we dont have time to call another dancer, Parth thinks that i feel this girl will do something wrong.
Bharat is miffed that dancer have not come till now, he says i have spent so much money on this party, i never compromise on anything but dancer has not come till now, lights go off, Bharat says dancer have

finally come. Teni comes there in veil and dances ramji song nicely, all are enjoying her dance, Bharat is happy. Parth comes there and nudges Shorvori’s shoulder playfully, Teni is dancing, Dada is enjoying, Bharat comes there and showers Teni with money, Teni’s eyes go wild, she thinks that he is rich fish, she holds his hand and vulgarly starts dancing with her, all get tensed seeing it and is embarrassed too. Teni dances closely to Bharat, Bharat tries to avoid her but she doesnt let him go, Mohini closes her eyes unable to see it. Teni splashes color on Bharat’s face, all gets tensed. Dada stands up and angrily looks at her, Mohini thinks that she destroyed everything, Dada asks who called this girl here? Suyog gets tensed, Parth sees him tensed and says Dadaji i called her here, all are shocked, Mohini thinks that he finally showed his colors. Parth looks down. Teni says why did music stop? play it and lets dance. Shorvori glares her and whispers something Parth’s ears, Parth says new baby is coming, lets play with colors, Parth and Shorvori applies color to each other, Suyog says lets celebrate, he applies more color to Bharat, Bharat starts dancing with them, all family members start dancing and playing with colors, Dada applies color to Ambika too, Teni is confused seeing whole family dancing. Parth holds Dada’s hand and dances with him but Dada jerks his hand and goes to other side, Parth and Shorvori steps back while ll family members are dancing, Suyog brings them on dance floor again. Teni says what about my money? how dare he steal my money. She grabs Suyog and asks him to give money otherwise i will cut you, Suyog comes to Parth and asks him to handle this firecracker. Parth says to Teni that you should be thankful that i didnt throw you out after such vulgar dance, now go back to waiter. Teni sees silverware, she steals silver kalash and runs from there, Mohini runs behind her to stop her but Teni throws color on her face and leaves, Mohini thief.
At night, Foram(Suyog’s wife) asks who was girl you called for dancing? Shorvori says Parth called him, Parth says i just saved Suyog, Suyog says to Foram that the dancer i called didnt come, Parth says i dont trust Suyog, Foram says i am sure Suyog knew that girl, Suyog says she was dancing like bar girl, i dont know her, Parth says how do you know how bar-girl dances? Suyog says youa re breaking my house, Foram angrily leaves, Suyog goes behind her. Shorvori asks Parth why you were making them fight? Parth pulls her in arms and hugs her.
Parth lies on bed and says to Shorvori that Foram must be beating Suyog rightnow, Shorvori smiles at him and says you seem so happy these days, Parth says i got happiness from you and by dada stopping us, Shorvori says will dada forgive us till our baby is born? he says yes, she says this baby has brought hope that i will get chance to mingle with this family and you will get chance to reunite with them, Parth smiles at her, he pulls her cheeks, Shorvori says bring coffee for me, Parth says at this time.
Teni is drinking wine and says to her friend Parul that i didnt get money for dancing and catering manager fired me too, she cries and says i didnt get any money but i am no less, you know what i did? she shows her silverware and says this is pot, Parul says its Kalash, Temi says its pot for me, i will get money by selling it, i will sell it near mandir, nobody will catch me there, Parul says pray to Mata, maybe you will get chance to go to America. Teni thinks that i will go to America at any cost, even if i have to do anything.
Shorvori is smiling looking at her and Parth’s picture, she says to Parth that Jalpa had hope that she will get baby and see she is pregnant after 20years, she prayed in mandir, i was thinking, Parth says i know you want to go mandir, she says yes.

Scene 2
Teni and Parul are near mandir, Teni says why mata rani make mandir at such height, she is tired, Parul says dont say like that. Shorvori and Parth are in mandir market too by things. Parth gets call and goes to take it. Teni passesby Shorvori, Parul goes to bring water. Teni strikes with Parth, the pot she stole falls down, she sees him and hides her face by turning away, he says i will help, she says no need, Parth leaves. Teni says Mata Rani saved me today.
Parth and Shorvori enters mandir with toy cot, they see people tying threads around tree. Shorvori sees one kid about to fall from stairs, she runs to him and grabs him, Shorvori’s dupatta catches fire by coals while she was running, Shorvori says where mother left her? Parth sees Shorvori playing with kid, he sees Shorvori’s dupatta on fire, Parth is tying cot on tree, he leaves cot hanging loosely on thread and runs to her, he throws Shorvori’s dupatta away, Shorvori faints, Parth lifts her in arms and brings her to car, he makes her sit in car and asks her to open eyes, Shorvori opens eyes and smiles, she says the girl whose husband comes running to her and lifts her in amrs, what happen to that girl? Parth says i didnt know mood swings are romantic in pregnant, if they are that much romantic then you get ready to be pregnant for 10years, Shorvori says then will sleep with 10kids and you will sleep on side and will sleep on other side of kids, Parth says no way, nobody is going to come between us. Teni is standing near them. She asks one shop keeper if this thread works? he says this thread do miracle, she says i have only 10rs so give me small thread.
Parth says to Shorvori that i will designs cot for baby, Shorvori asks if you tied cot to tree nicely? Parth thinks that if i tell her, i didnt tie it nicely, she will get tense, he says i have to give money to shopkeeper, i will come, he leaves car.
Teni comes to tree and says Mata i have visa, just make me go to America, i will go there and will arrange for food and shelter, just make me go there. She tries to tie thread but her thread breaks, she says that jerk gave me cheap thread. She sees Parth and Shorvori’s cot loosely hanging with thread, she says i will tie torn thread with thread and tightly hang cot, she ties her thread to co and hangs their cot on tree, she prays and goes to pray. Parth comes there and sees cot tied tightly, he says who did it? he thinks that Shorvori we didnt tie cot nicely so our prayer for not complete and i lied to Shorvori but i thank the person who tied our cot securely, he smiles and prays to God while Teni is praying on otherside, Teni thinks that its good, i used my thread to tie someone else’s cot, my thread was used and their cot was tied too, she sees Parth standing near cot and thinks he is the one whose cot it was? my prayer is tied with his? God you have to tell what connection i have with him.

PRECAP- Parth pulls Shorvori and says listen to me, Shorvori runs away from him playfully, she runs to stairs, she slips and falls down from stairs, Parth shouts Shorvori..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Good episode very fast moving .acting is good

  2. Presha

    Awesome yaar loved tenis drama but the precape looks scary

  3. Nivu99

    hai….. twinj, Naz, presha, angelk1, deepika, adeeba, neeti ,harshiti (sry 2 miss names if any)
    such a sweet episode it was.. all were looking sooo cute when tey were playing with colours…. from start 2 end it was full of loveeee
    Teni made a grant entry…. she took away tht silver pot….lol… the last part of tying the cot thread was soo nice
    sid nd jas totally nailed the epi…

    1. Angelk1

      Hey nivu, i agree they nailed it. This is a new side of Jasmine, i cant wait to see what happen next.

  4. So this is how Shovori will lose her baby….by falling from the flight of stairs. Wondering by what virtue will Teni be accepted by the family especially Dada who has such unfavorable liking to Shovori, in order to provide surrogacy for this couple, he doesn’t like Shovori for simplistic reasons, how is he going to accept Teni as she is a dancer or waiter or whatever ? He comes across as holier than thou…… When Dada speaks to Parth and Shovori, his tone of voice is so condescending, my heart melts for Parth, he looks so hurt and helpless. ? anyway…..if it’s to be believed, well now Teni has tied her fate with that of Parth’s…..waiting for those interesting developments to start rolling……

  5. Nivu dear…. We are friends since days ago….. Lol. Since we had said hi and exchanged ideas . So yeah…. We ARE friends, hope you are doing ok, have a lovely evening, if any other comment comes to mind I’ll post. I read the update but will view episode tonight. ?

  6. Nivu99

    hai Naz, so glad 2 have u as friend….
    dada is really strict nd ryt away in their first meet he has scolded teni… as u said it will be intresting to watch how she makes place in their house…. i too felt sooo sad for sid….
    intresting precap

  7. Hey nivu n naz,
    Yah it will be intresting to watch them but I think like in the movie they would hide the truth of Teni…I think they will go to America n there they will execute their plan…it’s just my view…N have u guys thought of any name that matches these couples…

    1. No Twinj, I’m having a hard time trying to coin their names together. I tried and tried and tried but nothing sounds nice to me, they both got difficult names so whatever you guys come up with, I’ll go along, how’s that?

      1. how abt rajashid together for 3 of dem? or jasid for teni and parth…………………Can’t decide guys u figure out……….and even i was der in TEI ……….so twinj can u remember me? and can we be frnds?

    2. Angelk1

      Even i think they will do the whole surrogate thing in america. But my question is will the two women get along. Or will one become evil. I hope not

  8. Hey guys,
    How r u all?Ok Teni n their meeting was a total mess…It would be intresting to watch how the couples accept teni as their surrogate mother…N moreover the way family played with color was fab.I had seen Jas in TEI since then I am a fan of her n twinj…This avatar of jas was too gud…she just nailed it…

  9. Nivu99

    hai twinj….
    we could already see how much teni is desperate to go to america at any cost ….. nd may be the surrogacy track would go in america as you said

    1. Yes, I think so too. You know this surrogacy thing will be easier to accomplish in America so I guess that’s the direction this is going to. You know what I’ve been thinking? Suppose Teni falls in love with Parth somewhere down the road? Then this will create some tension in the story, but then what’s a story without a little masala ehh?? Then I wonder which method they will be using to impregnate Teni?, Something to look forward to. Sigh….. Whatever it is, I’m on board for the ride.

  10. hey nivu naz twinj and meri jaan presha r u liking the plot??
    i m enjoying too much….
    naz yrrr plzz register ur number….and nivu finally u registered…..
    anyways coming to today’s episode it was fabulous and teni is fantastic….are we all know that she is our twinkle only…..anyways precap so scary….

    1. Hi Adeeba, yes I like this plot, it’s a lot different from the normal sass babu dramas the various channels churn out for us. This is an interesting topic for me since we are all women, it will allow all of us to think a bit deeper about a situation such as this one. On another note, I’ll get around soon in registering on telly update, so then we can chat some more.

  11. Angelk1

    I think the precap shovori looses her baby. An cant have kids anymore. Teni scene was great. It seems like shes greedy for money, but i wonder why she wants to go to america so badly.

  12. Nivu99

    hai adeeba….finally i got registered nd @angel i too think now rashmi can no longer be a mother and both of them would decide to take the help of surrogate mother…..
    @naz dear, yesterday i too felt tht teni will start developing feelings for parth…. nd then really the story would spice up….

  13. We can call them PARSH… Or any thng close to u guys r coming up with..

    1. parsh it’s also a nice name.We may go with it or smthing else.

  14. Hey naz,nivu,adeeba, and angelik,
    Yah the plot is very interesting n I am enjoying it a lot…Their names r really very difficult but we have to think of a name for them…guys what do u all say about Rashid(Rashmi n Siddarth)…I think it would sound nice but whatever u guys say I am gonna go with it…Yah n I too think that their plan would be executed in Americd but I don’t think that one lead would turn evil…But it’s serial u know n serial r always unpredictable…anything may happen…N naz like adeeba said pls do register soon so that we can have some chitchats…

  15. i thnk stry line is lyk CHORI CHORI CHUPKE CHUPKE movie strrng salman…, rani nd preity …

  16. Nitee

    It seems story moving too fast, I think main concept surrogacy drama would kick start within a week..

  17. Pari for parth and shorvori, pani for parth and teni

  18. How is it guys

  19. Beautifulll expresions of shorvery she is so ossam n following show only for her n she is usp for the show n rashmi desai rocks asusuall

  20. Rashmidesai as shourvery is ossam as usuall n she is usp for theshow she is rocking as usuall

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